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Governors and Staff

Meet the Staff and Governors at our school...


Roles   Staff Members
Head Teacher and SENDco Mr J Webster

Deputy Head Teacher

Curriculum & Teaching and Learning Leader 

Year 4,5 and 6 Leader

Miss K Wilson


EYFS and Year 1 Leader Mrs L Thorpe 

Year 2 and Year 3 Leader

Language, Communication and The Arts Curriculum Team Leader

Mrs R Bright 
Safeguarding & Welfare Lead Mrs T Lee-Smith
Pupil & Family Support Officer Mrs K Johnson

SENDco Assistant

Mrs L Nagle

HLTA Mrs S Heighton
HLTA Miss M Edwards
HLTA Mrs C Laughton
Behaviour Mentor and  PE Coach Mr D Lawlor
Business Manager Mrs A Escott
PA/School Secretary  Mrs S Cobb
Administrator Mrs C Harris
EYFS and KS1 Teachers Teaching Assistants
Hedgehogs (Foundation)

Mrs M White

Mrs C Finch

Mrs J Naylor


Mrs S Heighton 

Mrs L Gray
Squirrels (Foundation)

Miss O Rimes

Mrs L Oliver 

Miss C Ramalho

Mrs M Puttrell


Mrs L Thorpe 

Giraffes (Year 1) Ms H Sargent

Miss S Oxbury

Badgers (Year 1)

Miss F Cockle

Mrs S Sullivan

Chimps (Year 2)


Mr J Dickinson 

Miss D Cox

Koalas (Year 2)

Miss F Allen

Miss T West

Penguins (Year 3)

Mrs C Pollard (M-Th)

Mrs R Bright (W-F)

Miss A Johnson 

Zebras (Year 3)

Miss K Canham 

Mrs C Laughton 

Pandas (Year 4)

Miss K Wilson (M-T)

Mrs T Stewart (W-F)

Mrs M Edwards 

Dolphins (Year 4)

Mrs C Shields 

Mrs C Hobbs

Meerkats (Year 5)

Miss H Acris 

Kangaroos (Year 5)

Miss M Reed 

English Leader

Mrs A Selves 


Jaguars (Year 6)

Miss G Scane 

Maths Leader 

Tigers (Year 6)

Miss J Wren

Lions (Year 6) Miss A Faux   
Panthers (Year 6)

Miss K Collins 

Non confidential Minutes from meetings of the Governing Body are available on request.
Non confidential, Approved Minutes from the Full Governing Body meetings are available from the school office