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Jaguars - Year 6

The Ambers are excited about raft building!

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Oobleck aka Non-Newtonian Liquid 22/06/2017

Jaguars have been learning about budgeting today. They created their own theme parks by adhering to a spending limit of £500,000. Once they'd set up their park, they had to work out running costs and profits for a month.

22.05.17- The Lions and Jaguars merged to take part in observational drawing and scratch art.

17/05/2017 Jaguars have been researching the legend of Robin Hood as part of their topic this morning.

A well-deserved pyjamas and film afternoon to end a busy week. The children have worked incredibly hard this week and should be very proud of themselves... I know I am.

After SATs hot chocolate!

Legends and Heroes - Our exciting next topic!

Hunting for insects in the outdoor environment! 31/03/17🌱🌿

Mathletics and (14/03/2017)

I am now setting regular activities for the children to complete in their own time. As well as homework every Wednesday, the children can access activities based on what we have been looking at during the week. This week, I have set Mathletics work regarding addition and subtraction, the place value of numbers and measurements. If the children require their passwords and usernames, please ask! 


Year 6 were immersed into their writing with an exciting evacuation and introduction into a quarantine situation! (20/3/17)

Aimee performing her poem (2/3/2017).

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Naj performing his poem (2/3/2017).

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Leo performing his poem (2/3/2017).

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Making 3D shapes.

Year 6 had a super afternoon at the Jobs Fair! They were inspired by the different companies who attended and it has definitely got them thinking about future career choices! 😊

The Jaguars experienced the interview process today and showed excellent professionalism. Daniel was hired as the new CEO of Eye Chocolate Factory and Grace was voted the best interviewer!

You have all worked incredibly hard this term and should be very proud of what you've achieved. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and find time to rest in preparation for the Spring Term! 


Merry Christmas! smiley


Spring is fast approaching!

WW2 Anderson Shelters and Gardens!

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Useful Information

PE is on a Wednesday, so please ensure kit is in school. Swimmers this term have been notified to bring their kit in. 


'Why did the world go to war... Twice?'

This term we are learning about World War 2 and how the events that occurred from 1939-1945 changed the world we live in. Our focus for this Half Term is DT and the children will be creating Anderson Shelters using recyclable materials. They will: test the strength of materials;  design their own Anderson Shelters in pairs; construct their models and finally test the strength of their shelters by dropping 'bombs' on them. 


In English, we are using The Diary of Anne Frank to inspire our writing. We will learn all about Anne Frank, her life and involvement in WW2. The end result of our writing will be a biography.  In Maths, we are continuing Maths No Problem and will move on to multiples, factors, prime numbers and then fractions. 


This Half Term, we will also be involved in Anti-Bullying Week and will be fundraising for the NSPCC.


We have a very exciting Half Term ahead in the lead up to Christmas and I'm excited to get started.


Miss Lemin

Anderson Bomb Shelter Building Stage

Advent Jesse Tree

Aimee has become an equivalent fractions expert today and has been helping the peers in her class!

Fundraising - 100 Starjumps!

Big Cats in the Reading Jungle!

Evergreen Treat!

Tigers visited Jaguars today and peer assessed their alternative endings to The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas! They had lots of positive comments about their work! 🙂

We have been using the Thinking Hats today to help us to empathise with children who were evacuated during WW2!

Writing letters of gratitude to a Holocaust survivor - Jaguars have taken great care this week to publish a letter to be sent to Mr Winston who we met during our trip on Tuesday.

Maths in a Minute! The children 'speed dated' today in order to share their understanding of BODMAS (ready to reflect in their Maths journals). Talking about their learning has helped them to produce wonderful reflections!

Year 6 experienced a trip to the Holocaust Centre this week where they learnt about what life was like before and during WW2. They went through the 'journey' in which they followed the life of Leo Stein, a young German Jewish boy, who kept a diary about what his experience was like. Year 6 did themselves and their school proud and our guide commented on the 'thought-provoking' questions they asked and the 'deep understanding' they had about the Holocaust. 


As part of the trip, we met a survivor of the Holocaust who told his story about what times were like in 1938 and beyond. As a thank you, in our English lessons for the rest of the week, we are going to write letters to Simon to express our gratitude to him for taking the time to talk to us as he gave a real insight into his life. 


Photos were prohibited in the Centre, but a few photos were taken in the Memorial Garden where the children had a chance to reflect on what they had learnt throughout the day.


Holocaust Centre Trip

Jaguars' are loving our new topic and have enjoyed reading 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' in English.

Collaborative Maths!