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If your child is absent from school please ring the school office at the start of each day they are off.  We realise that pupils get ill from time to time and these absences are authorised but time out from school for things such as shopping trips or birthdays cannot be authorised.  We are required to list any absences that have not been explained as 'unauthorised'.   The school does not approve of pupils taking family holidays during term time.  If the absence is planned, it is for the headteacher to decide whether the absence can be authorised, though Council policy states this can only be granted in exceptional circumstances.



Arriving in school just after the register has closed counts as a late but if it is more than 15 minutes we are required to list this as an unauthorised absence.


It is expected that all Key Stage 1 (Infant) children will be brought to school by a responsible adult. School should be informed of any Key Stage Two (Junior) children regularly travelling to school alone. If for any reason your child will be late for registration, it is important that you inform the school by telephone at the earliest opportunity.


*All absences and late arrivals are monitored by the headteacher and the L.A.