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Mrs Shields

Hello! I am Mrs Shields and I am VERY excited to be taking my Dolphins from last year to become Zebras in Year 5! 


This is my first time teaching year 5, and I am very excited about it. Some of the topics we cover, in history and science especially, are really great!


Out of school I have a busy life! I have two children, who are both crazy! My son is in year 5 and my daughter is in year 1. I do a lot of things with them at the weekends, like swimming, baking and going down the skate park (I don't skate myself, I'm afraid!). I like to go for a run before I start teaching in the morning and also try to get one in at the weekend too.


My favourite meal has changed over the years. It used to be lasagne, but now it is really anything pasta-y...especially the school macaroni cheese!


I really don’t like wobbly teeth. At all. Not at all!!!


One word to describe me: fun!