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Zebras - Year 3



This week we have worked REALLY hard! We have been so busy with lots of different things, but we have managed to squeeze in some really super activities too! We have:


  • written our own stories based on 'Miu and the Pharaoh' 
  • looked at more word problems and multiplication and division in word problems
  • written up a science experiment based on magnets
  • made and drank hot chocolate! This was part of our maths day, so we calculated our recipe before we were allowed to drink it!
  • thought more about Christmas and about who the guiding lights are in our own lives
  • thought about political parties and created our own
  • watched some of the EAPS panto
  • sung Christmas songs around the Christmas tree


Phew! Busy week!!


Have a lovely weekend, Zebras!

All dressed up for the EAPS panto!

All dressed up for the EAPS panto! 1

Making and drinking hot chocolate on maths day!



This week in Zebras we have been learning:


  • Our 3x, 4x and 8x
  • About multiplication and division families
  • About our new text, Miu and the Pharaoh
  • About Advent, and why it is important in the Christian calendar
  • How to keep safe online
  • What the Ancient Egyptians wore and made our own headdresses!


We have also had our WOW day, which really was WOW! Mark took us on a whistle stop tour of the history of Ancient Egypt, taught us an Ancient Egyptian game, introduced us to the Egyptian method of measuring and took us through the mummification of a Pharaoh, before letting us hunt for our dinner! 


It has been a wonderful week! I can't wait to see what next week brings!


Mrs Shields

Anti Bullying Show

Anti Bullying Show 1
Anti Bullying Show 2
Anti Bullying Show 3
Anti Bullying Show 4

Dictionary races!

Dictionary races! 1


Friction 1
Friction 2
Friction 3
Friction 4

Anti Bullying poster

Anti Bullying poster 1

Friday 16th November 2018


It has been a busy week in Zebras! We have:

  • been counting in 4s and 8s using our multiplication table knowledge
  • written an information text on Anubis
  • looked at the effect of friction on toy cars!


As well as this, it has been Anti Bullying week, so we have done a lot of different tasks in our C4L lessons, including designing an Anti Bullying poster to promote this behaviour throughout the school, thought about Anti Bullying from the point of a song and through music and watched an Anti Bullying panto! What a week!

Friday 9th November 2018


What a busy couple of weeks we have had! Everyone came back after half term refreshed and ready to learn, and I have been so excited by all the wonderful work the children have produced.


Over the last two weeks, we have been working on:

- addition and subtraction using column methods and bar models

- our multiplication tables - looking at the 3x table first, counting in 3s, singing our 3 times table song and solving multiplication problems. Please ask your child, if I tell you that 6 x 3 = 18, what other multiplication fact can you tell me? (answer: 3 x 6 = 18!!!)

- we have been looking at information texts, starting with a text based on the Ancient Greek god, Zeus. WE have then moved onto thinking about our Ancient Egyptian gods, with us making 'Top Trump' cards this week - which god is the best?!

- last week we made poppies to honor Remembrance Sunday and thought about those who gave their lives for their country.

- this week, our RE has been based around helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves at Christmas time. We have made cards for elderly people at the hospital, who would otherwise receive nothing. We have also put together our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes - thank you all for your wonderful and kind donations.


Believe it or not, we have also managed to squeeze in some music, P.E., a computing lesson on internet safety, a C4L lesson thinking about who we would go to if we needed help and making the right decisions, a couple of lessons on forces - thinking about pushing and pulling, a swimming lesson and an Art lesson on Egyptian gods an canopic jars! Phew! I told you we'd been busy!


If you would like to help your child with their maths work, please do play 'Hit the Button' with your child: focusing on the 2x and 3x tables for now! Plus, the song that will stay in your head all day, but will help with maths: . There is a 4x table song too, we'll be singing that next week!!!


Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to updating you on our learning next week!


Mrs Shields

Friday 12th October 2018


It was so lovely to meet so many of you at the TLCs this week. It is always so valuable to have the opportunity to discuss your child's learning, so I hope you all found it as useful as I did. I think all the children have achievable targets and I am very excited to continue their journeys, with them, on the road to conquering them! If we haven't yet met, I will be in touch on Monday to arrange our meeting.


This week we have been learning:

  • column addition, adding three digit numbers, with renaming (or carrying!!!)
  • how to write explanation texts in the second person
  • the parable of the good samaritan 
  • the art of Piet Mondrian
  • the use of and spellings of homophones
  • the Egyptian creation story



Hi all!


So sorry for the silence! We HAVE been doing a lot of fab work in Zebras, so I hope you have heard all about it from your child!


This week we have been learning:

- our new WAGOLL explanation text on how to make pickled onions!

- the process of mummification and acting it out

- the column method to add (with renaming)

- to explore shadows and why/how they change size

- to think about the difference between a prayer and a wish (RE)


It has been a brilliant start to the term, with everyone throwing themselves into our various activities! WE have already learned a lot, and I will be able to update you all at this weeks TLCs.


Going forward, I will be updating this page more often, so you know what we have been up to in class - so keep your eyes open! In the meantime, I would like to thank you for all your support and the support you show through your child.


As a small side note, I have introduced the class to a song to help them learn their 4 multiplication table. If they would like to access it at home, here is the link:

It's fun, catchy and really helpful!


Thanks and I look forward to meeting you all properly this week!


Mrs Shields


Welcome to Zebra’s Class!


I am very excited to have a new dazzle of Zebras joining me this year for my first year teaching at Eye C of E Primary, and am confident we will have a wonderful year together!


This Autumn, our topic will be Ancient Egypt. We will spend the term discussing ‘Were the Egyptians ahead of their time?’. We will do this by studying the Egyptians in detail, as well as looking at some lovely texts including ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ and ‘The Scarab’s Secret’.


We will continue to follow the Maths No Problem scheme of work, with our initial focus being our knowledge of numbers and their value.


Our Geography will tie into our Topic work, as we will be locating Egypt on a map and studying the River Nile.


Our Science will focus on Light and its properties.


Our Art will be very exciting, as we will be creating our own hieroglyphics, and Design and Technology will involve building pyramids!


WE will continue to learn Spanish in Miss Donkin’s weekly Spanish assemblies.






Useful information


Our teaching assistant is Mrs Selves

PE is on a Monday (this could change at any time so please ensure kits are in school every day). Please ensure kits are clearly named.


We encourage children to read regularly and children will receive a reading raffle ticket for reading 5 times a week. Children should record their reading in their reading record daily. Now children are in KS2, they can do this independently, however we would ask that you sign the reading record weekly to show that you have acknowledged your child has read. Children should bring their recording record book into school every day. Thank you.


Please remember your water bottles every day as our classroom does get very warm. Please make sure the water bottle is clearly named and is only filled with water or squash. Also, if your child requires a snack, they will need to bring this in with them, as they no longer will have this provided. Please ensure they come with a healthy snack. Alternatively, tuck shop will run daily from the first Monday of term. Thank you.


Homework will be given out on Thursdays and is due in on Tuesdays. Please encourage your child to do the challenge questions set. If they wish, they may attend the weekly homework club to complete their homework.


Children will be lining up in the morning outside Zebras door and will be going in to the classroom to complete their morning activity at 8.50am. They will be released from the same place at the end of the day.


If there is anything further I can help you with, please feel free to catch me at the end of the day (I will have more time then to talk!).


I am really looking forward to the term we have planned, and am confident your little Zebra will have a wonderful start to Year 3!


Mrs Shields