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Giraffes - Year 1

I have had lots of pictures today of different activities you have been doing.  I have seen some yummy food being made and I will be trying out your instructions later in the week.  I might even put up a picture of how I get on.  Try out the instructions from your friends and let me know how you get on.  Esme has had a very unusual visitor, I wonder if anyone can spot who came to tea at Esme's house?  Max, Mason and Oliver made me feel very hungry with the food they have been making.  I did the Joe Wicks PE lesson this morning and my legs are still aching now.  Has anybody read every single day since school closed?  If you have, let me know and I will let Bookman know how you are getting on, he is very keen to find out.

Awesome Activities!!

Awesome Activities!! 1
Awesome Activities!! 2
Awesome Activities!! 3
Awesome Activities!! 4
Awesome Activities!! 5
Awesome Activities!! 6
Awesome Activities!! 7
Awesome Activities!! 8
Awesome Activities!! 9
Awesome Activities!! 10

Making Lunch

Monday 30th March


Good morning Giraffes,


There are 3 more days of home learning and then it is the Easter holidays.  I will give some suggestions of activities you can do over the Easter break later in the week and you can still send me pictures of what you are doing.  I have set myself the challenge to do Joe Wicks PE lesson every day so I hope you will join me doing that.  I look forward to seeing your efforts from today later.  School cannot print the Eye Spy magazine this half term but there is a link to it below if you want to read it.



Distance Learning - Monday 30th March

Good afternoon Giraffes,


Well you have finished your first week of home learning and I am incredibly proud of how hard you have worked.  I have had lots of lovely pictures of what you have been doing and it is great to see you have kept yourselves busy and active.  I have two more pictures to post before I say goodbye for the weekend. Isla met a friendly horse on a walk, we are so lucky it has been such sunny weather this week and you have been able to get outside for fresh air.  Also Lydia has written a thoughtful poem about the amazing work the NHS staff are doing for us all.  I am sure we all share in Lydia's thoughts for these dedicated members of our community.  Have a great weekend, stay safe and I look forward to seeing what you do next week.

A Poem for the NHS

A Poem for the NHS 1
Picture 1

Maths Answers - Friday 27th March


The giraffes had 11 spots altogether.


4 stars were left in space.


The penguins ate 9 fish in total.


Jim has 12 sweets.


Liz had 6 slices of pizza left.


Tom has 17 cars.


8 rabbits were left in the field.


Jack had 13 magic beans left.


Ben cycled 5 miles less than Bob.



Friday 27th March


Good morning Giraffes!


I have had lots of photos sent to me of what you are doing at home and I have posted some below. Well done Mason for getting outdoors in the fresh air.  Noah has done a brilliant job exercising along to Joe Wicks - it is hard work, I did it too and I was exhausted! Max has made a fabulous Lego construction.  I have also put pictures up of your fabulous playground designs that you did before school finished.  Can you spot yours??

Distance Learning - Friday 27th March

Busy Home Learners

DT - Playground Designs

DT - Playground Designs 1
DT - Playground Designs 2
DT - Playground Designs 3
DT - Playground Designs 4

Maths Answers - Thursday 26th March



3 + 8 = 11

16 + 4 = 20

13 – 7 = 6

9 + 0 = 9

19 – 7 = 12

11 – 8 = 3

5 + 7 = 12

13 – 0 = 13

12 + 8 = 20

7 – 3 = 4

Thursday 26th March


Good morning everybody, I am really enjoying seeing what you are doing at home in your learning.  It has been beautiful weather so remember to get outside in the fresh air in the garden if you can.  Have any of you been joining in the Joe Wicks PE lesson online?  I would love to see pictures if you have or maybe you have made up a dance at home or done some other exercise at home.  It would be great to show each other what you have been up to on the class page.


I hope you enjoyed looking at the animals at Edinburgh Zoo, when I looked the panda was eating bamboo and the koala was asleep!!  I didn't see the tiger at all, it was hiding. 

Distance Learning - Thursday 26th March

Maths Answers - Wednesday 25th March



8 – 3 = 5

10 – 4 = 6

6 – 2 = 4

9 – 5 = 4

7 – 1 = 6

11 – 7 – 4

18 – 5 = 13

16 – 11 = 15

14 – 8 = 6

20 – 15 = 5

Distance Learning Wednesday 25th March

Tuesday 24th March


I have received some lovely pictures again today of your hard work while you are at home.  Well done everyone who has completed their daily tasks.  Here are the answers to the maths questions.  How did you do?


Maths Task - Answers

3 + 7 = 10

2 + 3 = 5

8 + 5 = 13

7 + 4 = 11

11 + 3 = 14

1 + 16 = 17

7 + 9 = 16

12 + 7 = 19

7 + 11 = 18

6 + 10 = 16

Distance Learning - Tuesday 24th March

Monday 23rd March


Thank you to everyone who has sent me an email address.  If you have any issues with anything please let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Well done everyone who has made a really good start on their distance learning.  I have enjoyed looking at the pictures and I am looking forward to seeing more.  


The answers to the maths vocabulary challenge are now on the page so you can check what you did.  Did you get all the words?  I will put the next day's work on the class page  the evening before so that if parents want to they can see what you will be doing.

Maths Vocabulary Answers

Well done, sentences using your phonics words!

Well done, sentences using your phonics words! 1

Some fantastic maths vocabulary!

Some fantastic maths vocabulary! 1

Distance Learning Information

Due to the enforced government school closures, we will be using our class page to set an additional daily challenge to be completed alongside the work already set in the booklet sent home. This will begin on Monday 23rd March, and will continue on weekdays until Tuesday 31st March (as per the term dates). This will then continue again on Monday 20th April if the Government continues to direct us to be closed. Please use the book and distance learning pack we have provided to record any work completed when possible. If you need to contact me during this time, please use the class email, and I will respond to you within normal working hours. I look forward to hearing about and seeing your work throughout this time via our class email, and I am already thinking of creative ways we can keep in touch with the Giraffes, so look out for video messages coming your way! I appreciate your continued support throughout this time, and we are here to help if we are able.

Thank you, Miss Sargeant x


Physical Education at home
We know over the next few weeks it will be difficult to include physical activity in your children's lives. With this in mind, we have listed below some choices that can be completed indoors. Some of the activities listed we have enjoyed in class together. 

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness on youtube
  • Just Dance videos on youtube
  • Joe Wicks, 9am PE session Live on youtube
  • Brain Breaks & Dance, TheLearningStation on youtube


Daily Task - Monday 23rd March

World Book Day - Thursday 5th March


The children all looked fantastic in their costumes and we had lots of reading throughout the day.  The children shared books with each other on the carpet in the morning.  There was also a visit from Book Man to encourage the children to keep reading.

National Storytelling Day - 4th February


The children shared the story they have written based on the book Advocado Baby with Year 3 children.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

NSPCC VISIT- Wednesday 29th January


The NSPCC came to assembly today to tell us about a fundraising event we will be doing next week.  We are going to do a HITT exercise challenge to help raise money to fund the work the NSPCC does helping children and their families.  Buddy the speech bubble came to visit us in class and to remind us to speak out to a trusted adult if their is anything we are worried about.  Our sponsor forms need to be in on Friday 7th February.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Nursing Day - Tuesday 28th January

We were very lucky today as two nurses came in to talk to us about what nursing is like today.  We have been looking at the life of Florence Nightingale in our history lessons.  The nurses showed us some of the equipment they use and told us what it is like in hospitals.  The nurses also showed us how to bandage up a person who is hurt.  We then made our own nurse's hat and looked after some patients that had come to our hospital.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Roland Burt Visit - 27th January

We were very lucky to have Roland Burt come and visit us today.  He is a local artist and he showed us how to draw pictures using letters, numbers, a comb and a peg.  We drew a lion using triangles, the teeth of a comb and the letters L and C.  

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Happy New Year

We are back for an exciting Spring Term in Year 1.  This half term the children will be swimming and will need their swimming kits on Wednesday.  Please make sure your child has a swimming hat, these are available from the office if you do not have one.  The curriculum is going to be full of interesting topics as detailed below.

Book Man

On the last day of term the children met our school superhero Book Man!  He is going to be a regular visitor to classrooms to support the children in their enjoyment of reading and books.  Book Man set a challenge to read every day over the 12 days of Christmas.  Can you meet the challenge???


Picture 1
Picture 2
The children had a very busy end to the term with lots of Christmas events and activities.  They made their own decorations to sell at the Christmas fete and did a fantastic performance in the nativity play 'A King is Born'.  The costumes looked amazing, thank you to all the parents for providing them.  We also had an RE day towards the end of term where the children explored the meaning of Christmas.

Art Day - November


The children had an art day where they practised colour mixing, then looked at the work of Mondrian and completed a picture in this style.

Colour Wheels

Colour Wheels 1
Colour Wheels 2

Visit by Toy Museum - Monday 28th October


We had a great first day back after half term when Vivacity visited with some old toys from the museum.  We looked at a doll that was 150 years old and a teddy that was 80 years old.  We also got to play with some toys from long ago.  In the afternoon we were toy makers and made a cup and ball and a pop up clown.

Toy Museum Visit

Toy Museum Visit 1
Toy Museum Visit 2
Toy Museum Visit 3
Toy Museum Visit 4
Toy Museum Visit 5
Toy Museum Visit 6
Toy Museum Visit 7
Toy Museum Visit 8

Teddy Bears'  Picnic - Thursday 10th October


To help with our instruction writing we made jam sandwiches and shared them with our bears.  The bears really enjoyed their mid-morning snack.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Harvest Church Service - Monday 7th October


Well done to all the Giraffes for their fantastic singing at the Church.  They did brilliantly.  Thank you parents for your continued support in joining us at this service.

Poet Visit - Tuesday 1st October


We were very lucky to have poet Neal Zetter with us in school today.  We listened to him perform some of his poems and then learned The Lollipop Man to perform in the Poetry Slam.  The children did really well learning the words and actions for the poem.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Welcome to Giraffes!


It is hard to believe that the Summer is over and it is time for Hedgehogs to become Giraffes. We are really excited to welcome your children into Year 1 and we hope that your children are looking forward to coming back to school, catching up with their friends and learning new things.


Our topic for this term is Toys, a theme I'm sure your children already know lots about! We will be learning about the History of toys and completing art and design activities linked to toys.

In English we will be using texts such as The Tiger Who Came To Tea to stimulate our writing. We will be consolidating our ability to read, write and understand numbers to 20 in maths, using practical resources and applying our understanding to real life situations. 

Your child will read regularly with an adult at school, sometimes individually, especially during the first couple of weeks when we will be checking your child's book level, and at other times in a group. We will write in the reading log when we have read with your child. We will check your comments in the diaries and count your child's reads weekly, usually on a Monday.  They will work towards certificates for 20, 50 and 100 reads! Your child will also have daily phonics lessons and we will closely monitor your child's progress through our phonics scheme.


We really look forward to getting to know you and your children better as the term progresses. If you have any comments, questions or concerns we are always available in the Giraffes' outdoor area from 8.45 in the morning and we can chat after school when we have said good bye to the children. Please bear with us at home time as we get to know your faces and those of friends and family who pick up your child. It might take a little while for us to check that each child is going home safely with the correct person at the start of term.

Here's hoping for a sunny September and lots of fabulous learning experiences!