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Our Anti-Bullying Philosophy

At Eye CofE Primary School we believe that all pupils have the right to learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without the fear of bullying or harassment.


Through our Christian Values, our school community embraces individuality and celebrates those qualities that make us all unique.


Bullying is not tolerated at our school and we have a clear policy on how to prevent, identify and respond to bullying behaviour.


On this page, you can find our policy on anti-bullying, our parent information leaflet and our child information leaflet. There are also contact details for people in school who can help and advise you, and websites which offer other resources and materials related to anti-bullying.


Our ABC Team have received their training and they are now ready to support children in school, as and when the need arises. In our meeting today, we all agreed that we hope they never have to use their training as we do not want bullying in our school!


If you have a worry or a concern about friendship problems or you are worried you or someone you know is being bullied, come and find an ABC rep!



This poster is displayed around our school so all children know who their ABC reps are, and who they can talk to if they have a bullying concern.

The Eye CofE Anti-Bullying Council

We are the school ABC! Every class has an ABC rep for you to talk to if you are worried about bullying. We will help you!


Bullying is not tolerated in any shape or form!


Make a noise about bullying by talking to your ABC rep!

Here are Meerkats showing what they understand about what bullying is.

Dolphin class did role play to help them understand bullying. Here is their scenario: Some children were playing a game and a little girl came over and asked if she could play. The children all said no and then they all started to be nasty to her. Two children saw all this happen and came over to help. They asked the little girl if she would like to play with them and told the other children that they should not have been mean.

Then Dolphins used their role play to write these amazing pieces of description.

Here are Ewan, Jacob and Charlie from Badgers with their super home learning from Anti-Bullying Week!

Here is a brilliant video Theo made for his home learning, which explains all about bullying.

Still image for this video

Here is some excellent work from Badgers class which shows the difference between bullying and simply not being a very good friend.

Chimps class created this banner to encourage others to 'Make a Noise about Bullying'.

Penguin Class made a video to promote Anti-Bullying!

Still image for this video