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Thinking Skills

What are Thinking Skills?

At Eye, we believe in teaching our children how to think; often, children are told to "think about it", but if they haven't been taught how to think, how do they know what is expected of them?


Thinking skills are comprised of different types of cognition: information processing, enquiry, creative thinking and reasoning. Here at Eye, we believe in offering children opportunities to think deeply about their learning through offering a stimulating and challenging curriculum where the children have opportunities to apply higher order thinking skills.


The Six Thinking Hats (De Bono, 1985)

The six thinking hats are a powerful tool set that allow children to separate their thinking into different functions and roles. The children ‘mentally’ wear each thinking hat in order to redirect their thoughts, conversations and learning. Research suggests that use of the thinking hats is typically seen during corporate meetings; however, at Eye we believe in equipping our children with transferable skills that can be used in the wider world.

The thinking hats are widely used across the curriculum from Foundation Stage to Year 6 to deepen children’s understanding. Use of the thinking hats has impacted upon our children's learning since they were introduced in 2015 and all children are able to explain them. Ask your child about them today!


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The Habits of Mind (Costa and Kallick, 1996)

The Habits of Mind (HoM for short) involve a range of skills, attitudes and dispositions for our children to utilise in their learning. The habits support thoughtful and intelligent actions by offering children opportunities to deepen their knowledge, expand their skill-set and enhance their appreciation of thinking tools, processes and strategies. This year, the HoM are being used within our school behaviour policy; please see our updated behaviour policy for more information. 


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If you have any questions about thinking skills, please speak to your child's class teacher or Miss Lemin (Year 6 Teacher and Thinking Skills Lead) directly.