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Kangaroos - Year 5

21/7/21 - Well done to Dubem who won the Christian Value award for ‘service’ this half term.

19/7/21 - Today’s Golden award winners! Well done to Hollie and Ani-Beau!

Summer 2 - Remote Learning 5.7.21 - 9.7.21

Year 5 have to self-isolate this week. Please find below the resources for Year 5's remote learning this week alongside a timetable for the week. These are also uploaded on to Tapestry. Details of the live Zoom lessons will be emailed to parents/carers via Scholarpack.

Monday 5.7.21 - Geography

Tuesday 6.7.21 - Art

18/6/21 - Well done to Adam and Logan for their awards this week!

16/6/21 - Finding countries that pass through the tropics in Geography.

11/6/21 - Dissecting flowers in Science!

11/6/21 - Well done to Jess, this weeks ‘Good To Be Green’ winner AND reading raffle winner!

28/5/21 - Well done to all members of Kangaroos who participated in the Royal Mail Heroes Stamp Competition.

28/5/21 - Well done to Riley, our Christmas Value award winner for ‘Justice’ this half term, and to Ani and Ruby for winning the ‘Good To Be Green’ raffle and reading raffle this week!

21/5/21 - Well done to today’s reading raffle winners, golden award winner and ‘Good To Be Green’ winner!

14/5/21 - Kwik Cricket in PE! Batting and bowling!

14/5/21 - Well done to this week's ‘Good To Be Green’ winner and reading raffle winners!

11/5/21 - Kangaroos have enjoyed choosing their own topics to write a non-chronological report about. Today they researched facts to support their writing.

7/5/21 - Congratulations to our silver star winner, golden award winner, reading raffle winner and good to be green winner this week!

6/5/21 - Well done to these children who participated in a creative writing competition over lockdown!

30/4/21 - Well done to our ‘Good To Be Green’ winners and reading raffle winner this week!

23/4/21 - Well done to Oscar who won Bookman’s Easter Reading Raffle in Kangaroos!

23/4/21 - This weeks ‘Golden Award’ winner, ‘Good To Be Green’ winner and reading raffle winner! Well done!

16/4/21 - This weeks ‘Good To Be Green’ winners, silver star award winners and reading raffle winner! Well done!

15/4/21 - Victorian Wow Day!

Bookman's Easter Reading Challenge 2021

26.3.21 - Well done to Ruby and Jess, this weeks Good To Be Green winners!

25.3.21 - Well done to Jess who won the Christian Value award for Forgiveness nominated by the children in Kangaroos!

19.3.21 - Well done to Jess who won the ‘Good to be Green’ award in Kangaroos this week!

18/3/21 - Well done to these members of Kangaroos who successfully completed their Bikeability course this week! Well done!

17/3/21 - Chloe and Megan entered a writing competition before Christmas and this week we found out they are having their work published in a book! Well done girls.

12/3/21 - Well done to Dubem, this weeks ‘Good to be Green’ winner!

4.3.21 - World Book Day 2021 - Vocabulary Parade (key worker children photo)

Spring 2 - Remote Learning

Please find below the resources for Year 5's Spring 2 Remote Learning. These are also uploaded on to Tapestry.

Week 2 - Spellings

Online Learning Documents - Geography 4.3.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - PE, Computing & TTRS and Spelling Shed 3.3.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - Art and French 2.3.21 (also on Tapestry)

Week 1 - Spellings

Online Learning Documents - PE, Computing, TTRS and Spelling Shed 24.2.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - Art & French 23.2.21 (also on Tapestry)

Spring 2 - Handwriting Booklet

Spring 1 - Remote Learning

Please find below the resources for Year 5's Spring 1 Remote Learning. These are also uploaded on to Tapestry.

Bookman's February Half Term Reading Challenge

12/2/21 - Today there will be a collective worship session on the video resource centre on the school website:  so please do watch this to see who has been nominated for our compassion award in Year 5!

Week 6 - Spellings

Online Learning Documents - Enrichment Day (Bingo) 12.2.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - Art and French 9.2.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - RE 8.2.21 (also on Tapestry)

1/2/21 - 5/2/21 - Spelling Activities

Online Learning Documents - Children's Mental Health Awareness Afternoon 3.2.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - C4L 1.2.21 (also on Tapestry)

25/1/21 - 29/1/21 - Spelling Activities

Online Learning Documents - PE & Computing 27.1.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - Art 26.1.21 (also on Tapestry)

18/1/21 - 22/1/21 - Spelling Activities

Online Learning Documents - PE, Computing, TTRS and Spelling Shed - 20.1.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - Music - 19.1.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - C4L - 18.1.21 (also on Tapestry)

*NEW* - Bookman's Lockdown Reading Bingo

11/1/21 - 14/1/21 - Week 2 English Resources (also on Tapestry). Please find attached the English teaching PowerPoint for this weeks English learning. We have uploaded each days main activities on to one document, in order of the days (Monday-Thursday), so you can print them at home if you wish. You should always try to complete the green next step. The deepening the moment is available if you wish to challenge yourself.

11/1/21 - 15/1/21 - Week 2 Maths Resources (also on Tapestry). Please find attached the Maths smartboard as a PDF for this weeks Maths learning. We have uploaded each days main activities on to separate documents so you can print them at home if you wish. There are also journal tasks to complete this week, just like we do in class. These are to be completed after you have completed your main tasks. Pick one to do each day. Remember to challenge yourself!

Online Learning Documents - Science & RE - 15.1.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - PE and Computing - 13.1.21 (also on Tapestry)

Online Learning Documents - Art - 12.1.21 (also on Tapestry)

Hello Year 5 & Parents!


Happy New Year! We hope you are all looking forward to a new term and a new way of learning.


This half term, we will be learning together online via Zoom and sharing our learning via Tapestry. There is no need for you to worry - details of all of these will be sent to parents via email (keep checking inboxes, please!) We will be uploading the session links to Tapestry (the links for each session will always stay the same throughout the whole half term).


If you miss a Zoom session, all PowerPoints and resources will be uploaded to Tapestry for you to view at a time that suits you as a family. Resources will also be uploaded to class pages.


Each day, you will have 3 sessions of learning to attend online:

Session 1: 9-10 (always Maths!)

Session 2: 11-12

Session 3: 1.30-2.30

Story time: 2.45-3


You must take part in all three sessions. If you cannot join in live on Zoom, you must access the resources and complete the work that will be uploaded on to Tapestry. You can also post your work on to Tapestry so that we can see your brilliant work. Please note, you can still email your class teacher if you have any questions regarding any of the learning. A reminder of the emails are below:


Miss Reed:

Miss Acris:

Mr Dickinson:


Our timetable for the week is pictured below. It may be slightly different this week as we find our feet with this new way of teaching, but will be consistent from next week!


We cannot wait to get started! J


Miss Reed, Miss Acris & Mr Dickinson

5/1/21 - Welcome back, Kangaroos! Why not kick off the new year by completing the daily tasks on this action calendar? #HappierJanuary

15/12/20 - Bookman came to visit us to spread some Christmas cheer and launch his Christmas reading challenge! He also gave us a special Christmas bookmark and a selection box as a gift for each of us this Christmas! Thank you, Bookman!

15/12/20 - Making Christingles

11/12/20 - Well done to Peter for winning the 'Good to be Green' award this week and to Hollie, for being nominated for the Christian Value award of Peace this half term.

4/12/20 - Well done to Georgia and Ruby who won the 'Good to Be Green' awards today!

30/11/20 - Bookman came to visit us! He gave out special bookmarks to children who have impressed Miss Reed with their reading recently :-)

29/11/20 - Notice from Miss Reed


We are having a fantastic term so far and we have lots of fun activities lined up for the final few weeks of term smiley


I have just a couple of quick notes for parents as we start to wrap up the term.

  1. TLCs are this Tuesday (December 1st). You should have had your times by now plus a reminder letter. If you cannot make the given time, please let me know so that we can rearrange.
  2. Your child's homework for the rest of this term is to play on TTRockstars and Spelling Shed. This has been the same since the start of the school year. I have set a number of games on each. It is the expectation that your child completes these at home. I have noticed over the past few weeks that not many children are logging on. I am speaking to the children about this at school and reminding them, but I would appreciate you encouraging them to log on at home too please! It really is so important! These will be checked periodically during the week, and must be completed by Sunday evening. A new challenge will start on the Monday morning.
  3. We are swimming on Friday afternoons. Your child will need their kits, including a hat every Friday until the end of term. Your child does not need to wear a PE kit, however can I suggest no tights on this day, as they are a nightmare to get on after a swim! 


Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to chatting with you all next week!


Miss Reed

27/11/20 - Well done to Logan who won the 'Golden Award' this week! A huge well done to Jess and Dubem, who received their 10 Silver Stars certificate too!

20/11/20 - Well done to Ruby, who won the 'Good To Be Green' award this week!

16/11/20 - Making model steps in Design and Technology.

13/11/20 - Well done to Megan who won the Golden Award today!

11/11/20 - In Geography, we Zoomed a lovely gentleman named Alan who has climbed mountains all over the world! He told us about some of his amazing experiences. Jess also told the class about her mountain climbing experiences.

11/11/20 - We participated in a special Remembrance Day Webinar.

6/11/20 - Well done to Isabella, this weeks 'Good To Be Green' winner! And a huge well done to Hollie as well, who won our 'Good To Be Green' rollover raffle and won herself a special book! Congratulations Hollie!

4/11/20 - Congratulation to Jess who was our 'superstar raffle ticket' winner and has won a book of her choice!

4/11/20 - Well done to the below members of Kangaroos who managed to read at least 5 books in Autumn 1! Well done!


PE & Swimming - Autumn 2


Kangaroos will be swimming on Friday 4th December and Friday 11th December this half term.


Please ensure that your child has a swimming costume with them, alongside a towel and swimming hat on the selected days your child is swimming. If your child wears earrings, please ensure these are taken out. If your child has a need to wear goggles, please let the Year 5 team know before the sessions begin.


On all other Fridays, please send your child to school in their PE kit as normal.


Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Reed

Curriculum Bulletin Autumn 2 


In English. we will be looking at 'The Inventions of Hugo Cabret' as our focus text and writing newspaper reports. We will then be moving on to comparing the film with the book.


In Maths, we will be looking at multiplication and division. We will then move on to reading tables and line graphs.


In Science, we will be learning about forces.


In Geography, we will be learning all about mountains.


Please see our curriculum journey newsletter for more information about what we will be learning this half term at the top of the class page.


Miss Reed

October Half Term Challenges

23/10/20 - A message from Miss Reed


Wow Kangaroos! I can't believe we have just finished our first half term in Year 5 together. You have already come such a long way smiley. We have learnt so much this half term together, and now it is time for a well-deserved rest! I hope you all have a wonderful half term. Stay safe, rest up, have lots of fun and I will see you back at school on Monday 2nd November.


Half term challenges

On the class page, you will be able to see that the children have been set a reading challenge from Bookman and a Times Tables Rockstars challenge to complete by Miss Scane over half term. Please ensure your child has a go at these challenges over the holidays and also that they practise the below spellings too:













Thank you,


Miss Reed

22/10/20 - Today we celebrated the children who received the Christian Value awards for showing community and thankfulness as voted for by their classmates. Well done to Ruby who received the award for 'thankfulness' and Harry, who received the award for 'community'.

Monday 19th October 2020 - *Notices for this week*

Please note we will not be having PE this week on Friday 23rd October due to a timetable change so please send the children to school in their normal school clothes and not their PE kit.

School photos are on Thursday - make sure you're looking extra smart Kangaroos! smiley

16/10/20 - Well done to Georgia who won the 'Good To Be Green' award in Kangaroos this week!



Please work on the following spellings and their meanings at home over the next week:













Thank you,


Miss Reed

12/10/20 - Exploring structures in DT, we made bridges and strengthened them using arches. Then we used paper straws to explore different types of joins.



Please work on the following spellings and their meanings at home over the next week:













Thank you,


Miss Reed

9/10/20 - In small groups, we recreated the Moon phases using oreo cookies.

9/10/20 - Well done to Ruby who won the 'Good To Be Green' award in Kangaroos this week!

7/10/20 - Talking the text for our new WAGOLL 'How to play snap' (instructions)

2/10/20 - We had a brilliant poetry workshop this afternoon with the poet Karl Nova. We absolutely loved it! See some photos below. If you click on the link below - you can see some videos of us in our workshops with Karl.

2/10/20 - Well done to Dubem who not only received the Golden Award in Kangaroos this week, but also he who won the 'Good To Be Green' award too! Congratulations Dubem, we are so proud of you.

1/10/20 - *Message from the Year 5 teachers*


To support the children's spellings at school, we will be sending home some spellings for the children to practise at home. We will send home the spellings on a Friday and we will then quiz them on these spellings the following Friday. We will also be learning the spellings we send home to you in class. We must re-iterate this is not a spelling test and simply a quiz to encourage the children to be engaged with their spellings. We will send the first list home tomorrow (Friday 2nd October). 


The words for next week are:












Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Reed, Miss Acris & Mr Dickinson

30/9/20 - We have been learning to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000 over the past few days! We have used the rap below to help us with this. I've popped the link below incase Kangaroos want to play the rap at home!

25/9/20 - We took our learning outdoors today to act out our solar system. Some children were given the roles of being the Sun and the 8 major planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We talked about the dwarf planet too, Pluto. We learnt that all the planets in the solar system orbit the Sun and that the further away they are from the Sun, the longer their orbit.

25/9/20 - Well done to Ava-Mae who won the 'Good To Be Green' award in Kangaroos this week!

21/9/20 - In DT today, we started to explore different structures. We looked at lots of different bridges. The children expressed an interest in having a go at building a bridge out of paper at home and so I have attached the pdf below to support them with this.

21/9/20 - A message from Miss Reed




Home learning has been set for your child this morning on Times Tables Rockstars and Spelling Shed. Please ensure your child is logging on and completing their set assignments. Last week, Kangaroos blew me away as they managed to get our class to the top of the school leader board on Spelling Shed! Well done Kangas, keep up the great work! smiley


Miss Reed


18/9/20 - Well done to Austin who won the 'Good To Be Green' award in Kangaroos this week!

18/9/20 - Well done to Isabella for winning the first Golden Certificate of the school year! You can watch the virtual assembly by clicking the link below.

18/9/20 - Our first PE lesson of the year. A beautiful, sunny afternoon learning Kwik Cricket!

15/9/20 - A quick message from Miss Reed




Kangaroos have had a great start to the week. Home learning on Spelling Shed and Times Tables Rockstars was set yesterday morning and is due in on Friday please. All home learning is now online and I will keep track of that at school. I sent home usernames for both TTRS and Spelling Shed last week - please do let me know if you haven't received these yet.  Please continue to READ, READ, READ at home with your child! This is also part of their home learning. 


Below I have attached a link to a website which allows the children to play games linked to our spelling focus this week which is words ending in '-ious'. I hope Kangaroos enjoy playing some of these games at home.


Take care and stay safe!


Miss Reed

15/9/20 - Talking the text in English! Who can recall the text AND remember the actions at home?

10/9/20 - Making our own water cycles in Geography.

8/9/20 - Today we have been recapping how to tell the time. Please continue to practise telling the time at home with your child to support their learning - especially saying sentences such as what is the time in numbers if I say it is 'twenty minutes to 5' (4.40).

4/9/20 - Wow! What a fantastic first two days Kangaroos have had. The children have made such a positive start to Year 5. I can't wait for the year ahead! Please find below some photos of our learning today. We became entomologists (see if your child can tell you what that is!) and discovered lots of different beetles in our outdoor learning area. This afternoon we made our own mythical beetles. Megan shared a poem she wrote at home about being in Kangaroo class. It made Mrs Heighton and Miss Reed smile lots! We also had fun this morning playing some team building games outside. Oh, and Bookman also visited us today! It was very busy! All in all, a great day! Have a great weekend, Kangaroos! Miss Reed

A very warm welcome to Kangaroos class page!


I am so excited to welcome the children back to school and start our learning journey together in Year 5.


Below is some useful information that Kangaroos may wish to read through before the start of term with a parent/carer.


*Please send your child to school with a strong carrier bag to take their books home from Year 4 on Thursday 3rd September*


Autumn 1 learning


We have lots of exciting learning coming up this half term. Here’s a little insight in to what we will be learning about…


The first week and 2 days of term: We will be getting to know each other, discussing our lockdown experiences and recapping some topics from Year 4.


Maths: We will start by learning about numbers to 1,000,000. Don’t worry though, we will get our maths brains warmed up before we start by going over learning from lower down the school.


English: We will be writing non-chronological reports about mythical beetles (inspired by the most wonderful book: Beetle Boy by M. G. Leonard). Following this, we will be writing a set of instructions on how to care for a beetle.


Science: We will be learning about Earth and Space.


History: We’ll be going back in History and learning about the Tudors. In particular, we will be thinking about who the most powerful Tudor monarch was and why there was so much religious tension during the Tudor reign. 


RE: The focus question that we’ll be studying is ‘What does it mean if God is holy and loving?’


Art: We will be focusing on formal elements of Art to begin with – Architecture.


Design and technology: Our focus will be ‘Structures’ and you will be working throughout the Autumn term to create something amazing! All will be revealed in class! J


Music: Woaaaah! Livin’ on a prayer! We’ll be rockin’ as our focus is Rock music! We’ll also be learning to play the glockenspiel.


French: We will continue your French learning from Year 4 and be learning to ask questions, learning masculine and feminine animal nouns and learning colour adjectives in masculine and feminine forms.


PE: Our PE day is Friday. We’ll be learning a Tudor Dance! We will not be swimming initially until further guidance has been received. 

All children should come to school wearing their PE kit on a Friday. This should consist of plain blue or black tracksuit bottoms or shorts, a plain white T-shirt, their green school jumper or cardigan and suitable sports footwear. This is a risk reducing measure. Please note our first PE lesson will be on Friday 18th September 2020.


C4L: We’ll be learning about what makes up a person’s identity.



Useful information


Support in class

Mrs. Heighton (HLTA) is working with children across Year 5. She will be primarily based in Kangaroos with Miss Reed.


Reading at home & school

Now the children are in UKS2, they will no longer have a reading record. We still expect the children to be reading every single day and the expectation is that during a half term, each child reads at least 5 books so please do encourage this at home. At school, children will write in our class ‘Book Tracker’ each time they read a whole book and state whether they enjoyed the book or not. It will be monitored by the Year 5 team regularly to ensure children are reading regularly at home. If your child reads 5 books in a half term they will get a special certificate in assembly. If they read more than 5 books in a half term, they will be awarded a ‘Superstar Raffle Ticket’ which will be entered into a drawer where they have the opportunity to win some special reading goodies!


To help keep us all as safe as possible and to adhere to current government guidelines, we ask that you kindly comply with the following:


  • Mondays will be our ‘Check and Change’ day for all reading books. Children will now only be allowed to change their reading books on a Monday. This is so that we can keep track of any books that have been returned to school and need to be quarantined before they can go back on our shelves. If your child has finished reading their book before a Monday, please read the book again at home as this will support your child’s reading fluency and understanding of the text.


  • Your child will have two separate reading books – one to keep at home and one to keep at school. A colour book-banded book, that is appropriate for their reading level, will go home with your child to read on a Monday. In class, children will have either a colour-banded book or a book from the class book corner, to read both individually and with staff in school.



What should my child be bringing to school?

Children should only bring to school the following items:

  • A named lunch box that can be hung on a peg (lunch boxes in a plastic bag if it doesn’t have a handle)
  • A named water bottle.
  • A named coat.
  • A named book bag/ rucksack.
  • No other equipment is needed.



Homework will be set weekly on Times Tables Rockstars and Spelling Shed. Please ensure your child is completing their homework.


Start & end of the school day

Year 5 start the school day at 9.05am and finish at 3.25pm.


Distance learning journals

Please send your child’s distance learning journals back into school. We look forward to seeing what work the children are proud of and celebrating this with them and the rest of the class.


For any further information, please feel free to speak to me on the Key Stage 2 playground before the school day begins or at the end of the school day.


Miss Reed


P.S. Please keep checking our class page for updates and snapshots of our learning journey throughout the year!