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Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament 2020


We are a proactive group of elected members who meet weekly with Mrs Edwards to debate key issues raised in our school. 


On Thursday 6th February 2020 we went to Westminster to learn more about democracy.  Here are some pictures of our incredible experience:

We travelled to London on the train and took the tube to Westminster where we had a guided tour of both The House of Commons and The House of Lords. In The House of Commons, they were debating which topics they would be discussing next week and in The House of Lords they were discussing the NHS. We saw the gold throne which the Queen sits on when she goes to The House of Lords. The final part of our tour was Westminster Hall, we learned Henry VIII held banquets there and it was also where Guy Fawkes was trialled for trying to blow up The Houses of Parliament. After our tour we completed a workshop on Debating and Laws. We learned the rules of debating and the language used, after the debate we voted to decide if our law should be passed however the Queen has the final say. It was a lovely sunny day so we ate our lunch in the park then walked to Downing Street. On the way we saw Winston Churchill’s statue, Big Ben and the Cenotaph. We had a fun day learning about how Members of Parliament run our country.