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Expressive Arts

What are the Expressive Arts?

Expressive arts is the practice of using imagery, storytelling, dance, music, drama, poetry, writing, movement, dream work and visual arts in an integrated way to foster a child’s development. The expressive arts give children the opportunity to develop self-confidence, gives freedom of expression through creativity and allows  children to show joy and passion for our world. 



 Children are enthusiastic about Expressive Arts at Eye Primary School. They have the opportunity to use their  skills each term within their topic work. Expressive Arts encourages the development of a range of skills including:

  • Creativity
  • Observation
  • Self-expression
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Collaboration
  • Risk-taking


All these skills are valuable across the curriculum.



At Eye there are many opportunities to take part in the Expressive Arts throughout the curriculum and through the many clubs that are on offer at the school including choir, drama and dance.  At Christmas the choir took part in a Joint Carol Service at Peterborough Cathedral and also was part of The Christmas Light Switch on at the local retail park.


My Vision

•Expressive arts will become an integral part of the curriculum.

•It will be embedded within core lessons – not just stand alone sessions.

•There will be plentiful opportunities for external providers to come in and share their talents in the arts.


An example of how the children share their talents in the expressive arts is The Eye Factor which Year 4 take part in.  The children form their own bands and choose a song to perform.  The final performance is held at the local church with judges commenting on the fantastic performances the children have given.



Activities you can try at home 




On a piece of paper how the emotion strengthens and weakens by closing your eyes and moving your pen across the board, up and down as you listen.


What kind of emotions does this evoke for you?


What might the Pride Lands sound like? What might it sound like when  a new king has been born?


Create a soundscape to show this?



Music Videos


Follow the link and watch the music video -


Watch the first 20 seconds - how is the girl feeling? What makes you think that? What might she be doing?

Pause just before a minute - how has the girl's feelings changed? Why do you think that is? What might she have lost? What could she do now that may help?

Pause again at 1.42 - Has the girl's feelings changed even more now? Why do you think that maybe?

Once the giraffe appears - are you shocked why? How does the girl feel now?

KQ-How does the music compliment the storyline?

Ideas for writing

Write a description of the giraffe - what does it look like? smell? feel?

Use the Show not Tell technique to describe how the girl's feelings change through the video.

Research and write a non chronological report on giraffes.

Write a set of instructions for keeping a giraffe as a pet.

If you could choose any animal in the world to keep as a pet, what would it be and why? What would you do with them? How would you need to change your house to take care of it?


Can you think of any other lessons this could link with?




Examples of Work

Examples of Work 1
Examples of Work 2
Examples of Work 3
Examples of Work 4