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Home Learning at Eye Primary School

Here at Eye, we believe that home learning provides an opportunity to support children in consolidating their learning in class and to also prepare them for new learning.

The tasks that are set in our new home learning booklets are handed out at the beginning of each half term to enable children to practise their learned knowledge, ready themselves for new learning and discuss challenge questions relating to other areas of the curriculum.

Each year group uses the same layout so that the children will become familiar with what is expected of them. The hand out day and return day is the same across the school, which will again support your child’s understanding of structuring their time and regulating their learning.

A major part of the home learning process is for parents to get involved too; in the front of the booklet is a section where you are able to make a comment. This could be about the type of activities that have been provided or how your child has enjoyed the activities.

We are aware that children at Eye participate in many extra-curricular activities and may, therefore, find difficulty in completing their home learning booklet. For this reason, there is a designated Home Learning Club that children can access with adult support to complete their tasks.

At the end of each half term, there will be a celebration of home learning achievements; children from each year group will receive a certificate for effort and nominees will be put forward for a termly ‘home learning star’ to celebrate those children who go the extra mile.  It is worth noting that we strive for excellence in all areas of our learning and we consider home learning to also reflect these high standards.  Therefore, we will only award a ‘smiley face’ for excellence.

We thank you continued support in working together to drive standards forward.  If you require any further clarification, please see our home learning policy on our website or alternatively, get in touch with your child’s class teacher.