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Mrs Emeny

Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do at our school?
Hello, I am Mrs Emeny and I am the Dolphins Year 4 Class Teacher.  I also look after RE and Pupil Voice (School Council).
What did you study at University?
I didn't start University straight after school; I waited until I was thirty-eight and worked around working full time and being a mum. But...when I got my chance to study, I loved it. My degree is in History. I love the subject because I enjoy working out how people and events in the past still have an impact on our lives today. 
What were your favourite subjects at school?
This one is easy, I loved History, Science and English.
What did you do before you were a teacher?
Before becoming a teacher I was a trainer who taught adults to be better at their jobs.
What do you like to do out of school?
I love to cook and spend time with my friends.
What's your favourite meal?
I love food so it is difficult choosing just one; I would have to say Chicken in cream, wine and mushroom sauce.
Is there anything you really don't like?
People being unkind. I don't know why anyone would waste their time and energy on it. I would rather say something nice and make someone's day.
Can you describe yourself in one adjective?