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Frogs and snails

Happy dinner time 😊

Happy dinner time 😊 1 We look so grown up at the dinner tables.
Happy dinner time 😊 2 Yummy fish and chips today!
Happy dinner time 😊 3 We like to talk to our friends during our dinner.
Happy dinner time 😊 4 We are starting to use our knives and forks.
Happy dinner time 😊 5
Happy dinner time 😊 6

Ready to start our new learning journey!!


We can't wait to start our learning journey with our new children today! smiley

We hope you have all had a great Summer and the children are looking forward to staring school.


This half term we will be focusing on the stories about Percy the Park Keeper for the first couple of weeks, learning about friendship and working together. 



Later on in the half term we will be learning a variety of traditional tales and will be having a traditional tale trip to Nene Park (date to follow in a letter soon)




To see the main learning objectives we will be covering this term please follow the link below to see the EYFS objective overview for each term.