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Pandas - Year 4

RE Day: Water

Sports Day

Summer Term!

We can't believe we are in the final term of the year! 


We have already had a busy term so far, we have visited the cathedral and have performed a poem at the church for the Pentecost Service. 


See the QR code below to watch our performance of the poem we performed during the Pentecost Service. 




Pentecost Poem

On Monday Year 4 went to Peterborough Cathedral for a Searching for Saxons experience. During the day, we learnt all about the Saxon involvement with the cathedral, and that during Saxon times Peterborough was called Medehamstede. We became archaeologists and studied different artifacts, before we then became artists and created our own Anglo Saxon jewellery which we could take home. 

Searching for Saxons Trip

W.C 25.03.2019

In English this week we have started our poetry unit, where will be writing a Two Voice Poem. As part of learning we explored using dance and drama to learn about the similarities and differences between fire and water. We used freeze frames to come up with different scenes to represent the different stages of fire and water. They both started off calm before turning into a destructive state. 


In Maths we have been learning all about time, especially focusing on how to read an analogue clock and converting between the 12 hour clock and 24 hour clock. We have been working really hard!



Thursday 21st March       WOW Day!


Today we were joined by scientists from Cambridge University who came to teach us about Volcanoes and Earthquakes. During the morning, we learnt all about Earthquakes, did you know there is such a thing as a moon-quake and a mars-quake? For our afternoon session we focused on volcanoes using scientific experiments. We explored the different types of eruptions, different types of lava and about volcanic rocks

British Science Week

As part of British Science week we were visited by the Animal Experience, who bought in some of their fantastic animals. We were lucky enough to have: cockroaches, snakes, lizards and Kit-Kat the Meerkat! We had a brilliant time, and learnt lots of brilliant facts! 

World Book Day

World Book Day in year 4 was spent sharing our favourite books with our class-mates at our reading café. We explored our favourite authors, favourite parts of our books and got into role as our characters! During the afternoon, we had great fun listening to a story from a Tiger before learning about the his gruesome appetite and trying some of his favourites, including “Ogre Skin”.

W.C 21/01/19

-In Maths we have been learning commutative law if we know 6 x 3 we also know 3 x 6

-In English we have been learning about commas and when to use them, can you spot why our comma has been used: In English we use commas for: lists, before a coordinating conjunction, for speech punctuation and after a fronted adverbial.

-In Science we have been learning about green houses gasses, and how this causing global warming. 

-In Spelling we have been learning the 'ous' suffix. 



-In English, we have been learning all the teachers for a film review Aladdin [1992]

-In Maths, we have been doing word problems

-In Science, we learnt the different food chains

-In R.E,we were joined by 3 year 5's (Husayn, Usayd and Salah) to talk about their religion and about the 5 pillars  

W.C 07.01.2019

This week we did lots of brilliant learning, we learnt:

  • In maths we were learning how to divide and we wrote instructions on "How to Divide".
  • In English we were learning about Aladdin, and focusing on the different camera shots.
  • In Topic we were learning about volcanoes and Earthquakes, and we did some really fun drama about Earthquakes with Ms Heighton. 
  • In Computers, we were learning how to copy and paste, so we can make exciting posters!

Spring 1

Welcome back, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

This term PE will be on a Tuesday and Swimming will be on Wednesday afternoon. 


This term we will be starting our exciting new topic of Extreme Weather, focusing on earthquakes, volcanoes and climate change. 


During English we will be focusing on Aladdin, and the children will be writing a film review.


During maths we are continuing with our learning on Multiplication and Division. We are also very excited to have our new program, Times Table Rockstars, a really fun way for the children to learn their times tables!



December 2018 

This month was all about the Eye Factor. The children worked really hard both at home and at school, learning their songs and practicing their dance routines. Well done year 4, for putting on a brilliant show!

Eye Factor Bands 2018

Year 4 Trip to the Museum 27.11.2018


See below the pictures from our fantastic trip to Peterborough Museum!

Museum Trip

WC 19.11.2018


This week in Science we had great fun exploring the digestive system, we first of all looked at the role of the mouth and saliva, before then making our own stomach bags.


WC 12.11.2018

This week is Anti-Bullying Week, where during the afternoons we have been focusing on respect, and what it means to be respectful. We have taken part in lots of activities to help with our learning including a conscience corridor.

WC 5.11.2018

This week in English we continued with our letter writing, learning a variety of strategies to make our writing persuasive. 

In Science we explored the functions of different teeth through a scientific inquiry. This helped us then to understand the diets of different dinosaurs based on the shape of their teeth. 



W.C 08.10.2018


We had lots of fun in Science today, exploring how well do we really look after our teeth. We used disclosure tablets to put our tooth-cleaning skills to the test and see how clean are our mouths really are!


W.C 08.10.2018

Please find a list of websites that your children can use to support their learning on the digestive system, which we will be starting after half term:

W.C 08.10.2018


Maths - This week we will start our learning on addition, where children will be learning how to add numbers up to 10,000.


English - After finishing off our fantastic adventure stories, we are now moving on to Nonsense Poetry where we will be creating our own nonsense poems all about our science topic of the teeth!



W.C 24/09/18

This week during maths we have been focusing on Rounding. We have taken our learning outside to practice drawing number lines. Through GAS tasks we have explored how to round to the nearest  10, 100 and 1000. See pictures below


In English this week, we have been deepening our learning on using Fronted Adverbials and power of 3s to make our sentences really exciting. 


In science we have conducted our own scientific investigation looking at the effect of fizzy drinks on our teeth. See pictures below. 


As part of our topic learning we took part in a Roman WOW day. In the morning we were detectives and had to crack a Roman code to reveal a secret message. After break we designed and created our own Roman shields, and in the afternoon we learnt and performed a Roman dance, before then having a Roman banquet.



Welcome to Pandas class!


I am very excited to have 30 new Pandas in my class and can't wait to start our exciting learning for this year!


Our topic for the Autumn term is The Romans, where we will learn about the Roman empire and its impact on Britain. We have a variety of exciting texts we will be focusing on in English including ‘The secrets of Vesuvius"


In Maths we will be continuing our learning through the use of Maths No Problem. We will begin by focusing on our knowledge of numbers and their value.  


During Science this term, we will be learning all about Teeth. 



Useful information


We are very lucky this year to have 3 teachers in year 4, Miss Woods, Mrs Brough and Miss Faux to help support our learning. Our TA for this year is Mrs Sullivan.


Year 4 will be having their PE on Monday afternoons, please make sure children have PE kit in school on this days and that it is the correct kit: white shirt, black/blue trousers and trainers. 


We encourage children to read regularly and children will receive a reading raffle ticket for reading 5 times a week. Children should record their reading in their reading record daily. We ask that you sign their reading records to acknowledge your child has read, these will be collected on a Tuesday morning. Children should bring their recording record book into school every day. Thank you.


Please remember your water bottles every day as our classroom does get very warm. Please make sure the water bottle is clearly named and is only filled with water or squash only. Thank you.


Homework will be given out on Tuesdays and is due in on the Monday of the following week. Please encourage your child to do the challenge questions set. If they wish, they may attend the weekly homework club to complete their homework.


Children will be lining up in the morning outside Pandas door and will be going in to the classroom to complete their morning activity at 8.50am. They will be released from the same place at the end of the day.


We have a fun and busy term ahead, which I hope you are looking forward to as much as I am!


Please feel free to speak to me for any further information.


Miss Faux