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Our Christian Values

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As a Church of England School, our Christian Values underpin all that we do. Each half term we focus on a particular value. We then display this value in all of our classrooms using images and quotes, from the Bible and elsewhere, to help the children fully understand what they mean and how they link to their own lives. We have a launch collective worship session for each value to bring it into sharp focus for the half term. These are often led by visitors from St Matthews Church in Eye. 


Our values are the foundations of our behaviour policy, and we use them to talk to the children about their actions, to help them understand consequences. This then helps them to make changes and choices to ensure they are following our values within school and in their own lives at home.


Our Calendar of Christian Values

Autumn 1: Community and Thankfulness
Autumn 2: Peace

Spring 1: Compassion

Spring 2: Forgiveness

Summer 1: Service

Sumer 2: Justice

We celebrate each value with a special award ceremony every half term. One child from each class is chosen to receive the award for the focus value. Their parents are invited to attend, and the whole school community gathers to celebrate the great achievements of the half term.
In Pupil Zone, there is a page with photographs of the winners of the values awards.