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Dolphins - Year 4

Here are the details of what we are learning this term.

Transition Day Diary!

Have a look here for what we are getting up to on our transition days into year 5!

Day 2 - Friday 16th July 2021

Transition Day - New class job applications!

There are a lot of new jobs in our new class, so today we thought about the qualities required for each job and completed application forms. Mrs Shields will then read our forms, and tell us who has got each job in September! So exciting!

Transition Day - Reading, discussing and performing a poem by our new class poet Pie Corbett

Transition Day - this afternoon we made Tudor Roses, to tie in with the History topic we will be covering in September! Finished article pics coming soon!

Day 1 - Thursday 15th July 2021

Transition Day - Year 5 Q&A in the forest area! Plus a little bit of den building and tree climbing

Transition Day - Making birthday cards for next year in our new classroom!

Transition Day - We love our new classroom!

Still image for this video

Transition Day - Orienteering this afternoon!

Bookman Half Term reading challenge - congratulations to our excellent half term readers! A special mention to Kourtney for winning for year 4!

Maths - learning about symmetry


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We spent time clapping rhythms today in music! It was really tricky, but great fun!

C4L - managing risk

In our C4L lesson today, we thought about risky situations and ways to keep ourselves safe. We thought about ways we could get out of risky situations, like saying no to dares, asking an adult before doing anything we are unsure of and keeping ourselves safe online.


In history we have been learning about the VIkings and their various invasions! This week we rehearsed and performed a poem that was written about the vikings and what they did. It also told of King Ethelred the Unready's plan to pay the vikings to go away with Dane-geld. We decided that this wasn't such a good idea as the Vikings soon learned that they could earn more money by coming back and getting paid to go away again! Here is us rehearsing our poems.

C4L - managing money!

Maths fun this week - looking at area and perimeter

Science - insulators and conductors

We are looking at electric circuits in science at the moment. Last week we thought about what materials are insulators and what are conductors. 

We learned that insulators do not let electricity pass through them, but conductors do! That is why plugs have plastic covers - plastic is an insulator and therefore protects you from the electric circuit inside! I wonder how many examples of insulators protecting circuits you have in your home?!

Measuring in Maths!

We have started to look at measurements in maths. It is important we understand both cm and m, so we have been practicing converting between units!

Week ending 16/04/2021


This week we have had a fab week back! We have started to think about Charlotte's Web in English and managed to hot seat some of the characters in our lesson on Thursday!

In science we have started to look at electricity and elecric circuits - there will be photos to follow in future weeks as we investigate this further!

In French we have learned to ask 'Who is it?' 'Qui est-ce?' and then respond with 'It is ...' 'C'est...'.

In maths we have been thinking about money and have had a fun week imagining going to cafe's and buying hot chocolate!!!


We are having a spelling quiz on Monday with the words:














Please make sure your child completes their Rockstars and Spelling Shed challenges this weekend!


Thanks for all your support.


Mrs Shields

French chat!

English hot seating!

Recent work!

 Since we have been back, we have been enjoying lots of wonderful experiences, as well as a LOT of learning!


We have managed to fit 3 different science investigations in so far! Below, you can see pictures of us disecting flowers, investigating how plants transport water, and also planting our own sunflowers! We will post pictures as they grow!


We have also been working on our spellings and times tables. Please do keep practising these at home too! Times table Rockstars and Spelling Shed have weekly challenges for the children to complete. We also love singing our Times table songs:


3 times table -

4 times table -

6 times table -

8 times table -

9 times table -


As soon as I have found a good 7 and 12 times table song, I'll upload those here too!

Science - disecting flowers

Science - investigating how plants transport water

Science - Planting sunflowers

Dolphins Class Page - update wb 22.02.21

Welcome back to what is going to be a very different, but exciting, half term!


We are going to be doing things a little differently again! Miss Rimes will be in the classroom with the children who are in school, and I will be running all our remote learning. This will be conducted via zoom, through Tapestry and here. You will be sent a letter about this separately.


There is a daily timetable for learning through zoom which I will post below. 


All lesson information and resources are available on Tapestry and here by 3pm the day before it is taught. 


If you have any questions or worries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I will help as best I can! This is all new for all of us, so you may have to forgive any teething problems! But if we all pull together, we'll get there!!!


Thanks for your continued support and stay safe.


Mrs Shields



9am - Maths - please find attached presentation, worksheet and challenges.

11am - English - please find attached presentation and worksheet.

1.30pm - PE - NOT ON ZOOM - please find time to brush up on your netball skills using this link:  then have a mindful meditation to this: 

French home learning


Here are some handy French pages to help the children at home. We are focusing on numbers to 20 this half term.

9 am - Maths - please find attached the power point I will be going through on the zoom. There is also the worksheet to print and a challenge if you would like. Don't forget to mark your worksheet using the Fast Track Pass.


11am - English - please find attached the power point I will be going through on the zoom and a worksheet to complete.


Afternoon work - there is no zoom or story time today. Please complete the music work attached, using your Charanga log in to remind you of the song.


Any questions, you know where I am!

Mrs Shields

9am session - maths - attached is the PDF presentation I will be going through on the zoom. There is also the worksheet to be printed. If you would like your child to complete the challenge, that would also be great! Don't forget to check your worksheet answers with the Fast Track Pass from yesterdays uploads.


11am session - English - attached is the PDF presentation I will be going through on the zoom. We are writing our work today, so this can be done on any paper, neatly. 


1.30 session - History - attached is the power point I will be going through on the zoom, and also the worksheet. You may refer back to the power point when completing the worksheet!


Should you have ANY questions at all, please email me on and I will help as best I can.


Mrs Shields

9am session - maths - attached is the PDF presentation I will be going through on the zoom. There is also the worksheet to be printed. If you would like your child to complete the challenge, that would also be great! I have also attached this weeks worksheet answers. This is answers for all the worksheet questions, for the WHOLE WEEK. This is call the fast track pass. The children are familiar with this and are used to using it.


11am session - English - attached is the PDF presentation I will be going through on the zoom. There is a worksheet to print too for the children to work on. 


1.30 session - R.E. - attached is the powerpoint presentation I will be going through on the zoom. This is a research lesson, so research notes can be on any paper, but they need to be kept safe for next week!


Should you have ANY questions at all, please email me on and I will help as best I can.

Mrs Shields

What are we learning this year?

This week, our table of the week has been the 7 times table.


We have been chanting our 7s altogether. Try challenging your child at home to 7 times table questions!

We had our second orienteering lesson today! It was great! We learned how to hold maps so we could read them properly. We then got used to may symbols again with our jigsaws!

In DT this week we got the laptops out and experimented with changing fonts and creating and saving Word documents

We learned how to use Adobe Spark Video today, which was great. We used it to retell the start of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Today we had our first orienteering lesson! It was brilliant!

In science we are now learning about sound and how sound waves travel!

In science, we learned about the digestive system. We then created some role plays involving being a bit of food travelling through our bodies! It was great fun!

In music, we played along to Mama Mia!


Still image for this video

In French, we practiced talking about the clothes we wear, and we played a few games of 'Jacque a dit'!

In maths, we challenged each other to column addition and subtraction questions!

In English this week, we practiced and performed a poem called The Greatest by Michael Rosen

Our performances

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Block printing using playdoh blocks, ink and paper! Great fun!

Playing alone to Mama Mia on the chime bars!

Here is us practicing our French by playing Simon Says...Tu mets mon pull!

Wolves in the Walls story map

We spent time researching information about wolves on the ipads, then uploading our findings onto a learning wall on Padlet.

As part of our English learning this week, we had some dictionary races! Mrs Shields would give us a word and we had to find its definition as quickly as we could!



I have had some parents over the last few days come to me concerned that their child is unable to go to the toilet in class. I just wanted to reassure you that this is not the case at all in Dolphins class. The children are given many opportunities to go to the toilet throughout the day and are encouraged to do so. Please be reassured that at no point will there be sanctions for this. Due to Covid restrictions, we are only allowed one child in the toilet at a time, so that might a moment when a child has to wait. If you have any worries regarding this, please do not hesitate to discuss this with me. Thank you for your support. Mrs Shields and Miss Johnson.

Our first Golden Award! Well done Millie!!!

Mama Mia - sign language!

Still image for this video

PE - practicing our netball passes

Maths - practicing our 5 x tables and place value

French - describing what we are wearing

Art - exploring mark making with charcoals

Science - exploring pushes, pulls and magnetic forces

Bookman visits Dolphins!

Den building in our first week!

Welcome Dolphins!


Welcome back to a new and different year! We are very excited to have you all back and can't wait to get on with our learning for the year. We have spent a lot of time over the Summer working out the best way for us all to work together and for everybody to be comfortable, so please if you have any worries, come and speak to me and I will do my best to help.


I am your teacher this year, Mrs Shields, and Miss Johnson will be in the class with us.


Our school day begins at 9am and finishes at 3.20pm.


PE will be on Thursdays. On PE days, please make sure you come to school in your PE kit - we won't be getting changed! Our first PE session for the year will be Thursday 17th September 2020, so you don't need to worry about it until then!


This term we have some VERY exciting things planned:

English - we will start by looking at the story of The Wolves in the Walls, with a view to creating our own narratives.

Maths - we will begin by looking at place value and of course looking at our times tables!

History - our history topic will be Ancient Greeks.

Science - we will cover a lot in science this term, starting with life cycles, then moving onto teeth and then the digestive system.

RE - we will be thinking of the kind of world Jesus would want.


Plus we will be covering MANY other things!


Our home learning this half term will take the form of Times Table Rockstars challenges and Spelling Shed challenges - more details will follow.


Reading records are due in on Fridays and will then be handed out again on Mondays. Reading books and records will all be handed out next week.


If you have any questions about anything at all, please don't hesitate to grab me at the start of the school day and I will help as much as I can.


Best wishes and I look forward to meeting you all in due course!


Mrs Shields