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Jaguars - Year 6

Friday 5th March 2021 - Session 3: Science

Friday 5th March - Session 2: History

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 - Session 3: DT

Friday 26th February 2021: Session 3: DT

Friday 26th February 2021: Session 2: History

Friday 26th February 2021: Session 1: Maths

Thursday 25th February 2021: Session 2 - Science

Thursday 25th February 2021: Session 1 - Maths

Wednesday 24th February 2021 - Session 3: Art for World Book Day

Wednesday 24th February 2021 - Session 1: Maths

A helpful link for anyone that has missed us reading any of the chapters from Letters of the Lighthouse in storytime:

Friday 12th February 2021- C4LS Session 3

Friday 12th February 2021- History Session 2

Good morning Year 6,


Today is your off-screen day! Apart from your 1:1 chats with your teachers at some point today, please enjoy a day away from all screens (yes, that includes phones and TV's if you can!) and see how many of the activities you can complete on the Bingo card (attached below!).


Enjoy yourselves, relax and enjoy a well-deserved break from the 'typical' lessons we have completed every day this half term. You have all done exceptionally well and I am beyond proud to have been your Zoom teacher. Don't forget to log in to talk to Miss Wren or Miss Wilson and Miss Stafford... unless, of course, you are a Jaguar and you get to see me again for a 1:1 catch up! Not a lot of change for you guys there I'm afraid!


Looking forward to seeing all of your well-rested faces on Thursday!


Miss Scane

Hi Year 6,


Linked below are some videos on YouTube by a teacher named Mr Innes. He is fun and quirky and an excellent French teacher. I've linked the videos that match up to what we have covered in our classes so far this year.


For some extra bonus learning, you might want to watch some of these and revise/learn some new French phrases and words. We would love to see some videos of you speaking French uploaded to Tapestry too!  Greetings and Introductions  French colours  French flag colours  French classroom commands


Just for fun...  French Covid-19 instructions!


Prendre plaisir! (That means enjoy!)


Miss Scane

Year 6 Zoom Class- War Triolet Poem


L1- The screams of men are all I hear.
L2- I look around, all I see is ash.
L3- Trying not to shed a tear.
L4- The screams of men are all I hear.
L5- The sound of bombs piercing my ears.
L6- We see gas and leave in a dash.
L7- The screams of men are all I hear.
L8- I look around, all I see is ash.

Happy New Year, Year 6!


Welcome back to a brand new year of learning! We know that it isn't exactly how we pictured 2021 to begin; however, it is important that we all do our bit to ensure everyone is safe. 


This half term, the children who are learning from home will do so online via Zoom and you will be required to submit all of your work through Tapestry, which can be done by scanning documents through the printer or simply taking a picture of your work and submitting it on the app/website. All of the relevant information regarding this will be shared with parents via email this evening, so please ensure that you keep checking your emails.  We will be uploading the Zoom session links to Tapestry (the links for each session will always stay the same throughout the whole half term).


It is extremely important that you attend these 'live lessons' as they will provide you with all the relevant subject knowledge required to perform your tasks. These will be delivered by Miss Scane and Mrs Hobbs will be available to help you if you need it too.  If you miss a Zoom session, all PowerPoints and resources will be uploaded to Tapestry for you to view at a time that suits you as a family.


Resources will not be uploaded to class pages.


Each day, you will have 3 sessions of learning to attend online:


Session 1: 9am-10am

Session 2: 11am-12pm

Session 3: 1.30pm-2.30pm

Story time: 2.45pm-3pm (this will be live in classes with the children who are attending school)


There will also be additional tasks to complete when you are not logged into Zoom, such as TTRockstars and Spelling Shed. A list of these will be on Tapestry to remind you.


Please note, you can still email your class teacher if you have any questions regarding any of the learning. A reminder of the emails are below:


Miss Stafford and Miss Wilson:

Miss Scane:

Miss Wren:


We have attached the timetable of learning below:


We are looking forward to seeing you all, whether that be in person or virtually!


For this week only, Thursday afternoon will be a PE session. Details will be available on Tapestry.

Timetable (Updated)

Have a look at the website below and see if you can complete any of the Christmas challenges!

20th November- In DT today, we conducted a Science experiment to test which materials would be the best insulators to keep our soup warm on an expedition at sea. Each group measured the temperature of boiling water with a different material.

13th November- Today, Jaguars classed tried a variety of vegetables, herbs and cheeses that could be made into a vegetable soup. Take a look at some of the cracking faces pulled when they found a food they disliked!

A little late, but well done to Elliot for winning the Golden Certificate!


16th October- Today, to launch our Spooky Recipes unit in English, Jaguars class made Pumpkin Soup! It was delicious! Check out our photos below...

2nd October- In Science today, we explored the law of reflection- the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. Check us out experimenting below...

It's National Poetry Day and Jaguars Class challenged themselves to write like a poet! Using a given structure, the children thought about their favourite things and used them to write descriptive, creative stanzas for a poem of their own. They are so proud of themselves for producing such imaginative poetry. Have a read to find out some more about each of them...

Take a look at our History and Science work this week...

Well done to George C for winning the first Golden Certificate of the school year!

Alice in Wonderland Launch: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

What are we learning this year?

Welcome to Jaguars Class Page!


The Jaguars class is taught by Miss Scane.


Remember: The Year 6 school day will now be from 9:10am - 3:30pm.




PE will be on a Monday. Please ensure that you wear your PE kit to school every Monday. We will not be getting changed prior to the lesson. This is an important part of our school curriculum and we encourage all children to take part. Appropriate PE kit consists of a white t-shirt, black or blue shorts or jogging bottoms and suitable footwear such as trainers or plimsolls.


Home Learning this year is going to be slightly different. It will consist of weekly tasks set on both TTRockstars and Spelling Shed. Your log in information will be sent out to you by the end of the first week back. Some additional home learning tasks or projects may be set at additional times throughout the year.


As was the case last year, individual reading records will not be given to children in Year 5 and 6. Instead there will be a class reading diary with individual pages for each child to track the books that they have read when they have finished them. Raffle tickets and prizes will still be in place for UKS2 and Miss Reed will be in charge of this.


Overview of Autumn 1


I am looking forward to an action-packed first half term with you all. I have some fantastic learning opportunities lined up, kick-started by our first History topic - The Titanic. This was a HUGE hit with the children last year and I am thoroughly excited to enjoy exploring the events that occurred on 14th April 1912 with you too. 


In English, we will be immersing ourselves in the classic novel 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. To introduce this text, we will be starting off with our own version of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, before spending the rest of Autumn 1 following the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and into the bonkers world that is Wonderland!


In Maths, we will be studying number and place value, ensuring that we are secure with numbers to ten million. This will then be followed by revision of the four operations. Please come and speak to us if you have any questions about concepts or methods taught in class if you wish to support your child at home.


A gentle reminder: if you wish to provide your child with extra revision materials, please do not use previous SATs papers as these will be used for assessment throughout the school year. 


Please keep an eye on our class page for updates and snapshots of our learning! :)