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8.40 - 11.45 : EYFS & KS1


8.45 - 12.00: KS2





11.45 - 12.45: EYFS & KS1


12.00 - 1.00: KS2





12.45- 3.15 EYFS    


12.45 - 3.20: KS1


1.00 - 3.25: KS2




Lessons begin promptly.  Pupils and parents are welcome to wait in the playgrounds until the doors open. Parents are reminded that their children are in their care until the doors open and children should not wait in the playground unsupervised or too early. Children are released into their respective playgrounds at the end of the school day.





The Department for Children, Schools and Families regards the taking of holidays during school time as an exception and not a rule. Therefore parents should do all they can to avoid holidays in school time.


Before booking a holiday parents should seek permission from the headteacher. It is the role of the headteacher to decide whether the holiday can be authorised.


In coming to that decision the following information will be taken into account:


The age of the child

The time of year (this should not be at the start of a new year or near SATs and not tagged on to school holiday breaks.

The nature of the trip and steps that have been taken to avoid taking the child out of school during term time.

The overall attendance pattern of the child.

Whether a request was made the previous school year. (An exception and not a regular occurrence).