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Kangaroos - Year 5

Summer Term Distance Learning for Kangaroos (Year 5)


Please scroll below to access your Summer 2 distance learning resources to complete in your Distance Learning Journal.


As during the Spring term and Summer 1, I will be uploading daily challenges for you to complete Monday-Friday, alongside practising your times tables on Times Table Rockstars, spellings on Spelling Shed and lots of reading. Remember to look in your distance learning booklet for extra tasks and activities to do. 


To ensure the Summer 2 daily challenges are clear and easy to find, I have moved the Spring term and Summer 1 challenges and pictures further down the page, but please continue to access them if you missed any days that you would like to catch up on.


If you are a parent or carer of a child in Kangaroos and have any questions about your child's distance learning, please email the class email address:


I am always happy to help.


Take care and stay safe!


Miss Reed

Summer Term: Daily Challenges

Week 8 of Summer 2


Hi Kangaroos! 


Here we are... the final few days of Year 5. What a year we have had! It was great to see lots of your smiley faces in our zoom transition meetings last week.


There are two days left until the end of term. Below are your final tasks to complete. There are also some resources for over the summer holidays too. Don't forget to take part in Bookman's summer reading challenge! There is also a painted pebble activity for our special memory path.


I have uploaded a very special Collective Worship service for you all from St Matthew's Church. Take a look below!


Although our time has been cut short this year, I am so proud of all the hard work you have done - both in school and at home. I have loved the learning journey we have been on together. Not only this year, but in Year 3 together too! They say, as a teacher, your first class always has a special place in your heart - and you all definitely have a special place in mine- even more so as I was lucky enough to teach you in Year 3 as well. My favourite things this year have been teaching you about Space, our trips to Peterborough Cathedral and the National Civil War Centre and reading the Inventions of Hugo Cabret with you all - we really loved that book!


 I can't wait to see what else you go on to achieve in Year 6 and beyond. Continue to be the superstars that you are! laugh


Have a fantastic summer and stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all on the playground in September for a big catch up!


Miss Reed xx

Eye Primary School End of Year Church Service July 2020

A special end of year Church Service for Eye Primary School children, staff and parents at St. Matthew's Church. God bless you all and have a lovely summer!

Summer Holiday Pebble Challenge

National Trust 50 things to do! How many can you complete over the summer?

Wellbeing activity book of ideas

Bookman's Summer Holiday Reading Challenge! Ensure you take part Kangaroos! Please print off the challenge and fill in to return to school in September.

*OPTIONAL WEEK 7 ACTIVITY* - Virtual Sports Day! Once completed, send in your child's score card via the class e-mail and the children with the top 3 amount of points will be awarded a gold, silver, bronze certificate via email.

Distance Learning Booklet issued 19.03.20 by Miss Reed

Music learning

24th June 2020


The children in the Year 5 key worker bubble completed today's music task together! Obviously it had to be football themed as lots of us are football crazy! We hope you like it smiley


To the tune of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles


Tastes like crowds cheering at Weston Holmes,

And it sounds just like Posh,

I want more goals and that winning feeling,

It’s so wonderful and fun.


Chanting in, chanting out,

I don’t know if I could ever go without,

I’m just cheering out loud,

I don’t know if I could ever go without,


C’mon ‘boro high

C’mon ‘boro high

C’mon ‘boro high

C’mon ‘boro high

C’mon Peterborough!

22/6/20 - Monday's marvellous learning!

18/6/20 & 19/6/20 - Some photos from the past few days :-) It was lovely to speak to so many of you on the phone on Thursday. Keep up the great work at home and keep smiling. Miss you all lots.

17/6/20 - Wonderful Wednesday's learning!

15/6/20 - Some photos from the weekend and Monday's learning photos!

12/6/20 - Friday's fantastic learning!

10/6/20 & 11/6/20 - Wednesday and Thursday's home learning.

9/6/20 - Tuesday's terrific learning!

5/6/20 - Fabulous Friday! Well done for producing some amazing information texts this week, Kangaroos! I've been really impressed with your writing :-)

4/6/20 - Tremendous Thursday!

3/6/20 - Wonderful Wednesday!

2/6/20 - Terrific Tuesday!

1/6/20 - Monday's marvellous learning! Well done for a great start to this half term, Kangaroos!


Additional Distance Learning Activities

The Spinney


I wonder whether you can draw some pictures or write a note for the residents at The Spinney?  The residents love receiving things from you.


Please send your drawings/notes to:
84, Peterborough Road Eye Peterborough PE6 7YB
or email



Week 4 of Summer 1 - Daily Challenges

Week 3 of Summer 1 - Daily Challenges

Week 1 of Summer 1 - Daily Challenges

22/5/20 - Some photos from the past few days! I hope you enjoy your week off Kangaroos :)

19/5/20 & 20/5/20 - Kangaroos fantastic distance learning :-)

18/5/20 - Monday's marvellous distance learning!

16/5/20 - Hi Kangaroos. I've just finished reading this book! It was one that we studied in our reading sessions a while back (but we only read the first chapter). Reading the first chapter with you all inspired me to read the rest of the book. I'm glad I did as I really enjoyed it. What are you all reading at the moment? I'd love to know! I'm in school next week so I'm going to choose a few more books to take home, read and enjoy.

15/5/20 - Friday's fabulous learning.

14/5/20 - I have received lots of fantastic photos over the past few days. Keep up the great work, Kangaroos! I'm missing you lots!

13/5/20 - Wednesday's wonderful distance learning :-)

12/5/20 - Some lovely learning from Kangaroos today!

11/5/20 - Kangaroos have been busy the past few days - writing stories and celebrating VE Day at the weekend! :-)

11/5/20 - Isabella's amazing story called 'The Lost Phone.'

11/5/20 - George C's fantastic story! Why not take a read?! I promise you'll enjoy it!

11/5/20 - Fiona has been busy writing a story as part of her English work. I thought you'd like to read it at home as it is so brilliant!

6/5/20 - Wonderful Wednesday's distance learning photos :-)

5/5/20 - Tuesday's top-notch learning!

4/5/20 - Hi Kangaroos! Another week of home learning has begun :) I'm missing you all so much. It was lovely to speak to some of you on the phone last week. I enjoyed checking in with your parents - it sounds like you're all doing a fabulous job at home! I've been reading lots during lockdown - all books from our class book corner! I've put a picture below of what I've been reading. Some are texts I hope I'll get to share with you as a class this year. I enjoyed all of them! What are you reading at the moment? I'd love to hear! Equally, if you can recommend me a book that you've read from our book corner, please do and then I'll be sure to take it home with me the next time I'm in school. Keep learning lots at home and stay safe. Speak soon. Miss Reed x

4/5/20 - Mighty Monday's distance learning!

1/5/20 - It's Friday! I've had lots of lovely photos sent to me this week so thank you. They really make me smile. Today we have some extra special photos. Jayden's dog, Brooke, gave birth to 9 puppies yesterday and they are beautiful!

30/4/20 - Thursday's distance learning photos :-)

29/4/20 - It's wonderful Wednesday again! Check out what some of Kangaroos have been up to today :-)