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Koalas - Year 2

Welcome to Koala Class page. Here you can find out about all of the exciting learning we have been doing. Check back often to keep up with the koalas!


Useful Information

Mrs Brough is the Class Teacher. 

Mrs Selves and Miss Barks are the TAs.


PE is on THURSDAY so please ensure kit is in school. As it is cold, please could you include tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie or similar PE style jumper. 


Reading books: children change their own in the mornings when they have finished their book, or if they would like a change.

Reading Records: please record every read which is done at home. Please also send the reading record book into school every day. Thank you!

Water Bottles: please ensure all water bottles are clearly named and filled only with water. Thank you.

Clothing: Please can you ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named. Many thanks.

17/07/17 We had a DT day today. We used junk modelling to create our pirate ships!

11/07/17 Thank you to all of our parents and carers for coming to our afternoon tea yesterday! It was so lovely to see you all We hope you enjoyed it!

10/07/17 Here are some snaps from our visit to Wells-Next-the-Sea pm Friday!

22/06/17 In Science this week, we were finding out why there is always a greasy layer on top of the wshing up water in the sink. We found out that oil is less dense than water, so it floats on top. Here we are investigating whether the same is true for other liquids.

09/05/17 Yesterday was our Wow Day for our new topic- Is the Pirate Life for Me? We had such fun at pirate school! Thank you to parents and carers for the fab outfits!

05/05/17 Today we went out on a fraction scavenger hunt in the wooded area of our school grounds! It was a lovely day and it was great to be learning out in the sunshine at last!

Our Summer Term Topic

We have a very exciting topic planned for this term! Is the Pirate Life for me?- a topic all about pirates, explorers and islands! Children will learn:

  • History: all about historical explorers including some pirates!
  • Geography: the continents and oceans of the world, map directions and symbols, plus what it is like to live on an island. 
  • Science: how plants grow
  • Maths: revision of all skills taught this year to deepen and embed our understanding
  • English: our focus text will be 'The Night Pirates' and then we will look at writing information texts about explorers. 


Our visit to Wells-Next-the-Sea is on Friday 7th July. We would love as many parents to come as possible- our only limitation this time is seats on the coach! Please let Mrs Brough know if you would like to come along. 


Keep checking back to see all of the exciting things we get up to during this brilliant topic!

Aaaarrrrgh!! Me hearties!

Our wow day will be Monday 8th May and the children will be going to Pirate School! We hope that the children (and teachers!) can come to school dressed as pirates for the day! This can be done very simply. Here are some ideas for creating a costume:

07/04/17 Here we are doing some measuring of capacity! We did really well with reading the scales!

05/04/17 We have been learning all about measures this week in maths. Here we are trying to balance a 1kg weight.

30/03/17 We have learned to use African percussion instruments. Here we are performing a song in 3 parts.

Still image for this video

21/03/17African Singing

Still image for this video
We have been learning about the continent of Africa. Now we have moved onto our music work, we are looking at African songs and instruments. Here we are singing an African song in 2 parts with an echo.

03/03/17 World Book Day! We had a focus on poetry this week, and for World Book Day we dressed up as characters from poems. Then we had a real treat of working with poet Paul Delaney to read, perform and write our own poems. It was a fantastic day! Have a look in our books for the fab poems we wrote.

28/02/17 Today in Science we were finding out about how humans grow. We then investigated how tall we all were in Koala Class.

16/02/17 Nat from Wood Green came into work with us on being safe around dogs. She taught us how to recognise how a dog is feeling by looking at its tail, how to stroke a dog safely and how to respond if a dog is running around us or we are scared.

Here is a video showing how to stroke a dog safely.

Still image for this video

13/02/17 Today was the start of Safety Week. We began with Water Safety. We went down to the nature reserve to find out about the dangers of open water and how we can make good choices to keep ourselves safe.

10/02/17 Poppy Penguin put facts about her homeland, Antarctica, inside some eggs and hid them all over the playground! We went on a fact-finding scavenger hunt to find out as much as we can about the super-cold continent! Ask us about it- we are now experts!

06/02/17 Did you hear about the zoo escape? Animals were loose in our classroom over the weekend and laid eggs all over! I suggest you check your gardens in case any laid eggs in your shrubbery....

25/01/17 Today we received an email from Poppy penguin's mum. She sent us an explanation text about the penguin lifecycle. We used it as our new WaGOLL.

13/01/17 This afternoon we went to Field House to read to the residents. We all had a really great time!

10/01/17 We had a special delivery today! Poppy the Penguin has come to help us with our learning. She gave us an information text about penguins and we used it as our WaGOLL. We made it into a text map.

06/01/16 Wow Day!

03/01/17 Today we learned about how germs spread in our Science lesson. We used glitter to represent germs. We put one colour of glitter on our hands, then shook hands with as many others as we could in 2 minutes. Our hands were covered in different coloured glitter. Ask us what this taught us about germs.

Spring Term Topic: Who Rules the Animal Kingdom?

We will be learning about animals’ habitats, lifecycles and food chains. We will be having our Wow Day on Friday 6th January 2017, where adults and children will be dressing up as animals for the day to bring the topic to life. 


In English, we will be focussing on non-fiction initially. We will be writing non-chronological reports about an animal, then moving onto writing an explanation based on lifecycles. Our fiction work will focus on the story of ‘How the Zebra Got His Stripes’. We will also work on learning poetry by heart.


In Maths, we will be continuing our work on fractions before moving onto time. We focus on o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past before finally looking at 5 minute intervals. Then the children will learn about money including coin recognition, calculating totals and giving change. In the final weeks of the term, we will learn about 2D and 3D shapes, including their properties, similarities and differences and classifying them.


In Geography, our focus will be on the continents and oceans of the world. We will be learning about two contrasting continents- Africa and Antarctica. We will look at climate, mountains, rivers, homes, animals, etc before comparing them.


Our Science learning forms the majority of our topic. We will learn about animal lifecycles, their habitats and their food chains. This will include our visit to Hamerton Zoo on Friday 24th March 2017. Please let us know if you would like to accompany us on the visit. 

Koalas have been learning about Pointillism artists. We made calendars using the technique.

Christmas fun in Koalas!

We went on a walk around the village today to see if we could identify map symbols. We spotted buildings that should have been on the map and designed or own symbols. We even spotted a mistake on the map! Thank you to all our parent helpers who came with us on our walk.

Here are some photos showing what we achieved in mental maths today! We had to remember times tables facts to build the houses correctly.

In Science today we investigated our reflexes! As us which hand it was easier to catch the ruler with.

Here are some photos from our amazing History Off the Page Day. The children looked amazing in their costumes- thank you to parents for the time and effort it takes to get costumes ready. We would also like to thank all of the adults who helped today- the day would not have gone ahead as well as it did without you!

Look at the soldiers of 1666 marching!

Still image for this video

Poetry in Year 2

Still image for this video
Today we welcomed Mrs Fewtrell into year 2. She shared her favourite powns with us. She taught us this one. It is a clapping poem.


Still image for this video
Here is another video of us reciting the poem Lazy Jane from memory! Mrs Brough looks rather serious because the teachers were not supposed to be helping!

Look at this week's awesome home learning! The task was to spell your name using natural and man-made materials. Here are some of the results!

Today we have been baking bread! Mrs Drew, our school cook, took us in her kitchen to show us how t make bread. Then we made our own bread roll in a fun shape. The bread was delicious!

Look at our awesome home learning! We followed instructions to make a Chinese lantern. Aren't they beautiful? If you look closely, you can see our colour mixing work we did using fiery colours!

Today we did market research for our DT project: the Great Eye Bake Off! We tasted different breads to see what sorts of flavours we like to help us design our own bread recipe. We had a very yummy lesson!

Today we were super scientists! We learned the science words transparent, opaque, rigid and flexible. Ask us to tell you what they mean and find examples at home! Here are some pictures of the materials sorting we did in groups.

Here we are in our co-operative learning groups.

Fire: Friend or Foe?

Our first topic is all about fire! We will be learning about the Great Fire of London in our History lessons, as well as about using maps and symbols in Geography. Our art will be about creating fiery images using paint and collage. Our DT lessons will be all about bread! We will be tasting different breads then baking our own flavours in the Great Eye Bake Off! We will be linking our English work with our topic, beginning with writing a story about a boy who lived in the times of the fire! Our maths work is very new. It is called Maths No problem! It is an approach to learning which focusses on collaboration and talk, which has been proven to significantly enhance learning. We are excited to get started!


History off the Page

We will be having a very exciting day where we all get into role as Londoners at the time of the Great Fire! We will dress up and become craftspeople who gossip about who might have caused the fire! Then we become archaeologists, digging for evidence! History off the Page will be on Friday 4th November. We will need lots of adult helpers, so please let us know if you are able to come and dress up with us!



Here are some pictures of simple costumes for History off the Page day. If you would like some help, please just ask!