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Life in All its Fullness Through Social Action and Social Justice

Life in All its Fullness Through Social Action and Social Justice

Our social action group are a passionate and committed group of young people who want to be courageous advocates for change. They have an excellent understanding of what it means to take part in social action and have a deep desire to make a difference to their community and improve the lives of others. 


As a school, we are members of Peterborough Citizens. We want our vision of Learning and Growing Together for Life in All its Fullness to overflow from our school building and into our community. We want to seek out opportunities to be agents of change and help children to understand that they can make a difference. 



December 2023


Our school community did a wonderful job of donating new, unwrapped toys for The Salvation Army's Christmas Present Appeal. 

November 2023

Social Action Group at Housing and Homelessness Meeting

On Tuesday 21st November, some of the social action group were able to go to a Housing and Homelessness meeting at Peterborough Museum with a number of other organisations who are part of Peterborough Citizens. We met with decision makers such as Adrian Chapman, Executive Director for Place and Economy in Peterborough, Rob Hill, Service Director: Housing and Communities and Ashley Butterfield, developer for the East of England Showground. We were able to present to them our findings following research into the homelessness situation in Peterborough and held them to account to ensure that 30% of housing is affordable at the new East of England development as well as making links to start to talk about how Brown Field sites owned by the council could be used to support those going into temporary accommodation. The children did a wonderful job of not only representing the school but also being able to have their say and work towards making a difference in the lives of others. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to take our school vision based on Jesus' words of having life in all its fullness out into our community.

November 2023


The children from the social action group had an excellent session on Wednesday morning with Dilraj Kaur, the senior organiser from Peterborough Citizens. We talked about the homelessness situation in Peterborough, how it makes the children feel and what they would like to see change. The children then spent time researching data on homelessness in Peterborough, identifying sites that could be used to build modular housing on and writing letters to people in power to attend an event on 21st November to discuss all of this. The children were passionate about working on bringing about change so that all in our city and community can experience life in all its fullness. 


October 2023

The Social action club have organised and coordinated a project to collect items for the Thorney, Eye and Surrounding area food bank. They created a competition between year groups to see who could bring the most items in. 

The items were spilling out of the room!

They collected all items in and counted up the totals. 
Scores to follow…

Social Action Club Litter Campaign

During the Autumn term, the Social Action club decided that they felt strongly about the litter  situation in Eye. They worked together to think about what they could do to make a difference and they felt that they wanted to start by taking part in some litter picking in Little Close park in Eye. 

Following their litter pick, the Social Action group wanted to think about what they could do to make a longer term difference to the litter situation in the our local park in Eye. They decided that they would like to write to Peterborough Council to tell them about the situation and to ask them for their support in improving the amount of litter found in the park.


One of the social action club's letters to the council

The Social Action group did an excellent job of presenting their ideas to Mr Collinridge and Counsellor Simons (and Recycling Rita) on Thursday 1st December during their after school club. They told them all about their plans to improve the litter situation in Little Close park and how they would like the council to help them. The council have agreed to put more bins into the park and have let us run a competition in school to design a sign to encourage people to put their rubbish in the bin. The winning design will be made into real signs to go in the park. The children are very excited that their voices have been heard and action is being taken.


Social Action Group and Peterborough Citizens

On Tuesday 1st November, children from our social action group along with our school choir took part in the Peterborough Citizens Founding Assembly at Peterborough College. The children all did an excellent job of representing the school and we are excited by the things that believe we will be able to achieve by working as part of Peterborough Citizens. 


Peterborough Citizens- Delegates Assembly

On Tuesday 21st February, seven of the children who are part of the Social Action Group attended Peterborough Citizens Delegates Assembly at Nene Park Academy with Mrs Bright. The children shared the top three issues that came from the listening that we carried out in school before half term. The children spoke confidently and many of the adults commented on how articulate the children were.


10,561 people were listened to across Peterborough and the top three issues that were collated from responses from all of the organisations were: Housing and Homelessness, Crime and Safety and Affordable Public Transport. As part of the evening, we were able to vote for the issue that we felt was most important to work towards. Our vote as a school went to Housing and Homelessness. Once all votes from all of the organisations were received, the issues with the most amount of votes were: Housing and Homelessness and Crime and Safety with 41% of votes each. Campaign groups will now work together to tackle these issues. More information will be on it's way to you in the near future. 


A big well done to the children who took part (pictured). They did an excellent job of representing our school and collaborating with lots of other organisations to work towards making Peterborough a better place.



Social Action Training with Peterborough Citizens Organiser, Dilraj Kaur

On Tuesday 16th May, the Social Action group were fortunate to recieve some training from Dilraj Kaur, Organiser at Peterborough Citizens. They explored who they were as people and what has shaped them as well as considering things that they feel passionate about and would like to change. We worked together to consider what our next project will be working on the issue of 'Housing and Homelessness'. After the May half term, they will be working with CareZone to find out more about how we can support people who are going into temporary accommodation. 



Summer Project- Supporting the Homeless

We had an excellent session in our Social Action Club on Thursday 8th June. Julie from CareZone joined us and told us all about the amazing work that they do at CareZone to support people in need. We are planning an exciting school-wide project in collaboration with CareZone that we will be sharing more details of in the next couple of weeks. 

The children in the social action club worked hard after school on Thursday 29th June along with Julie from CareZone to pack up boxes using all of the wonderful donations from across the school. We'd like to thank you for your generosity, once again, as we managed to create 5 boxes that will go to homeless people who are moving into temporary accommodation. We also had extra that Julie was able to take away to be used to help create other boxes. Thank you for helping us live out our vision of Learning and Growing together for Life in all its Fullness into our community.