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Children of primary school age moving into the area or wishing to join our school may be admitted throughout the year. If you wish your child to be registered, please contact the school office and they will advise you of the current application procedure. You are welcome to visit the school by prior arrangement.  Places are allocated by the Admissions team at the Local Authority.  We have places for 60 children per year group.

Reception Admissions


Eye School admits pupils into the reception classes in the September of the year in which they are five. We aim to make their start to formal schooling enjoyable and positive. We plan the intake of new children so that they feel secure and confident in school. There is a very gentle introduction to school procedures with pupils spending most of their time in their own classroom and then gradually moving about in the whole school. For this reason reception pupils do not take part in worship or P.E. in the hall until they are settled.


Starting Procedure


Children begin school part-time for a minimum of two weeks. Once the parents and teacher feel the child is settled, he/she may stay for the full school day. During the first week of term reception teachers and teaching assistants like to visit the child at home. This allows the teacher and parents to talk in confidence and helps the child to know his/her teacher a little better.




Each Reception class has a qualified teacher and a teaching assistant. We aim to provide training in early years education for our teaching assistants and all teachers who teach this age group are appropriately trained.


Registering your Child


Parents/carers are welcome to look around school before coming to a final decision. If you then wish to register your child you can apply on line using the Peterborough City Council website or you can apply by post by completing an application form which can be obtained from the Council directly or from your local pre-school and/or nursery by December prior to reception intake the following September. Parents will be notified in April stating which school your child has been allocated a place for starting school in September. Children of primary school age moving into the area might be admitted at other times throughout the year.


Allocation of places follows the city council’s policy on admissions criteria for primary schools. A copy of this will be given to prospective parents/carers.



Open Sessions for children starting Reception 2020

Further Information

For further information on admissions please contact the school office on 01733 222314 and ask for Mrs Cobb.