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Mrs Shields

Hello! I am Mrs Shields and I am VERY excited to be teaching my dazzle of Zebras in Year 3! This is my first year of teaching at Eye C of E Primary School, and I am so excited to join the team!


My route into teaching has been quite an interesting one, that started with me studying Acting at university! See below for the rest of the journey!


My favourite subjects at school were Drama, English and Psychology.


Before I was a teacher, I was an actress for many years. After a while, I decided I wanted a little more control over my career, so I set up my own theatre company, and ran that very successfully for many years. After a while, I realised that my true calling was working with children rather than performing for them, so that was when I decided to begin my career in teaching. Phew!


Out of school I have a busy life! I have two children who run me ragged! Once they are in bed, I like to run, do yoga and watch Bake Off!


My favourite meal is lasagne. I eat lasagne everywhere I go. I am on the search for the perfect lasagne! Any recipes gratefully received!


I really don’t like wobbly teeth (have I just set myself up for mouthfuls of wobbly teeth coming my way?!)


One word to describe me: fun!