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Food for Life

Food For Life at Eye CE Primary School is led by Mrs Brough.

Food For Life Celebration Day 21/06/18 Mrs Brough, Miss Robinson, Max and Maddison were invited to the Food For Life Celebration Day in Ely to receive our Bronze Award. We had an amazing day meeting other schools who are taking part in Food For Life as well as doing really fun activities. We went to a farmers market where we planted seeds, won treats on a tombola and painted a funky backpack. Then we had a science demonstration which showed how oranges can be dangerous, water can be deceiving and eggs are stronger than people! Finally we had a go with a traditional printing press to create our own signs and labels. We were served delicious snacks and lunch made from all locally-grown produce. There were some unusual foods but all of our group tried everything! Both Mrs Brough and Miss Robinson are incredibly proud of Maddison and Max; they were true ambassadors for the school. It was a pleasure to spend the day with them. Thank you to all members of our school community who have worked so hard this last year in helping us achieve the Bronze Award. The certificate belongs to us all! I really hope we can continue our good work next year!

07/06/18 Mrs Brough enjoyed lettuce from our garden for lunch today and it was delicious! We hope all the other children who had homegrown lettuce enjoyed it too!

18/06/18 Our planters are growing wonderfully! The lettuce was harvested and served for lunch!

27/04/18 And the winners are: Hollie in Koalas, Caleb in Hedgehogs and Oliver J in Zebras! Well done!

20/04/18 Creative Planter Competition Entries

22/03/18 We have been accredited with the Bronze Award! A huge thanks to children, parents, staff and local community for all their support in making this happen! I'm feeling incredibly proud that we have achieved so much in just over a year! Well done and thank you everyone!

22/03/18 FLAG Team minutes


Grandparents Gardening Day

Thank you so much to all who attended our gardening event today. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of donations, time and efforts. It was absolutely wonderful to see so many grandparents gardening with their grandchildren; we hope you have made many special memories! Everyone worked incredibly hard on excavating the allotment beds, cutting back the overgrowth, weeding, planting and tidying. The outside areas around school look great! The gardening club now have the task of keeping up the good work! An extra thanks must go to Mr Martin for helping me with this project and for taking on the gardening club after Easter. There is still much to be done so I'll be sending out information about another session in the allotment area to get it ready for planting. I hope you will be able to join us again. 

21/03/18 Just look at the incredible 'before and after' shots!

Where did you lunch come from?


Have you ever wondered where your school lunch came from?


Mrs Drew and her team create the delicious meals in our school kitchen, but the ingredients they use have a journey before they get to the chopping board. 


We are an eco school, so we like to try to use as much local produce as possible. Our local foods are:


  • Fruit-Cambridgeshire
  • Vegetables- Cambridgeshire
  • Eggs- Cambridgeshire...some come from our own hens!


Our fish comes from Grimsby. Why do you think we haven't got any locally-produced fish?


We are going to be growing many more fruits and vegetables in our school allotment which means we can give Mrs Drew the most locally-grown foods we can!


12/08/17 Minutes from our last FLAG Meeting and our action pln for 2018 to achieve the Bronze Award by the end of July!

02/11/17- Minutes from the latest FLAG Team meeting


I am very excited to share with you that we have now been approved for 16 of the 27 criteria for the bronze award! We are well on our way to receiving full accreditation. The FLAG team will be meeting after the half term break to discuss how we can get the remaining 11 criteria ticked off. We will then update this page again to let you know the actions we intend to take over the coming year. Thank you for all of you support so far. It is very much appreciated. 

08/06/17 During Healthy Me Week, our FLAG Team members carried our a survey about school dinners and packed lunches. Each class gave their feedback. Here are the results and action plan we have out together as a result.

08/06/17 Here are the minutes from our FLAG Team meeting

We held our second meeting of our FLAG team on the 4th May. We talked about lunchtimes- the good things and ideas for improvement. Here are the minutes.

We held our first Food for Life Action Group (FLAG) meeting on 23rd March. Here are the minutes so you can see what we discussed and the plans we have started to make.

"We have a clear vision that every child has a right to good, wholesome school food and that food poverty will one day be a thing of the past."

Jeanette Orrey (Co-Founder - Food for Life)


As school, we are working on a project called Food for Life which is ‘about making good food the easy choice for everyone – making healthy, tasty and sustainable meals the norm for all to enjoy, reconnecting people with where their food comes from, teaching them how it’s grown and cooked, and championing the importance of well-sourced ingredients.’


The Food For Life project results in accreditation with the bronze, silver or gold award.  The process will help us to take a whole school approach that sees us growing our own food; organise trips to farms; sourcing food from local producers; holding community food events; providing cooking and growing clubs for pupils and their families; serving freshly prepared, well-sourced meals and providing an attractive dining environment so lunchtimes are a positive feature of the school day.


We have chosen to take part in this project because we care passionately about the health and wellbeing of all our children and families. Food for Life has already been proven to have many benefits:

  • Pupils in Food for Life schools are twice as likely to eat five a day and a third less likely to eat no fruit or vegetables than pupils in comparison schools. (Jones et al, 2015)
  • Pupils in Food for Life schools eat around a third more fruit and vegetables than pupils in comparison schools, and significantly more fruit and vegetables at home. (Jones et al, 2015)
  • Pupils in Food for Life schools are 40% more likely to report that they 'like' or 'really like' school meals. (Jones et al, 2015)
  • More than 50% of primary schools in England are serving menus certified by the Food for Life Catering Mark.
  • Free school meal take up increased by an average of 13 percentage points over two years in Food for Life schools. (Orme et al, 2011)
  • Evidence points towards Food for Life's potential to contribute to helping 'close the gap' for disadvantaged children in terms of their health and academic attainment. (Teeman et al, 2011)
  • 45% of parents reported eating more vegetables as a result of Food for Life. (Orme et al, 2011)


It is an exciting project, and we will be planning lots of events, activities and surveys. Check back often to see what is happening on our journey towards the Bronze Award!

If you have a passion for growing and cooking healthy food, and would like to support the school on our journey, there will be an opportunity to join an action group. More details to follow, but if you would like to register your interest, please see Mrs Brough (in Koalas).

Wonderful Water!


Our first Food for Life project is water! We are always being told that water is the best thing to drink, but why? The picture above explains it all!


We are encouraging every child to bring a water bottle into school which they could sip during the day. We have water bottle parks in our classrooms for children to access their drinks, plus there are lots of water fountains around school. If you do send in a water bottle for your child, please ensure it is clearly named.



We need posters to display around school to promote drinking water! Children from all year groups are invited to design a poster for above the drinks trolleys and water fountains to encourage us all to drink more water! There will be prizes for the winning entries from each key stage (EYFS, KS1 and KS2). The closing date is Friday 24th March.


If you have any queries regarding this, please see your child’s class teacher or myself after school.