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Pandas - Year 4

Autumn Term 2


In English we will be studying Star Wars and learning how to create our own exciting narratives.


Science will give us the opportunity  to explore how sound travels and what makes our ears work.


In maths we will be continuing to get to grips with all our times tables.


Our music topic this term is the Eye Factor - a chance for our amazing children to sing, dance and perform



Today marked the start of our exciting new topic.... The Eye Factor! We got to meet our brilliant judges:


Simone Cowell

Davina Walliams

Louise Walsh

Cheryl Cool


After showcasing our brilliant singing voices during the auditions, next week we will be find out our groups and and meeting our mentors. 




In English we are building on our learning of the different word classes and applying these to a text. We have created lots of actions to help us remember the different word classes!






In Science, we are learning about the seven processes of life. MRS NERG is an acronym that helps us to remember them all.

Movement Respiration Sensitivity Nutrition Excretion Reproduction Growth


We went into the willow garden to find things from the natural world and then worked out what was living and not living by checking the item against our MRS NERG checklist.


We looked at a beautiful living thing - Connie's pet snake, Cynthia.

Picture 1

Welcome to the Pandas Class


Our Topic this term: What did the Romans do for us?


The Roman influence is in our everyday lives and the children will answer five key questions this term:



Why did the Romans come to Britain?

What made the Romans so powerful?

How did the Romans live?

Who didn’t want the Romans in Britain?

Why did Hadrian build a wall?


We will investigate how the Roman Empire started through the legend of Romulus and Remus and how the Roman Empire spread so quickly over the greater part of the known world. A study of how the Romans lived, worked and played will show how many of their innovations are in our lives today. Although many Britons welcomed the Romans into Britain, Boudicca's Iceni tribe gave resistance. The children will find out why this group resisted and how successful they were. Throughout the term, we will consider the legacy of the Roman Empire; roads, language, plumbing and democracy.