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Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening at Eye


At Eye CE Primary School we believe that children should have the skills to be able to articulate their thoughts, ideas, views and opinions effectively as well as being able to actively listen to others. We see it essential that children acquire the necessary skills to be able to speak coherently and politely in their everyday experiences to communicate their thoughts effectively. We believe that these skills also underpin the development of reading and writing in terms of broadening their vocabulary and grammar and demonstrating a sound understanding for reading and writing.


Children are given regular opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills across the curriculum at Eye. This could be through rehearsing and performing a text, role play activities or 'hot-seating' activities, just to name a few examples.


All children participate in whole school enrichment experiences once a term to develop their speaking and listening skills further. Details of these experiences are outlined on the progression document below.

Below you can see our school progression document in Speaking and Listening