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Learning in the EYFS

Communication and Language

We develop our speaking skills when we play.
We pretend to make different things.
We pretend to be different people.
We listen to and join in with songs & rhymes.


Still image for this video
One of our alternative nursery rhymes.

We like to learn lots of different songs and rhymes at school to help use and develop our listening and attention, understanding and speaking skills.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

We make friends & know how to make them happy.
We work together to make amazing creations.
We play alongside our friends and have fun.
We take turns and share our toys.

Physical Development

We carefully join construction pieces together.
We practise throwing & catching different objects
We use our bodies to create different shapes.
We use different tools to help develop our control
We negotiate spaces when moving at speed.
We move over, under and through different objects.


We learn rhymes and look at rhyming objects.
We create things and make marks.
We practise our writing on whiteboards
We write with chalks
We write in flour.
We read books by ourselves and with others.
We use our clipboards to write in different areas.
We learn stories using talk for writing story maps


We create pictures using shapes & talk about them.
We put shapes together to create models.
We learn to count carefully.
We play games to recognise numbers.
We count  objects and match them to numbers.
We investigate coins, time and measure.
We learn about adding and taking away.

Understanding the World

We made Diya lamps when learning about Diwali.
We join in with the school Christmas celebrations.
We use beebots in our learning.
We learn to care for animals.
We look at how things change over time.
We learn about the different jobs that people have

Expressive Arts and Design

We use colours and shapes to create pictures.
We explore mixing colours.
We use our imagination & play alongside others.
We move in time to music.
We cut, stick & fold things to make our creations.
We use different objects to print with.
We sing and dance on the stage.