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Languages at Eye Autumn 2016


At Eye Primary school, the children will now learn Spanish as part of the curriculum from Years 3 through to 6. The focus for their learning is predominately in developing their conversational skills and this is taught through a manner of different ways.


Each year group will start by teaching the children greetings and basis conversational skills, increasing in detail throughout the year groups.  Songs will be taught to help familiarise them with the language, using actions in-keeping with our Talk4Writing style in English. Different Spanish texts will also be used to help enthuse the children with both familiar and unfamiliar tales, enabling them to learn key vocabulary in a more natural manner. 


Spanish is taught through multiple short, quick-paced and interactive lessons throughout the week to help keep the children engaged and to help embed the language further.


As well as this, French will still be offered as a school club to help inspire the children and familiarise them with different cultures and languages.


In Year 6, their first text in English is set in France and will help the children to develop an understanding of a different culture, linking in with their History topic focusing on the World War.



This website has a selection of games and vocabulary you might enjoy.


Here, there are a selection of matching the vocabulary to the sound/picture games.

Spanish Club KS2