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Our Church School

Mrs Bright is responsible for our status as a Church School.


“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10:10


We are a Church School with a vision of excellence for all our pupils where Christian Values underpin all that we do. We are passionate about preparing our children for an undetermined future by equipping them with life-long, transferable skills within a strong Christian context.


We are a church school. This means that we have a very close relationship with the Anglican Church. Our local church is St Matthews and our vicar is Mr Hurst, who comes to lead collective worship every week. We have regular church services at St Matthews during the year where the children lead the worship. Parents and carers are always invited to worship with us at the church services. We attend church to celebrate:

  • Harvest Festival
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Pentecost
  • Year 6 Leavers


Because we are a church school, we base all that we do on our 7 Christian Values. You can find out all about them on their own page. The link is below. We use our Christian values for our behaviour policy and we talk about them in nearly all of our lessons, from thinking about how a character might feel in a story, to considering how to how different events in the past link to today. 


We also have special afternoons when our friends from St Matthews come to school and spend an afternoon teaching us about different aspects of Christianity. Some of our afternoons have focussed on:

  • Christingle
  • Advent
  • Pentecost
  • The Trinity
  • The Lord's Prayer


Collective worship is very important to us a church school. We have whole-school collective worship everyday. It is a time where we come together to share our love of God and celebrate our achievements (and sometimes failures) together.  Our Church Ambassadors lead our collective worship daily by lighting the candles and saying prayers. They also have the opportunity to plan and deliver full collective worship at least three times each half term.


We have a variety of worship styles during the week:



Whole school worship led by Mr Hurst


  Whole school worship led by different teachers or visitors


Class Worship


Whole school singing worship led by Miss Sergeant and Mrs Bright


Whole School Golden worship led by Mr Webster.

07/10/19 Our amazing Church Ambassadors planned and delivered a wonderful Harvest Church Service on Monday. It was wonderful to see so many family and friends joining us in worship on this special occasion. Harvest is a key part of our focus on Thankfulness; we offer our thanks for the food which is so plentiful and we show our gratitude through our donations to the food bank. Our Christian Value of Thankfulness in action!

Annual Service of Dedication and Thanksgiving for Diocesan Schools Thursday 26th September 2019

Church Ambassadors Report: Maddison, Oliver and Grace

On Thursday 26th September, the Church Ambassadors visited the cathedral. They enjoyed it throughout the whole service. We are very grateful that we could go to this special service with the other church schools. Thank you!

18/12/18 Today the whole school attended St Matthews Church for our Christmas Services. Our Church Ambassadors led the services absolutely wonderfully and made us all very proud. Years 3 and 6 also did a tremendous job of leading aspects of our worship inlcuding telling the story of the nativity, sharing about Christmas during World War 2 and reading their own prayers. This was the perfect way to finish the term and prepare for Christmas.

30/11/18- What a fantastic afternoon we have had! Our friends from St Matthews came and taught us all about the Christingle and then we all made one to take home! We also learned a new Christingle song, thanks to John and his guitar. Thank you so much to our volunteers. The local Co-op store very kindly donated all the oranges and candles which we needed, and St Matthews Church funded the other resources. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to both establishments for their generosity in supporting our Christingle event.

23/11/18 Thank you so much to all parents, friends and family for your wonderful generosity for Operation Christmas Child. We handed over 86 boxes! 86 children will now have a Christmas gift thanks to you all. We really appreciate your kindness and compassion at Christmas time.

09/11/18 We held our Remembrance Service in school today, with Mr Montgomery from St Matthews here to worship with us. The Church Ambassadors planned and led today's worship.

On Monday 8th October, we held our two harvest festial services at St Matthew's Church. Year 1 performed the song Bean Harvest wonderfully. Then we had a splendid poetry recital from Year 5. Year 4 wowed us all with a rendition of Let it Grow (better than the original!) and finally year 5 wrote incredibly thoughtful prayers.

Thank you so much to all of our children and parents/carers for their very kind and generous donations to the food bank. All of these bags were delivered this week and were gratefully received. Thank you to Mrs Fewtrell for her delivery service!

Harvest festival 08/10/18: Harvest festival is a time for us to thank God for providing the food which grows on Earth. We thank the farmers who gather in the crops. We think about and pray for those people who do not have as much food to eat as us.

Harvest Festival Church Service

Our two harvest festivals will be taking place at St Matthews Church on Monday 8th October 2018

Parents of children leading the worship (listed below) are warmly invited to join us. We have sent invitations, so please check bookbags and return your RSVPs!


Service 1 at 9.30am (led by Mrs Brough)

· Giraffes

· Dolphins

· Meerkats


Service 2 at 10.30am (led by Miss Scane)

· Badgers

· Pandas

· Kangaroos

On Thursday 27th September, Jenny from Operation Christmas Child came to assembly and told us all about the Shoebox Campaign. She showed us a video about the impact these gifts have on the children who receive them She showed us what can (and cannot) go in shoeboxes this year with some help from two of our children! It was an opportunity to reflect in how lucky we are in this country; to give thanks for what we have and to pray for those less fortunate than ourselves. You will be receiving a letter with more information in due course.

September 2017 We had our Church Afternoon when the volunteers from St Matthews came in to work with classes to share about the litiurgical calendar. That sounds complicated but what it really measn is why we have different colours in church at different times. Mr Hurst also led collective worship where he showed us the different clothes that he wears.

14th June 2017: Mrs Jessup came to lead collective worship today. It was all about transformers- how we can be a transformer of others through our behaviour and actions.

Advent 2016: Our friends from St Matthews came into school to teach us about advent and one the traditions of this time; the Jesse Tree. Here are the Jesse Trees we made in our classrooms over the period of advent.

Peace Doves made by the children Dec 15

Christmas Church Service 2015

Christingle 2015

On December 4th, we welcomed volunteers from St Matthews Church for a whole-school Christingle celebration. Each volunteer shared the Christingle with a pair of year-group classes, explaining the importance of the symbols and why Christians make a Christingle at this time of year.


The children then made their own Christingle to take home and share what they had learned with their family.


Thank you very much to Mrs Fewtrell for organising things at Church and to all the volunteers who made it such a wonderful afternoon:


  • Miss Booth
  • Mrs Newman
  • Mr Montgomery
  • Mr Stevens
  • Mr Kaye
  • Mrs Fewtrell
  •  Mr Hurst


The Christingle was supported by two generous local supermarkets. Thank you to Morrisons on Lincoln Road and Sainsbury's on Oxney Road for their very kind donations. They get a huge amount of requests for help, so we are incredibly grateful to have been chosen to receive the donations.


It was a fantastic way to start our Christmas celebrations at Eye CE Primary School.

Ask your children to tell you about their Christingle. You could even make another at home together!

Thank you to all children and parents/carers for your kind donations for Operation Christmas Child this year. We made 79 boxes! That means 79 children will know that someone from the Christian community around the world cares about them . Huge thanks to Mrs Fewtrell for taking the boxes to the drop off, and to her daughters for helping unload them!

On 11th November, we held a very special collective worship of remembrance in honour of Armistice Day. Mr Kaye led the service. We joined the country in the two minutes silence then heard beautiful prayers written by our year 3 and 4 children. It was a very social time spent in reflection on how lucky we are today because of those who have given their lives in conflict.