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Assessment at Eye

Here at Eye we are passionate and proud of our rigorous assessment systems used to support the primary curriculum (2014).   


We base our assessment systems on the research findings of 'The Four Pillars of Assessment' (Evidenced Based Education). 


We use ScholarPack as our tracking system for core areas of learning. 


Subject Leaders have worked together to produce assessment 'tickets' which have end of year outcomes on for each year group.  


These 'tickets' will be found in the following books:

  • English
  • Science


In English, we use Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing Grammar Progression to support formative writing assessment and our end of year objectives.  We also use PIRA tests in autumn, spring and summer to support teacher assessment of reading alongside the GAPS to support our grammar assessments. 


We also assess children's reading ages frequently and track book bands on our book band tracking document.


In Mathematics, we use assessments linked to Maths No Problem to support teacher assessment which take place twice a year, usually January and July. We assess our children on a working maths document and also use this to log our retrieval practice. 


In the foundation subjects, we have formed a series of key objectives for each year group where we track children's progress on a working document. 


In PE, we use the Primary PE Passport APP to monitor and assess our pupils' progress. 


For Y2 and Y6 pupils, teachers will use the Interim Framework to support teacher assessment of core subjects. 


In all of our subjects, we use cumulative retrieval practice as an embedded part of our pedagogy and children take part in regular 'low stakes' quizzes. 


For exploring greater depth within a subject, we use the SOLO Taxonomy to identify and challenge those children who are able to move their learning through to extended abstract


Here are some examples below:



'Sticky Quizzes' are designed by our teachers to capture and support knowledge retention (related to our knowledge organisers)

Foundation subject working document example

English Ticket Example

Mathematics Working Assessment Document Example

Book Band Tracker Y4 Template