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Zebras - Year 3

Woburn Safari Park

What an amazing day! The sun shone from start to finish and the animals seemed genuinely happy to come out and meet us! 

We went on the coach safari first, meeting many rainforest animals up close (too close perhaps when the bear tried to board the coach!) We saw lions, tigers and a very sleepy Rhino! A naughty monkey also tried to catch a lift on our coach.

During the day, we learnt a lot about animals in the rainforest and how they have adapted to their habitats and sadly, how endangered they are becoming. The day was over far too quickly and I'm sure your child had no trouble sleeping that night!

Thank you to our lovely staff and parent helpers for making our trip so special and a big well done for zebra class for their beautiful manners, behaviour and enthusiasm all day.

Mrs H

We had fun making our own Rainforests!

Wow day!

21/2/18 - Today in English we talked the text and created actions for our new WAGOLL narrative called 'Stone Age Boy.' Then, we created our own story maps in our English books.

At the beginning of our safety week, we worked in our co-op groups to act out scenarios around the dangers of electricity. We pretended to be the superhero 'Electromouse' to solve the problems safely.

We had a great time exploring the properties of rocks in our science lesson. We were finding out if rocks are durable, permeable, hard or soft and dense.

08/01/18- We created a text map for our new unit of work in English.

We enjoyed a fun 'Wow Day; to begin our new topic. 'Who Ruled Prehistoric Britain?' We began learning about the stone age, bronze age and iron age by learning about Stonehenge. We know lots of facts about it now (make sure you ask us!) We had the challenge of creating stonehenge out of biscuits in our co-op groups. Here are our creations.

We also became archaeologists as we took part in an excavation to find more facts.

Happy New Year!


Welcome back Zebras! I hope you have all had an enjoyable and restful Christmas break and are eager to dive in to lots more fun learning this term!


Our topic for the Spring term is the Stone Age to the Iron Age, with our focus question being ‘Who ruled prehistoric Britain?’ We have a variety of exciting texts that we will be focusing on in English including ‘Stone Age Boy’ and ‘Wizard’s Pocket’.


In Maths we will be continuing our learning through the use of Maths No Problem. We will be focusing on further multiplication and division before moving on to length.


During Science this term, we will be learning all about Rocks.


In Geography we will be locating key prehistoric sites around Britain.


In Art we will be studying and creating our own cave paintings and clay pots.


In RE we will be looking at what it is like to be a Sikh in Peterborough.


We will continue to have our Spanish assembly once a week led by Miss Donkin. This assembly is now on a Wednesday morning.


Homework will continue to be given out on a Thursday and is due back in on a Tuesday. Reading records are to be handed in on Monday mornings so I can check how your reading is going at home.


PE is still on a Tuesday afternoon – please bring a hoodie or jumper as it will be cold outside!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for all their support so far this academic year. It really does make such a difference to your child’s learning.


Please feel free to speak to me for any further information.


Mrs Bright






To finish off our Ancient Egypt topic, we designed and made our own creations of Egypt. We used a cake base, brown sugar for sand, blue icing sugar for the river Nile as well as Toblerone for pyramids. Check out the pictures below for the final product! 


We had a brilliant day for our Ancient Egypt day today. We enjoyed lots of fun activities including playing the Ancient Egyptian original board game of snakes and ladders called Jackals and Hounds, completing an Ancient Egypt quiz where we learnt lots and lots, taking part in the Ancient Egyptian ritual of mummification and burial as well as hunting for animals where Zebras competed against Penguins (thankfully it was a draw!!)


Scroll down for the start of our pictures of the day

03/11/17 As part of our exciting writing, Miss Robinson set up a bonfire on our school field. We visited the bonfire and considered what we coul see, hear, smell and feel. We created lots of vocabulary that we then used in the classroom to help us create a bonfire poem. Here are some pictures of us visiting the bonfire.

01/11/17 We have begun to learn about information texts and we are going to be creating our own text about an Egyptian God. We used our WAGOLL which was all Bout a Greek God, Zeus, to create a text map. Here is our text map.

We worked with a partner to mummify a tomato. We wanted to see what would happen when we left the tomato and if it would last longer and be preserved. We scooped out the seeds, washed it with hand sanitiser and filled it with natron (salt and bicarbonate of soda). These are similar things that the Ancient Egyptians did to the mummies. We are going to leave them for a couple of weeks and then see what has happened. 
We had fun in our topic lesson this afternoon as we continued to learn about the process of mummification. We began with the fun task of mummifying each other. Here's how we got on!
Here are our finished mummies!!
We took our Science learning outside today to explore and investigate what happens to our shadow throughout the day. We faced north, drew our shadow for our books and then measured how long it was. We found out that our shadow moved throughout the day and the higher the sun was in the sky, the shorter our shadow was. Great science thinking in Zebras today. 
On Thursday, we were privileged to receive a visit from Mr Montgomery who spoke to us all about the colours of the church year. We were then able to design and create our own cassock and stole for Mr Hurst to wear. Mr Hurst showed us many of his colourful outfits that he wears throughout the year, in our collective worship. 

We had a great time learning about the process of mummification. We ordered the steps and then had a go at becoming the embalmers, priests and mummies ourselves!! Can you remember any of the steps that took place, Zebras?

We were 'talking the text' today to help us learn an explanation text on 'How Pickled Onions are Made'. Here is a picture of our text map. We are looking forward to writing our own explanation text on mummification.

We are really enjoying our Science learning this half term. We have been exploring shadows and finding out which material is best for creating shadows. We learnt the vocabulary transparent, translucent and opaque.

We had a fantastic afternoon at our Egyptian banquet. We enjoyed some food that the ancient Egyptians would have eaten, performed our Egyptian dances and sang the 'Amazing Egyptians' song. 

Check out the pictures below. 

08/09/2017 - In English we started to create a Text Map for Egyptian Cinderella and created actions to help us remember parts of the story. Remember to practice the story and actions at home Zebras!

Welcome to Zebras class!


I have loved seeing your smiley faces back at school and it is great to see you are all ready to do lots of fun learning in Year 3.


Our topic for the Autumn term is Ancient Egypt, with our focus question being ‘Were the Egyptians ahead of their time?’ We have a variety of exciting texts we will be focusing on in English including ‘Egyptian Cinderella’ and ‘The Scarab’s Secret’.


In Maths we will be continuing our learning through the use of Maths No Problem. We will begin by focusing on our knowledge of numbers and their value.


During Science this term, we will be learning all about Light and we have some great experiments planned!


In Geography we will be building our own Nile – this links in to our Ancient Egypt topic.


In Art, Zebras will be studying and creating their own hieroglyphics, whilst in Design and Technology they will be building their own pyramids!


This year we are really lucky that we will be having a Spanish assembly once a week, led by Miss Donkin. Miss Donkin is going to help the children become more confident in Spanish.


Useful information


Mr. Lawlor is our teaching assistant.


PE is on a Tuesday. Please ensure kits are in school and are clearly named.


We encourage children to read regularly and children will receive a reading raffle ticket for reading 5 times a week. Children should record their reading in their reading record daily. Now children are in KS2, they can do this independently, however we would ask that you sign the reading record weekly to show that you have acknowledged your child has read. Children should bring their recording record book into school every day. Thank you.


Please remember your water bottles every day as our classroom does get very warm. Please make sure the water bottle is clearly named and is only filled with water or squash only. Thank you.


Homework will be given out on Thursdays and is due in on Tuesdays. If homework is not handed in by Wednesday morning at the latest, children will spend their Wednesday dinner time with Mr. Fitzpatrick in homework club to complete it.


Children will be lining up in the morning outside Zebras door. They will be released from the same place at the end of the day.


We have a fun and busy term ahead and I’m super excited to get started.


Please feel free to speak to me for any further information.


Mrs Bright