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Our school reading superhero!

Bookman – The School Reading Superhero


At the start of the academic year in 2019, the children were set a challenge which was to design their own school reading superhero. Before the Christmas holidays that year, the children’s design came to life and Bookman was born! Bookman has been created to help inspire our children to read. He has many reading superpowers because he is always reading. One of these superpowers is the ability to transport himself to anywhere in the universe because reading can take you to places you have never been before!


Bookman visits our children regularly in class. He explains the importance of reading and sets them regular reading challenges to inspire them to read more. Bookman gives the children prizes for participating in his reading challenges. Prizes include special certificates, reading vouchers, Bookman bookmarks and much more! Bookman also runs special reading sessions for our children which the children love attending. 


You will be able to see Bookman all around our school. He leaves messages for children who have impressed their teachers with their reading. I wonder who Bookman will leave a message for next week?


Is your child participating in Bookman's latest challenge? Make sure they are! PDF copies of the challenges can be found below.


Bookman's Email Address 

Bookman loves to sends messages to the children whilst they are at home too. He loves to hear from parents that are proud of their children's reading. Bookman regularly records videos for children to watch at home to congratulate them on their impressive reading. He even sends them emails, too! Why not drop Bookman an email so he can congratulate your child on their fantastic reading at home? Bookman is contactable via email at:


Bookman looks forward to hearing from you soon! #EyeLoveReading