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Badgers - Year 1

What a lot of people turned out today for our Bear and a Book picnic!  Even though the sun didn't shine so we had to stay inside, we still had fun showing off our reading skills to our Mummies and Daddies whilst eating cakes we had iced specially for the occasion!


Thank you Mums and Dads for taking time out of your busy schedules to join us for this event.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as the bears did!

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Look carefully - what can you see now?

Look carefully - what can you see now? 1
Look carefully - what can you see now? 2

Look at what happened at the weekend!

Look at what happened at the weekend! 1

Look at how much they have grown day by day!

Look at what arrived in our classroom today!  We are now the proud owners of 5 little caterpillars.  We can't wait to see how they grow and what they grow into.  Watch this space for news of what happens next!
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We were star performers in church at our special Pentecost service!  Here we are singing 'Shine'!  We also said a prayer in lovely clear voices.  Our parents were very proud of us!
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After our Edith Cavell day  at the museum, we were told about a special memorial to her in Peterborough Cathedral.  One of our children was a super sleuth and she and her Mummy managed to find it and take a picture there.  Great detective work!
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We had a great time learning about hospitals and nursing in the past at Peterborough Museum.  Take a look at our photographs!
Huge thanks to the parents who helped on the day.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
We would like to share our wonderful 'Timeline of me' homework!  Thank you parents for helping your children to put together such magnificent records of their life!  This hard work will really help us when we come to writing our autobiographies later this half term.
We hope that you have had a lovely Easter holiday and that you and your children are well rested because we have a short but packed half term ahead of us!  Our new topic is 'Can you make me better?' which has a science and history focus.
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In science we will be learning all about the parts of our body and how they work.  This will link in to our PE sessions and Healthy Me week, a whole school themed series of sessions which includes the 'Big Talk' during the week beginning 2nd May.


In our topic sessions we will learn about nurses in the past, including Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell.  We are lucky that Edith Cavell has a local connection with our city (take a look in the Cathedral and see if you can spot her memorial) and therefore we are visiting Peterborough Museum  for a whole day about nursing in the past through the eyes of Edith Cavell and her contemporaries.  You should have received a letter about this trip before the holidays - if you have not, please contact your class teacher as soon as possible as reply slips are due back on Tuesday 2nd May.  The trip will be on Tuesday 9th May.


Our English lessons will be inspired by our topic and science work - we will write about our trip, about nursing in the past and we will write our own autobiographies.  We will need some help from you fabulous parents in advance for this - watch out for a 'my timeline' homework!


In maths we will continue to follow our new 'Maths No Problem!' scheme, looking at larger numbers as well as measure.  We are hoping for some good weather so that we can take our maths outside as much as possible.


Year 1 also have our phonics screening to look forward to this term during the week beginning 12th June so please keep up all your hard work at home with reading, phonics games, phonics pack work and playing on 'Teach your monster to read'.  A little each day really makes a difference to your child's progress.  Thank you!



We have been trying out our green fingers now that Spring has arrived.  We have weeded our outside area and put in our first few strawberry plants.  They needed a good water as it was so warm!  Look at the HUGE pile of weeds that we pulled up!  We are looking forward to planting things later this week.
Badgers were asked to keep a weather diary for a week for their homework.  Some of the children also decided to make special equipment to help them measure the weather.  We loved their creative ideas and well constructed objects.  Well done Badgers - and their parents!
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Today we had great fun spending the day dressed as our favourite characters from rhymes and stories to celebrate World Book Day. We were also very lucky to enjoy a session with visiting poet Paul Delaney, who helped us to come up with some of our own great ideas for poems which we will write tomorrow. Thank you so much to all of our Mums, Dads or carers who helped us to get ready for today. We were so excited!!
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100 DAY!


We celebrated 100 day in Badgers by doing lots  of fun activities that helped us count to 100 in 1s and in 10s.  We went outside and paced out 100 'fairy steps', we made cheerio necklaces with 100 cheerios divided into 10s and we sang counting in 10s songs.  We are now great at counting in 10s!

This week is Safety Week.  We have been finding out all about how to keep ourselves safe.  On Monday we had a fire drill and then wrote instructions for what to do when we hear the fire alarm.  We have put our instructions up around the classroom.  On Tuesday we found out how to keep ourselves safe when we are out and about.  We know we should always stay near our parents and carers and that we should never cross roads on our own.  We also found out about the dangers of electricity in our own home.  We had a talk from Wood Green volunteers about dog safety on Wednesday and on Thursday we talked about saying safe online.  We know that we should not go on the internet unless a parent or carer has checked the site and we know that we should not share personal information online.  We have found out so much.  Ask us about what we have found out!
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Spring Curriculum


During the spring term in Year 1 the learning will focus around the topic ‘Can you train a dragon?’ This will be launched with our Wow Day when we will be holding our own medieval banquet!


In English we will start by looking at the traditional fairytale of Sleeping Beauty. We will continue to develop our sentence writing and will produce our own fairytale story based on the story. Next we will move on to non fiction reading and writing about castles. Our daily phonics lessons will continue with lots of Phase 5 phonemes being introduced.


In Maths we will be starting with positional language and move on to adding and subtracting numbers to 20. After half term we will have a special themed 100 day where we will be looking at much bigger numbers!


For Design Technology this term, we will make junk modelling castles and investigate shapes and textures in castle art.  We will look at castle location in Geography, thinking about why they were built where they were.

RE during our first half term will be an overview of Sikhism with Easter after half term.  Our Curriculum 4 Life lessons will focus on internet safety, linking with our learning in computing


PE will continue to be on Wednesday afternoons and this term your child will be participating in team games.  We will let you know about swimming dates for this/next term when staffing and timetabling has been finalised.  Watch out for notes in your child's book bag.


As always, if you have any questions about the curriculum or your child's learning please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continuing support of your child's learning.  It makes such a difference!

We love looking at all your fantastic home learning tasks and we enjoy sharing them in class.  We loved seeing this homework all about materials and we used it as a resource in our science lessons.  Thank you for this great work and all the work that other parents are completing at home with their children.  It really makes a difference to the children's learning and engagement.
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Anti-bullying week


We have found out lots about bullying this week.  We now know that bullying can be hurting someone physically or hurting their feelings and that it happens lots of times.  We showed this in our C4L books.

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We also know that we must tell a grown up if we are being bullied or if we see someone else who is being bullied.  
We went on a trip to St Matthews Church in Eye.  We had the opportunity to find all sorts of things that we had found out about in class, including the altar, font and lectern.  We used our senses to understand what makes a church special.  We also drew our favourite objects.  It was a really interesting visit.  Thank you Mr Hurst for letting us into our special school church all by ourselves!

Toy Museum


We turned our classroom into a museum for the day and displayed all of our old toys for others to see. We we great at answering questions about our toys and had lots of fun visiting the museum in Giraffe's class too! At the end of the day we opened up our museum for our grown ups to look at too. Lots of them could remember our toys from when they were children. 

Toys Day


We had a fantastic time on Toys Day with History off the Page.

Take a look at our photos and see what we got up to.

Thanks to all the parents who helped out on the day and all those parents who contributed financially to make this day possible.

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Welcome to Badgers!


It is hard to believe that the Summer is nearly over and it is time for Squirrels to become Badgers. We are really excited to welcome your children into Year 1 and we hope that your children are looking forward to coming back to school, catching up with their friends and learning new things.


Our topic for this term is Toys, a theme I'm sure your children already know lots about!  We will be learning about the history of toys, what they are made of and be undertaking art and design tasks linking to toys.  We have booked a special Toys Day on Tuesday 27th September, for which we are requesting a parental contribution, to engage your children with a hands on, practical learning experience.  Please look out for a letter in your child's book bag during the first week of term. 


In English we will use toy texts such as Kipper's Toy Box and Nothing, as well as films such as Toy Story, to stimulate our writing.  We will be consolidating our ability to read, write and understand numbers to 20 in maths, using practical resources and applying our understanding to real life situations.  In RE we will be finding out more about the Christian church and we will visit our local church after half term.


Your child will read weekly with an adult at school, sometimes individually, especially during the first couple of weeks when we will be checking your child's book level, and at other times in a group.  We will write in the reading log when we have read with your child.  We will check your comments in the diaries and count your child's reads weekly - we look forward to seeing how much you have enjoyed reading with your child and to seeing their cars zoom along our reading road!  Your child will also have daily phonics lessons and we will closely monitor your child's progress through our phonics scheme.


PE will be on Wednesday afternoon but please ensure that your child has indoor and outdoor PE kit in school at all times as sometimes we may need PE shoes or kit for other activities.  We will be swimming after Christmas.


Homework will be handed out on Wednesdays and should be handed in on Mondays (not the first week of term).  Work handed in after Monday may not be marked until the following week.


We will ask you to supply the following items for your child this term: an old sock; a favourite toy that your child has had for a little while; and an old toy (theirs or yours) to help us with our non-fiction writing and to go in our class museum before half term.  Watch out for notes in book bags explaining when we need these items.


We really look forward to getting to know you and your children better as the term progresses. If you have any comments, questions or concerns we are always available in the Badgers' outdoor area from 8.50 in the morning and we can chat after school when we have said good bye to the children.  Please bear with us at home time as we get to know your faces and those of friends and family who pick up your child.  It might take a little while for us to check that each child is going home safely with the correct person at the start of term.


Here's hoping for a sunny September and lots of fabulous learning experiences!


Mrs Gregg (Mon, Tue, Wed) and Miss Oliver (Thu, Fri)