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Our Church School and Vision

Our Church School

Learning and Growing Together for Life in All its Fullness

"I came to give life, life in all its fullness." (John 10:10) 



Our vision of excellence and Christian values are at the centre of all that we do at Eye C of E Primary school. They underpin our teaching and learning within which we are constantly ‘Learning and Growing Together for Life in All its Fullness’. We are driven and inspired by Jesus’ words: “I came to give life, life in all its fullness” (John 10:10). We have high aspirations for every member of our school community to GROW and flourish as children of God, prepared for an undetermined future and equipped with opportunities and experiences to have fullness of life, through Jesus.

Our GROW Standards

We have high aspirations for the pupils in our school to experience the reality of Jesus’ words that he came to give life in all its fullness and believe that every child should be able to GROW as children of God. 


Eye CE Primary School GROW standards provide a framework to ensure our standards and values are embedded in our daily practice and routines.  We believe that praise and recognition for GROW behaviours in a culture which consistently teaches pupils appropriate school behaviour will ensure that all can flourish within a happy and purposeful learning environment.


Good behaviour is a necessary condition for effective teaching and learning to take place and an important outcome of education which society rightly expects. In order to understand the opportunity for life in all its fullness, we teach children to follow the example of Jesus ‘the good shepherd’ who guards us and leads us, showing us how to GROW as his children.


Our four GROW standards are underpinned by our seven Christian values. These standards and values underpin every aspect of our learning community.















Application of values

Christian Values

Our Christian Values are an integral part of our school vision and are key values and attributes that we believe will help all at Eye C of E Primary School to live life in all its fullness. 


You can read more about our seven Christian Values and the biblical teaching in which they are rooted in by clicking on the link below.