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Kangaroos - Year 5

Summer Term Distance Learning for Kangaroos (Year 5)


Please scroll below to access your Summer 2 distance learning resources to complete in your Distance Learning Journal.


As during the Spring term and Summer 1, I will be uploading daily challenges for you to complete Monday-Friday, alongside practising your times tables on Times Table Rockstars, spellings on Spelling Shed and lots of reading. Remember to look in your distance learning booklet for extra tasks and activities to do. 


To ensure the Summer 2 daily challenges are clear and easy to find, I have moved the Spring term and Summer 1 challenges and pictures further down the page, but please continue to access them if you missed any days that you would like to catch up on.


If you are a parent or carer of a child in Kangaroos and have any questions about your child's distance learning, please email the class email address:


I am always happy to help.


Take care and stay safe!


Miss Reed

Summer Term: Daily Challenges

Week 8 of Summer 2


Hi Kangaroos! 


Here we are... the final few days of Year 5. What a year we have had! It was great to see lots of your smiley faces in our zoom transition meetings last week.


There are two days left until the end of term. Below are your final tasks to complete. There are also some resources for over the summer holidays too. Don't forget to take part in Bookman's summer reading challenge! There is also a painted pebble activity for our special memory path.


I have uploaded a very special Collective Worship service for you all from St Matthew's Church. Take a look below!


Although our time has been cut short this year, I am so proud of all the hard work you have done - both in school and at home. I have loved the learning journey we have been on together. Not only this year, but in Year 3 together too! They say, as a teacher, your first class always has a special place in your heart - and you all definitely have a special place in mine- even more so as I was lucky enough to teach you in Year 3 as well. My favourite things this year have been teaching you about Space, our trips to Peterborough Cathedral and the National Civil War Centre and reading the Inventions of Hugo Cabret with you all - we really loved that book!


 I can't wait to see what else you go on to achieve in Year 6 and beyond. Continue to be the superstars that you are! laugh


Have a fantastic summer and stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all on the playground in September for a big catch up!


Miss Reed xx

Eye Primary School End of Year Church Service July 2020

A special end of year Church Service for Eye Primary School children, staff and parents at St. Matthew's Church. God bless you all and have a lovely summer!

Summer Holiday Pebble Challenge

National Trust 50 things to do! How many can you complete over the summer?

Wellbeing activity book of ideas

Bookman's Summer Holiday Reading Challenge! Ensure you take part Kangaroos! Please print off the challenge and fill in to return to school in September.

*OPTIONAL WEEK 7 ACTIVITY* - Virtual Sports Day! Once completed, send in your child's score card via the class e-mail and the children with the top 3 amount of points will be awarded a gold, silver, bronze certificate via email.

Distance Learning Booklet issued 19.03.20 by Miss Reed

Music learning

24th June 2020


The children in the Year 5 key worker bubble completed today's music task together! Obviously it had to be football themed as lots of us are football crazy! We hope you like it smiley


To the tune of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles


Tastes like crowds cheering at Weston Holmes,

And it sounds just like Posh,

I want more goals and that winning feeling,

It’s so wonderful and fun.


Chanting in, chanting out,

I don’t know if I could ever go without,

I’m just cheering out loud,

I don’t know if I could ever go without,


C’mon ‘boro high

C’mon ‘boro high

C’mon ‘boro high

C’mon ‘boro high

C’mon Peterborough!

22/6/20 - Monday's marvellous learning!

Amelia made another cake.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.

18/6/20 & 19/6/20 - Some photos from the past few days :-) It was lovely to speak to so many of you on the phone on Thursday. Keep up the great work at home and keep smiling. Miss you all lots.

Amelia's cake. Yummy!
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.

17/6/20 - Wonderful Wednesday's learning!

Amelia's science work - timeline.
Lily's graph for Science.
Lily's graph for Science.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
George painted his garage wall.
George busy painting.
George's fabulous wall!

15/6/20 - Some photos from the weekend and Monday's learning photos!

Amelia saw her nanny and grandads cat.
Amelia walking her dog!
Amelia's roman numerals work.
Lily's timeline from birth to ten.
Amie's timeline for her science work.

12/6/20 - Friday's fantastic learning!

Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.

10/6/20 & 11/6/20 - Wednesday and Thursday's home learning.

Laura's information text.
Fiona's art.
Lily seeing where the railway used to be.
Lily seeing where the railway used to be.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.

9/6/20 - Tuesday's terrific learning!

Fiona's art.
Fiona's information text.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.

5/6/20 - Fabulous Friday! Well done for producing some amazing information texts this week, Kangaroos! I've been really impressed with your writing :-)

Amelia's printing.
Amelia's nature art work.
Amie's information text.
Isabella's information text.
Lily's made up creature.
Lily's information text.
Kameron's art.
Fiona's print.
Fiona with her print.
Archie's print design.
Archie's print on polystyrene.
Archie's amazing print!
Amelia's made up creature.
Amelia's information text.
Archie playing PE snakes and ladders.

4/6/20 - Tremendous Thursday!

Archie's printing.
Archie's printing.

3/6/20 - Wonderful Wednesday!

Louisa on spelling shed.
Louisa with her birthday pancakes.
Louisa and her cat.
Louisa doing art printing.
Louisa's printing.
Lily printing.
Lily printing.
Lily's printing.

2/6/20 - Terrific Tuesday!

Louisa doing her printing for Art.
Lily printing with nature.
Lily finding some leaves for her art work.
Isabella playing spelling shed in her pool.
Isabella's nature printing.
Amie achieved her bronze brownie award.
Amie's brownie work for her gardening badge.
Amie created a golf course.
Amie completed her painting brownie badge.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Key worker children - printing with nature.
Archie's art work.
Archie's art work.

1/6/20 - Monday's marvellous learning! Well done for a great start to this half term, Kangaroos!

Amelia enjoyed half term.
Amelia enjoyed swinging from trees!
Amelia in her swimming pool.
Fiona with a birdie friend!
Fiona building!
Louisa's art work.
Louisa's art work.
Archie's art work.
Archie's art work.

Additional Distance Learning Activities

The Spinney


I wonder whether you can draw some pictures or write a note for the residents at The Spinney?  The residents love receiving things from you.


Please send your drawings/notes to:
84, Peterborough Road Eye Peterborough PE6 7YB
or email



Week 4 of Summer 1 - Daily Challenges

Week 3 of Summer 1 - Daily Challenges

Week 1 of Summer 1 - Daily Challenges

22/5/20 - Some photos from the past few days! I hope you enjoy your week off Kangaroos :)

19/5/20 & 20/5/20 - Kangaroos fantastic distance learning :-)

Fiona's RE work.
Laura baked chocolate cake.
Laura's poster.
Laura's poster.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's maths work.
Kameron's work.

18/5/20 - Monday's marvellous distance learning!

Archie's geography work.
Archie's English story plan.
Archie's English work
Archie's plan in English.
Archie's draft.
Archie's writing.
Archie's English work.
Archie's published story #1.
Archie's published story #2.
Lily's art work.
Kameron's fast 5.
Kameron's English work.
Kameron's English work.
Kameron's English work.
Kameron's RE work.
Kameron's RE work.
Kameron's RE work.
Laura's been painting the fence!
Look how messy Laura got painting the fence!

16/5/20 - Hi Kangaroos. I've just finished reading this book! It was one that we studied in our reading sessions a while back (but we only read the first chapter). Reading the first chapter with you all inspired me to read the rest of the book. I'm glad I did as I really enjoyed it. What are you all reading at the moment? I'd love to know! I'm in school next week so I'm going to choose a few more books to take home, read and enjoy.

15/5/20 - Friday's fabulous learning.

George G's artwork.
George G's geography work.
George G's history work.
George G's history work.
George G's poster.
Kameron's fast 6.
Kameron's English work.
Kameron's English work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's science work.
Kameron's maths work.
Kameron's maths work.
Kameron's maths and English work.
Fiona's art research.
Laura's been making dumplings.
600 of them in fact!
Cooking the dumplings.
Lots of concentration.
Laura's cooking for the homeless.
Laura's story.
Amelia's art work #1.
Amelia's art work #2.

14/5/20 - I have received lots of fantastic photos over the past few days. Keep up the great work, Kangaroos! I'm missing you lots!

Fiona has been baking.
Fiona and her family.
Fiona's family on their bouncy castle.
Fiona just chilling!
Fiona's been making bunting.
More bunting making.
Fiona's learnt to use an iron.
Look at that beautiful bunting!
I think Fiona's going to be cooking LOTS...
Fiona's homemade jewellery.
Fiona wearing her home-made jewellery.
Fiona's text map - part 1.
Fiona's text map - part 2.
Fiona's lego.
Isabella's excellent work.
Isabella's history work.
Callum enjoying the sunshine.
Callum enjoying a game.
Callum doing some work.

13/5/20 - Wednesday's wonderful distance learning :-)

Louisa investigating the water cycle.
Louisa's great fractions work.
Kameron's maths.
Kameron's maths.
Kameron's history work.
Kameron's history work.
Savannah making a space ship.
Savannah at the woods.
Savannah has been baking.
Savannah enjoying a walk!
Savannah prepping for VE day.

12/5/20 - Some lovely learning from Kangaroos today!

Lily's text map - part 1.
Lily's text map - part 2.
Kameron doing sit-ups in PE snakes & ladders.
Kameron's work.
Kameron's text map - part 1.
Kameron's text map - part 2.
Kameron's text map - part 3.

11/5/20 - Kangaroos have been busy the past few days - writing stories and celebrating VE Day at the weekend! :-)

Oliver's fantastic story.
Isabella enjoying her family bbq.
Isabella biked to the fairy garden in Werrington.
Some notes Isabella left at the fairy garden.
Amelia celebrating VE day.
Amelia's Grandad holding the Royal Engineers Flag.
Lily's story part 1.
Lily's story part 2.
Lily's story part 3.
Kameron's draft write.
Kameron's draft write
Kameron's work.
Kameron's maths.
Kameron's English Fast 6.
Louisa's fantastic story.

11/5/20 - Isabella's amazing story called 'The Lost Phone.'

11/5/20 - George C's fantastic story! Why not take a read?! I promise you'll enjoy it!

11/5/20 - Fiona has been busy writing a story as part of her English work. I thought you'd like to read it at home as it is so brilliant!

6/5/20 - Wonderful Wednesday's distance learning photos :-)

Amelia on TTRS.
Archie making risotto.
Archie made VE day bunting.
Archie with his creation.
Archie painting the fence.
Beautiful bunting by Archie.
Cookies by Archie - yum!
Archie's handwriting.
Archie's sports poem.
Archie testing batteries.
Kameron's fast 5 for maths.
Kameron's maths.
Kam's maths.
Kameron's fast 5 for English.
Kameron's plan.
Kameron's plan.

5/5/20 - Tuesday's top-notch learning!

Fiona practising on the piano.
Amie's initial ideas for her English story.
Kameron's English work.
Kameron's maths.
Kameron's maths work.
Kameron's English.
Kameron's initial ideas for his story.

4/5/20 - Hi Kangaroos! Another week of home learning has begun :) I'm missing you all so much. It was lovely to speak to some of you on the phone last week. I enjoyed checking in with your parents - it sounds like you're all doing a fabulous job at home! I've been reading lots during lockdown - all books from our class book corner! I've put a picture below of what I've been reading. Some are texts I hope I'll get to share with you as a class this year. I enjoyed all of them! What are you reading at the moment? I'd love to hear! Equally, if you can recommend me a book that you've read from our book corner, please do and then I'll be sure to take it home with me the next time I'm in school. Keep learning lots at home and stay safe. Speak soon. Miss Reed x

4/5/20 - Mighty Monday's distance learning!

Amie's handwriting.
Oliver's cakes.
Yummy cakes by Oliver.

1/5/20 - It's Friday! I've had lots of lovely photos sent to me this week so thank you. They really make me smile. Today we have some extra special photos. Jayden's dog, Brooke, gave birth to 9 puppies yesterday and they are beautiful!

Part of Louisa's time capsule.
Jayden's dog with her puppies.
Jayden with a newborn pup!
Kameron's maths.
Kameron's maths.
Kameron's science work.
Kameron's English work.
Some more of Kam's work!
Kameron's English work.

30/4/20 - Thursday's distance learning photos :-)

Louisa made Egyptian bread - yummy!
Louisa making Egyptian bread.
Lily's work.
Oliver loving times table rockstars!
Amie's maths.
Amie's science.
Kameron and his new furry friend!

29/4/20 - It's wonderful Wednesday again! Check out what some of Kangaroos have been up to today :-)

Kameron's maths.
Kameron's maths.
Kameron's maths.
Kameron's English.
Kameron's English.

28/4/20 - Kangaroos fantastic distance learning!

Fiona's space picture on paint.
Jayden's handwriting.
Lily's handwriting.
Louisa's handwriting.
Oliver's beautiful handwriting.
Kameron's maths.
Some more maths from Kameron.
More maths from Kameron.
Kameron's story s for 'The Game;.
Kameron's music work.

27/4/20 - Monday's distance learning pictures :-)

Fiona's handwriting.
Louisa's science work.
Louisa's science work.
Isabella's handwriting

27/4/20 - Hi Kangaroos!


Welcome to another week of distance learning. I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready to work just as hard as you did last week, this week. This week I am at school to look after the key worker children, so I won't be as quick at getting back to you on emails as I normally am when I am working from home. Please bare with me, I will aim to reply to you as soon as I can.


Have a great week.


Miss Reed :)

24/4/20 - Friday's fabulous distance learning!

Fiona's RE work.
Fiona's persuasive letter.
Louisa's RE work.
Louisa's persuasive speech.
Amelia working hard!
Part of Louisa's time capsule.
Amelia's geography work.

23/4/20 - Thursday's tremendous learning!

Fiona's research on the British Empire.
Amie's mountain work.
Amie's mountain work.
Louisa practising her Year 5/6 spellings.
Sam cooking.
Sam doing some painting.
Sam in his tent!
Sam on a dog walk with his mum.
Sam digging.
Sam having fun in the sun.
Sam cleaning his bike for his daily bike ride.
Sam making banana smoothies.
Maths work by Amie.
Fiona's trampoline poem.
Fiona peeling potatoes for her fish pie.
Making something delicious!
Fiona making fish pie.
Archie's geography work on mountains.
Archie had some hedgehogs visit his garden!
Archie wanted to show you all the hedgehog.
Louisa doing her mountains work.

22/4/20 - Wonderful Wednesday's learning!

Oliver's amazing sports poem.
George C's football poem.
Lily's swimming poem.
Amelia's sports day poem.
Louisa's dance poem.
Isabella's Joe Wick's poem.
Kameron's poem.
English work by Kameron.
Science work by Kameron.
Science work by Kameron.
Swimming poem by Amie.
Archie's sport poem.

21/4/20 - Tuesday's terrific learning!

Louisa's French greetings work.
Fantastic learning from Kameron.
Great maths from Kameron.
More great maths from Kameron.

20/4/20 - Distance learning pictures from today :-)

Isabella emailing Bookman.
Isabella's research on the British Empire.
Archie with the book he read over the holidays.

20/4/20 - Hello Kangaroos! I hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed the sunshine. I certainly did. I managed to read two books over the Easter break - Bookman will be pleased with me!! This week marks the start of our distance learning for the summer term. Remember, I am always here to support you with your learning - even when you are at home! You can email the class email address if you need any support at all - you know I am always happy to help. I'm missing you all dearly and look forward to the time when we can return to school when it is safe to do so. For now, we can enjoy our distance learning together. So, keep sending me photos of your learning, check the class page every day and complete the tasks set for you and keep reading! Well done for winning the TTRS battle over the holidays too. There is a new battle starting today. I wonder if we can win 3 times in a row?! Happy learning. Miss Reed :)


Spring Term Distance Learning for Kangaroos (Year 5)

2/4/20 - 19/4/20 - Some pictures of what Kangaroos have been up to over the Easter holidays :-)

Louisa researched The Industrial Revolution.
Lily made a volcano!
Here it us erupting!
Archie peeling veg for his dinner!
Archie making stuffing balls.
An Easter card by Archie.
Archie helping his dad put up a trampoline.
Peeling vegetables.
Instructions for Cheaters Monopoly by Archie.
Maths work by Archie.
Rice crispie cakes made by Ieva.
An Easter card and some painted eggs by Ieva.
Oliver made a thank you card for NHS workers.
Oliver playing on his scooter.
Oliver playing jenga.
Oliver doing toilet roll keepie ups!

Are you unsure what to do over the Easter holidays? Why not try completing some activities from the Easter Activities Bingo? :-)

1/4/20 - VICTORY FOR KANGAROOS! Well done Kangas, you won the recent battle against Meerkats on Times Tables Rockstars. A new battle has been set over the Easter holidays. I wonder which class will win the next battle?

EXCITING NEWS! Bookman now has his own page on the school website! Check in regularly to ensure you are up to date with his latest videos, challenges and pictures!

1/4/20 - It's the last day of distance learning before the Easter break... here's what some Kangaroos have been up to today :-)

Oliver made an Easter card with his sister.
Louisa making a lava lamp.
Louisa making her volcano erupt.
Louisa made cookies for her family.
Archie's science work.
Some RE work from Archie.
A story by Archie.
A diary entry by Archie.

31/3/20 - Here are some photos I have been sent today of Kangaroos working hard at home :-). Keep up the great work!

Jayden completed a science experiment.
Amie's work.
Amie working towards a Brownie badge.
Amie studying.
Daniel's excellent pop-up Easter card.
A close up! Isn't it amazing?!
Kameron's excellent maths work.
Look at all those ticks!
Isla's creations for the Spinney nursing home.
Getting creative!
Isabella made carrot cake for her dad! Yum!

30/3/20 - Miss Reed and Miss Acris have set Kangaroos and Meerkats a battle on Times Table Rockstars! It begins at 7am on Monday 30th March (today) and finishes at 3.20pm on Wednesday 1st April. May the best class win!

30/3/20 - Good morning Kangaroos. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I've been enjoying some baking and doing some spring cleaning! I've been sent some great pictures of your learning from last week over the weekend. I've posted them below so you can see. Keep working hard with your learning over the next few days before a well-earned Easter break.

Oliver made chilli con carne for his family.
Yummy chilli con carne - well done Oliver!
Ieva made a delicious Lithuanian desert.
Archie's been writing a diary entry.
Archie's maths work.
Some history work from Archie.
Some more maths work from Archie.
Kameron's maths work.
Kameron's maths and DT work.
Callum made tuna pasta & a cup of tea for his mum.
Ieva made a salad with help from her puppy!
Amelia working hard!
Amelia concentrating :-)
Callum has been working on his handwriting!
Kameron wrote a book review.
Isabella made her friend an Easter card.
Louisa on Spelling Shed.
Louisa working hard.
Louisa making soup.
A beautiful Easter card by Louisa.

27/3/20 - Some great home learning from Isabella! Isabella has been enjoying completing the Joe Wicks workout each morning before doing some home learning.

26/3/20 - Isla has been busy at home on Spelling Shed, building dens and reading!

On Spelling Shed!
Making a den!
I wonder how many people can fit in there...?
Chilling out with a good book!
Having fun in the sun :-)

26/3/20 - Kameron's been working super duper hard over the past few days! Well done!

26/3/20 - New challenges have been set on Spelling Shed! Please log on and have a play!

26/3/20 - Look at these Keen Kangaroos! Lots of fantastic learning is happening at home. Well done :-)

Oliver has been enjoying reading at home.
Louisa has been busy baking!
Ieva's beautifully presented RE work.
Some great RE work from Louisa.

25/3/20 - Excellent RE learning from Lily. :-)

24/3/20 - Hi Kangaroos! Hope you are all well! I'm missing you all! I've been sent lots of photos of you all this week. I'm so impressed with all the hard work you have been doing at home. Louisa, your research on Queen Victoria looks fantastic. George - I'm so glad you are helping out around the house! Isabella - I'm so impressed with your fractions work! Please keep sending me pictures of your learning. I love to see them. Perhaps your learning could be put up on my next post? Keep up the GREAT work Kangaroos! I'm very proud of you all.

18.3.20 - Bookman's Easter Reading Challenge has arrived early! Whilst you are relaxing over the Easter holidays, why not complete Bookman's latest reading challenge? Download, print and complete it and hand it in to Miss Reed when you return to school.

17/3/20 - Drawing angles and using protractors to measure them.

10/3/20 - Sewing in Art. We made a great start on our reading cushions!

4/3/20 - Year 5 table tennis tournament at AMVC - we had such a great time!

3/3/20 - Trying scones in DT and thinking about what our fellow Eye Primary pupils would like with their scones when we make them... Jam and clotted cream won of course!!

2/3/30 - Well done to those children who completed Bookman's February half term challenge!

28/2/20 - Well done to all those children who read 5 books or more in Spring 1. We are very proud of you.

28/2/20 - Investigating what materials are soluble or insoluble in Science

28/2/20 - During todays Geography lesson, we undertook some fieldwork by exploring Eye. During this time we walked around the village looking out for pieces of rubbish, which we stuck to pieces of cardboard, helping to clean up our community and to see the impact humans are having on the planet.


We also looked at how the council are able to help Eye community by providing a range of bins, helping to recycle the local waste.


Another important issue we explored was the transport that travelled through Eye. We looked at how many moving cars travelled through the village, compared to the amount of buses, bicycles, motorbikes and members of the community who walked through the village.


Below are some photos of Kangaroos and Meerkats exploring Eye community.

28/2/20 - Geography fieldwork

27/2/20 - Metro Bank came to teach us all about banking in C4L.

25/2/20 - Will Mabbit, author visit. featuring an appearance from Bookman!

25/2/20 - I have been blown away by the efforts with your homework over half term! Kangaroos were set a challenge of creating something out of different materials. Here are some of Kangaroos brilliant creations below!

7/2/20 - We created dragonflies out of wire! #wiresculptures

7/2/20 - Making soup in DT. Our mountain climber (Mrs Brakes) loved the soup and thought it would definitely be a nutritious meal for a mountain climb!

4/2/20 - As part of our celebrations for National Story Telling Week, we went to read some of Year 6's setting descriptions that they have just finished writing. We told them what we enjoyed and left them a little note to say well done!

4/2/20 - Us taking part in our HITT exercise as part of our sponsorship activity for the NSPCC: Speak Out, Stay Stafe.

3/2/20 - Bikeability superstars!

31/1/20 - Designing and creating wire figures in Art

31/1/20 - Artist Visit - We were very lucky to have a visit from the artist Roland Burt. We had a fantastic and exciting morning contributing to our whole school master piece.

29/1/20 - We were very lucky this afternoon as Zoe from St Matthews Church came to visit us to talk about how she, as a Christian, reconciles science with her faith. Zoe delivered a presentation to us about how she makes sense of believing in a Creator God and also science. It helped us to think about our ‘Big Question’ for this unit of work in RE – ‘Creation and Science: Conflicting or Complementary?’

20/1/20 - Well done to all the children who successfully participated in Bookman's 12 Reads of Christmas Reading Challenge! Enjoy your well deserved chocolate bars!

17/1/20 - In DT, we tried different soups and thought about which one Mrs Brakes would like best. We are creating soup for a mountain climber (Mrs Brakes - she taught us all about climbing mountains last term). After finding out her favourite soup is leek and potato, we researched on the laptops a recipe for leek and potato soup. Then we looked on supermarket websites to compare the prices of the ingredients.

10/1/20 - BOOKMAN VISITS KANGAROOS! We had a surprise visit from Bookman this afternoon. He came to see how we have been getting on with our reading. We told him about our new class book 'Wolf Brother' which we are really enjoying. He also presented certificates to those children who managed to read 5 books (or more) in Autumn 2. Well done to all the children who managed to do this! Miss Reed and Bookman are very proud of you.

10/1/20 - We had lots of fun on the Computing programme 'Scratch' today. We created animations and we made some amazing things!

10/1/20 - Wire Sculpting in Art

9/1/20 - In History, we enjoyed playing a board game to help us learn about James I. Afterwards, we discussed whether we thought he was a successful or unsuccessful King.

16/12/19 - We had a special visitor today! The new school book superhero, BOOKMAN, came to see us! He has set us a reading challenge over the Christmas holidays. Make sure you participate Kangaroos... Bookman will be checking!

10/12/19 - Check out what we are learning about in the Spring term by clicking on the file below!

8/11/19 - Singing a song to help us remember numbers up to 10 in French!

Still image for this video

8/11/19 - Exploring forces in Science. Ask us about gravity and air resistance at home!

8/11/19 - Today we learnt about what Parliament is. Parliament is where they make and change laws and debate important issues.


As part of our learning, we played a special version of the board game ‘Monopoly’ which focused on democracy. It made us think about and discuss issues in the world we live in. We know that we have the right to have an opinion about different things and for our voices to be heard and that this is what living in a democracy is all about- the right to have an opinion and for it to be heard.

6/11/19 - Interviewing Papa Georges (Mrs H) after toys were stolen from his toy shop!

31/10/19 - Well done to the Year 5 children who managed to read 5 whole books last half term. We are very proud of you and can't wait to hear about what you read next.

28/10/19 - Learning our new WAGOLL text which is a newspaper report called 'A Trip to the Moon'. We then talked the text in our co-op groups.

Curriculum Bulletin Autumn 2 


In English. we will be looking at 'The Inventions of Hugo Cabret' as our focus text and writing newspaper reports. We will then be moving on to comparing the film with the book.


In Maths, we will be looking at multiplication and division this half term. 


In Science, we will be learning about forces.


In Geography, we will be learning all about mountains.


In DT we will be making our own birdhouses in our co-op groups.


The Christmas countdown is on! 


Please see the curriculum letter for more information.


Miss Reed

7/10/19 - Harvest Festival Church Service

2/10/19 - Our new text map in English.


We were very lucky today to experience a poetry day. Neal Zetter, a children’s poet with many published books, came to visit. We learnt one of Neal’s poems called ‘Angry Shopping Trolley’ and performed it in the school’s Poetry Slam at the end of the day after lots of rehearsing. Our performance was so brilliant that we won the Poetry Slam (alongside Chimps class with their performance of Neil’s poem ‘Bubbles’). Our prize was a copy of Neal’s latest poetry book about superheroes! Scan the QR code below to watch a video of our performance!

27/9/19 - Learning about the Moon Phases in Science... with oreos!

13/9/19 - Modern Slavery


Today, we participated in a workshop all about Modern Slavery led by Helen and Joe from ‘Just Enough UK’. They helped us to think about what modern day slavery looks like through role play – all of which we joined in with.


We learnt that slavery is where one person has absolute power over another and controls their life, liberty and fortune.


We were shocked to hear that there are an estimated 40-45 million slaves in the world today. A staggering £150,000,000,000 is made through slavery every year.


Helen and Joe taught us an acronym to help us remember the 5 signs of modern day slavery:


S – Suspicious person guarding them

L – Local language is a struggle

A – Any gender, any age, any nationality

V – Valid travel documents

E – Emotional and abused


Welcome to Kangaroos!


I am feeling very lucky and extremely excited to be teaching Kangaroos this year. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago since we were in Year 3 together… I just know we are going to have another fantastic year together already! 


Autumn 1 learning


We have lots of exciting learning coming up this half term. Here’s a little insight in to what we will be learning about…


Maths: We will start by learning about numbers to 1,000,000.


English: We will be writing non-chronological reports about mythical beetles (inspired by the most wonderful book: Beetle Boy by M. G. Leonard).


Science: We will be learning about Earth and Space.


History: We’ll be going back in History and learning about the Tudors. In particular, we will be thinking about who the most powerful Tudor monarch was and why there was so much religious tension during the Tudor reign. 


RE: The focus question that we’ll be studying is ‘What does it mean if God is holy and loving?’


Art: We will be focusing on our drawing techniques – sketching in particular to begin with!


Design and technology: Our focus will be ‘Structures’ and you will be working throughout the Autumn term to create a bird house with you co-op group.


Music: Woaaaah! Livin’ on a prayer! We’ll be rockin’ as our focus is Rock music!


French: As this is a new language we will be learning, we’ll begin the term by learning how to greet one another, 5 colours and numbers 0-10 in French.


PE: We will be swimming during Autumn 1 during our PE lessons. More information about this is below.


C4L: Our focus is ‘Families and Communities’. We will learn about Human Rights and democracy within this.


Useful information


Support in class

Mrs. Selves is our teaching assistant.

Mrs. Heighton (HLTA) is working with children across both Year 5 classes.



PE is on a Friday. Please ensure bags and kits are clearly named. During Autumn 1 we will be swimming on a Friday afternoon. All children will need the following: Swimwear, swimming hat, towel. Please ensure earrings are taken out at home (if they are worn at school it is the children’s responsibility to take them out) and all long hair should be tied up to go swimming please. If your child wishes to wear goggles, please send a note in to me. Children will not be allowed to wear goggles unless they have a note from a parent.


Reading at home

Now children are in UKS2, they will no longer have a reading record. We still expect the children to be reading every single day and the expectation is that during a half term, each child reads at least 5 books so please do encourage this at home. At school, children will write in our class ‘Book Tracker’ each time they read a whole book and state whether they enjoyed the book or not. It will be monitored by the Year 5 team regularly to ensure children are reading regularly at home. If your child reads 5 books in a half term they will get a special certificate in assembly. If they read more than 5 books in a half term, they will be awarded a ‘Superstar Raffle Ticket’ which will be entered into a drawer where they have the opportunity to win some special reading goodies!


Water bottles

Please remember water bottles every day as our classroom does get very warm. Please make sure the water bottle is clearly named and is only filled with water or squash only. Thank you.



Homework will be set weekly. Please ensure your child is completing their homework.


Start & end of the school day

Children will be lining up in the morning outside Kangaroos door and will be going in to the classroom to complete their morning activity at 8.50am. They will be released from the same place at the end of the day.


Please feel free to speak to me for any further information.


Miss Reed


P.S. Please keep checking our class pages for updates and snapshots of our learning throughout the year!