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Governors and Staff

Meet the Staff and Governors at our school...

Meet Our Teaching Stars


Roles Staff Members





Mr J Webster

Deputy Headteacher (DDSL)

Curriculum & Teaching and Learning Leader 

T&L Professional Development 

KS2 Leader 

ECF Induction Tutor

SIAMS & RE (Maternity Cover)

Miss K Wilson

Assistant Headteacher (DDSL)

EYFS and KS1 Leader

Forest School Leader



Mrs L Thorpe 

Assistant Headteacher (DDSL)

SIAMS and RE Leader


(Currently on Maternity Leave)

Mrs R Bright 

Middle Leader

Studying for NPQLTD

Early Career Framework Mentor 

Mathematics Leader

(T, W, Th)


Miss H Stafford

Middle Leader

English Leader


Miss M Reed
Safeguarding & Welfare Lead (DSL)Mrs T Lee-Smith
Pupil & Family Support Officer (DDSL)Mrs K Johnson

SENDco Assistant

Mrs L Nagle

Speech and Language Therapist / Pastoral 



Mrs C Dobson
HLTAMiss M Edwards
HLTAMrs C Laughton
Forest School Practitioner Mrs H Richardson

Behaviour Mentor and  PE Coach

Studying for L2 Swimming Coach

Mr D Lawlor
Business ManagerMrs A Escott
AdministratorMrs C Harris
Administrative Assistant Mrs C Smithson
EYFS and KS1TeachersTeaching Assistants
Squirrels (Foundation)


Miss Cockle 

Phonics Lead

Mrs C Finch

Mrs L Gray

Hedgehogs (Foundation)


Mrs Holvey






Mrs P Mills


Mrs M Puttrell



Rabbits (Foundation)





Mrs S Heighton

(Maternity Cover)



Mrs C Finch


Mrs P Jackson

Foxes (Year 1)

Ms H Sargent

Art & Design Leader

Mrs D Cox



Badgers (Year 1)

Mrs M White

EYFS/KS1 Computing Leader


Mrs J Naylor





Owls (Year 1)





Mrs T Stewart

Music Leader




Mrs L Oliver

Evolve/ Trips & Activities Leader


Mrs C Ramalho

Chimps (Year 2)

Mrs C Pollard

EYFS/KS1 Science Leader

Mrs T West




Mrs R Cowley

Koalas (Year 2)

Miss F Allen

EYFS/ KS1 PE Leader

Mrs S Oxbury




Lemurs (Year 2)






Miss R Hughes


Mrs S Sullivan

Penguins (Year 3)

Miss K Collins

Computing Leader


Miss N Kerry

Dolphins (Year 3)

Miss K Howsam


Mrs A Selves



Kangaroos (Year 4)



Miss J Briggs 

Mrs S Britton

Meerkats (Year 4)

Miss O Rimes

Languages (French)


Mrs C Hobbs




Giraffes (Year 5)




Miss K Canham

History Leader

Mrs M Edwards


Zebras (Year 5)

Mrs C Shields 

KS2 Science Leader

Jaguars (Year 6)

Miss H Acris 

Geography Leader

KS2 Physical Education 



Mrs C Laughton

Tigers (Year 6)

Miss M Reed 

English Leader

Lions  (Year 6)

Mr J Dickinson

Design and Technology





Miss G Scane


(Currently on Maternity Leave)


Chair of Governors 



Mr Andy Goodsell

Non confidential Minutes from meetings of the Governing Body are available on request.
Non confidential, Approved Minutes from the Full Governing Body meetings are available from the school office