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Jaguars - Year 6

Creating a war time lunch 6/12/18

Should the rich give to the poor at Christmas? A DEBATE 27/11/18

Electrical Circuits 23/11/18

Reading at break in the Year 6 Jungle 22/11/18

Reading at break in the Year 6 Jungle 22/11/18 1

Getting to know Ebenezer Scrooge for our 'A Christmas Carol' English unit 22/11/18

Getting to know Ebenezer Scrooge for our 'A Christmas Carol' English unit 22/11/18 1

22/11/18 Jaguars now want to read ALL the time. As a keen reader myself, I have introduced the children to lots of new authors that I think they'll love and we have created a really lovely reading community in our classroom 📚😊

Anti-Bullying Play 15/11/18

Operation Christmas Child 8/11/18

Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat 2/11/18

Super Scientists dissecting eyes in Jaguars Class today 2/11/18

This morning, Year 6 went on a village walk around Eye to find out about soldiers from World War One. We ended our journey at the memorial in the cemetery 19/10/18

Alex G's Eye Rap 12/10/18


It is confusing the eye 

I tell no lie  

But don't fear 

This poem will make it clear  


The pupil isn't black it's actually a hole  

To let the light in so it can reach its goal  

The iris changes the pupil size  

So it can be light wise  


The sclera is the eyes defender  

It protects the lens to the retina 

Vitreous humor keeps the eye in shape  

Your ancestor had it even when they were apes 


Your lens get hit by light 

And travels to your optic nerve then into your brain to make you bright 

The anterior chamber keeps your eyes moisturised and clean  




Image result for the spelling shed

I have created log-ins for all children to access The Spelling Shed to support their spelling homework which will be sent home this week. Every week, I will set a new challenge for the children to complete, but it is also a platform where the children can challenge themselves, challenge their friends and beat their high score as many times as they'd like! We are using this resource in the classroom, so I hope the children enjoy the chance to use it at home too. 


Related image


Jaguars should have brought home their Mathletics log-ins at the end of last week. I will set regular activities based on the Maths learning that has been completed that week for the children to consolidate their understanding. Although it isn't compulsory, I would highly recommend that the children access this wonderful resource at home to practise their learning smiley

Testing out our periscopes 21/9/18

We looked at what it would feel like to be helpless today to help us to empathise with soldiers in WW1 by being blindfolded and navigating our way around the field 19/9/18

Creating an abacus out of Cheerios! 12/9/18

Welcome to Jaguars Class Page!


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The Jaguars class is taught by Miss Lemin. 


PE will be on Monday. Please ensure that PE kits AND swimming kits are in school.


Home Learning is due in every Tuesday and will be marked ready for you to complete the next tasks from Wednesday. 


Reading diaries will be checked every Monday.  Please ensure that these are updated regularly with all of your super daily reading to be in with a chance to earn a raffle ticket each week.  Raffle tickets = Prizes! (I'm in charge of the prizes and I know you're going to LOVE them!)

Times tables and spellings must be practised weekly!  


Autumn 1

I am looking forward to an action-packed first half term with my new class!  Since it is the centenary of The Great War, we will begin our learning journey together studying the causes behind it and exploring how it impacted on our locality.

In English, we will be kick-starting our learning by studying some fascinating poetry of WW1.

In Math, we will be studying number and place value, ensuring that we are secure with numbers to ten million. 


Our class story (chosen by the children) this term is: Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. He sent a tweet to the class which said, "I hope you all enjoy the story!" I'm sure we will. 


Please keep checking out our class page for important updates and snapshots of our learning! smiley