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Chloe Porter produced this beautiful piece of artwork with her Nan. She was proud to share it with me. Well done Chloe from Mrs Ground.

Chloe Porter produced this beautiful piece of artwork with her Nan. She was proud to share it with me. Well done Chloe from Mrs Ground. 1
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Picture 1 Crystal winning her 1st sparring competition!
Picture 2 Laura has now reached Stage 5 in swimming!
Picture 3 Amelie received this for her amazing singing!
Picture 4 Ethan received player of the week in Rugby!
Picture 5 Oliver's poem has been chosen for publication!
Picture 6 Anya still found time to do her work on holiday!
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 1 Aimee passed her black belt grading in Taekwondo!
Picture 1 Angus received the team player of the week!
Picture 2 Alys scored the first try for her Rugby team!
Picture 3 Jacob was a Mascot for Peterborough United
Picture 1 Ewan was awarded the player of the week
Picture 2 Charlotte received her water skills award!
Picture 3 Filip took part in his first Gymnastics comp!
Picture 4 Grace has passed level 6 swimming
Picture 5 Bella has passed her Stage 3 swimming
Picture 1 Alice received player of the match!
Picture 2 Evelyn won 5 medals in Irish dancing!
Picture 3 Aaron and Abi were awarded outstanding effort!
Picture 4 Charlie received man of the match!
Picture 5 Lily swam 100m! Well done!
Picture 1 Well done Jacob for naming 15 birds in 2 weeks!
Picture 2 Fantastic creative writing Rhea!
Picture 3 Fabulous performance in Cinderella Finlay!
Picture 4 Well done Max for competing in the gp championship
Picture 1 Chloe and Connie recieved best performance!
Picture 1 Declan and Ethan and his player of the week award!
Picture 1 Darren was awarded best fighter!
Picture 2 Lily received her 10m swimming certificate.
Picture 3 Jenson received 1st place for go karting
Picture 4 Amelie was in Elf the musical at the Corn Exchange
Picture 5 Folarin & Damola had fun visiting Cambridge.
Picture 6 Damola now can ride a skateboard.
Picture 7 Tolani has learnt how to ride a bike.
Picture 8 Tayo has learnt how to ride a bike.
Picture 9 Ewan completed his first 5k dressed as Santa!
Picture 10 Cameron achieved his 25 metre backstroke award.
Picture 1 Well done Lucy for your Grading in Gymnastics!
Picture 2 Fab job Katy for your medals and certificate!
Picture 3 Benjamin won 1st place in his fighting competition
Picture 4 Charlotte has completed her water skills level 1.
Picture 5
Picture 6 Daisy received 3 bronze medals in her gymnastics.
Picture 7
Picture 8 Amie took part in a swimming gala and won 3 medals
Picture 9 Well done Aiden for this fab achievement!
Picture 10 Alice done brillaintly in her swimming gala.
Picture 11 Madison reached level 4 in her Gymnastics!
Picture 12 Madison reached level 7 in Swimming!
Picture 13 Megan took part in her first show at Music school!
Picture 14 Alice won bronze and silver awards in Swimming!
Picture 15 Connie won bronze, silver and gold medals!
Picture 16 Grace received gold, silver and bronze! Well done!
Picture 17 Lily won two certificates in swimming! Brilliant!
Picture 18 Josh received his Duckling Award 3 certificate!
Picture 1 Freya's hair before donating to princess's trust.
Picture 2 Freya's hair after. Brilliant achievement!
Picture 3 Well done Lucie for winning swimmer of the month!
Picture 1 Bill and his Lions player of the year trophy!
Picture 2 In the second race they both received 2nd place!
Picture 1 Well done to Jess who received her red belt.
Picture 2 Well done to Louis who received his green belt.
Picture 1 Keira recieved her yellow belt in her Karate.
Picture 1 Charlotte achieved a 20 metre swimming award.
Picture 1 George Raines and his fantastic homework!
Picture 2 Evelyn Duffy had a great time competing in the Perkins great eastern fun run!
Picture 3 Jenson came 1st in his Junior Cadets race!
Picture 1 Darren and Chloe with the Leicester tigers.
Picture 2 Darren and Chloe with the Leicester tigers.
Picture 1 Georgie finishing the Great Eastern run! Well Done
Picture 1 Well done Kyle for completing stage 7 for swimming
Picture 2 Connie was awarded player of the week, Well Done!
Picture 3 Evelyn won 1st place in Irish Dancing!
Picture 4 Isabel, Millie and Alice at the FA WSL Tournament.
Picture 1 Leah came 2nd in the Swimming League, Well done!
Picture 1 Well done Evelyn for coming 1st in country dancing
Picture 1 Well Done Alex and Isobel!
Picture 1 Well done James for receiving a blue belt!
Picture 2 Lola May and her Ice Skating certificate!
Picture 1 Well Done Grace for passing level 5 in swimming!
Picture 1 Benjamin passed with a B grade in martial arts!
Picture 1 Curran receiving his award in football! Well Done!
Picture 2 Kameron and his white belt in Kung Fu.
Picture 3 Well Done for finishing the 5k race for life!
Picture 1 Aimee passing her Taekwondo grading!
Picture 1 James and his level two swimming certificates!
Picture 2 Well done Hadley for your medals in gymnastics!

Country Dancers at The Peterborough School Country Dancing Festival.

Picture 1 Savannah and her ballet trophy. Well done.
Picture 2 Well done Lauren for passing level 1 in swimming
Picture 1 Naomi and her rosettes in horse riding
Picture 1 Leah and her many medals! Well done!
Picture 1 Isobel has finished stage 4 and is now on stage 5
Picture 2 Well done Freya for completing the race for life
Picture 3 Well done to Grace for winning the gym competition
Picture 1 Well done for being invested with Beavers!
Picture 1 Jessica and her Rainbow Certificate
Picture 2 Well done for receiving your Rainbow Certificate
Picture 1 Alys after her team won best Lions Rugby team
Picture 1 Thomas Kirby has won his first rowing medal!
Picture 1 Well done Luke for wining 5-1 at Yaxley U11's!
Picture 1 Angus competing in the 3k run!
Picture 2 Polly competing in the 3k run!
Picture 1 Darren at the Mini Mudder in Grantham!
Picture 2 1 mile, 40 obstacles later Darren had finished!
Picture 1 Well done Ellie, Chloe, Maddie and Millie!
Picture 2 Well done for finishing the 3k run!
Picture 3 Chloe and Ellie with their medals!
Picture 1 Charlotte is pleased with her medal of achievement
Picture 1 well done for successfully finishing the season!
Picture 1 Damola and Tayo have received their rugby medals.
Picture 1 Tolani has successfully finished his 1st season!
Picture 1 Well done Anya for passing your merit!
Picture 1 Well done Luke for passing your grading!
Picture 1 Well done Kyle for taking part in the 3k run!
Picture 1 Well done girls for finishing the 3k run!
Picture 1 Well done for making team captain Folarin!
Picture 1 Well done Bill for scoring your first try!
Picture 1 Tolani played really well in his rugby tournament!
Picture 1 Some of the girls representing the ICA Sports Club
Picture 1 Charlotte and her 10m swimming award!
Picture 1 Well done Ben for getting an A Grade!
Picture 1 Well done Charlotte and Damola!
Picture 1 Matthew has passed his grading! Well Done!
Picture 1 Louisa grew this plant from a seed all by herself!
Picture 1 Well done Bill and Folarin for your winning streak
Picture 1 Brillant play at Wisbech today Darren!
Picture 1 Luke scored the decisive goal taking them to 2-1!
Picture 1 Grace has completed level 4 in swimming!
Picture 1 Isobel has completed stage 3 in her swimming. Fab!
Picture 1 Tolani has won player of the week! Fantastic!
Picture 1 Well done George for passing!
Picture 1 Oliver and his star of the week football trophy
Picture 1 Another Raindrop to Rainbow. Fantastic!
Picture 1 Well done for becoming a rainbow!
Picture 1 Charlie completed his investiture in Beaver scouts
Picture 1 Oliver has received his Brown belt. Well done you!
Picture 1 Well done Emily for receiving a yellow belt!
Picture 1 Darren Parkin enjoying his favourite Sport; Rugby.
Picture 1 Completed stage 8 at swimming! Fab work Alex!
Picture 1 Well done Aimee for passing your Taekwondo grading
Picture 1 Well done Theo for player of the session!
Picture 1 Well done Evelyn!
Picture 1 Fantastic achievement Elizabeth!
Picture 1 Well done Joseph!
Picture 1 Well done James for your great learning at home!
Picture 1 Benjamin passed with an A grade! Well Done!
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1 Brilliant Evelyn winning 1st, 3rd, 4th & 9th place
Picture 1 Well done Charlotte!
Picture 1
Picture 1 Well done to Adam for passing level 3 swimming
Picture 2 Amelie is performing in a west end play. Well done
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1 Katy achieved levels 4 & 3 in gymnastics
Picture 1 Alex D completed level 7 in swimming
Picture 2 Evelyn received a Blue Peter badge for Irish dance
Picture 3 Evelyn&her Irish dance team at Midland qualifiers
Picture 1 Oliver achieved levels 7&8 at gymnastics.
Picture 2 Zoe passed level 1 gymnastics after only 5 weeks!
Picture 1 Amy & Isabella won many medals at a swimming gala
Picture 2
Picture 3 Isabel and Tilda have just started girls football
Picture 1 Alexander D won all 5 games and a rugby tournament
Picture 2 Isaac R won player of the week at football
Picture 1 Alexander D received 9 certificates for swimming
Picture 2 Alex D scored 5 tries for his rugby team
Picture 1 Charlie &Joseph awarded new belts in Karate
Picture 2 Millie got her 400m&stage 4 swimming certificate.
Picture 1 Georgias beautiful writing
Picture 2 Leo M receives his Brown Belt in Martial Arts
Picture 3 Darren P Playing rugby for the Peterborough club
Picture 1 Georgie M doing the Great Eastern Run
Picture 2 Hadley P wins 2 Gold&2Silver medals in gymnastics
Picture 3 (Hadley scoring a try) where the team (Peterborough Rugby Club) beat Melton Mowbray
Picture 4 Leah and Megan with their swimming certificates