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Chimps - Year 2

Sports Day

We had a fantastic day in Hunstanton.  First stop was the beach, where we paddled in the sea, played on the sand and had an ice-cream.  After lunch, we went to the Sea Life Centre and looked at all the animals.  We discovered two of our class share names with a penguin!

Hunstanton Trip

Spring Term 2


We have lots planned for spring term 2. Chimps class will be researching, investigating and creating some brilliant pieces of work. 


In maths, we will start off by looking at length and height. We will be comparing and ordering length and height. We will then move on to mass, capacity and temperature. We will be measuring in millilitres and litres.


In science, we will be carrying on the topic of living things. We will be looking at how animals and plants adapt to their environment. We will also be looking at food chains. 


In English, we will be writing diary entries from an eye witness of the great fire of London. This is carrying on from our work that we having been doing in history on the great fire of London. We looked at Samuel Pepys diary entries and how the fire spread so quickly through London. 


In Geography, we will be looking exploring a road trip across the USA. We will be looking at what oceans surround the USA and what major cities are in the USA. 


In DT we will continue to look at different textiles and joining techniques. 


In RE, our topic is why does Easter matter to Christians. We will look at Christian traditions linked to palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 


Please remember that the groups doing Forest School and swimming will swap after half term.  If your child swam during Spring 1 they will now be doing Forest School and if your child took part in Forest School during Spring 1 they will now be swimming. Please make sure your child brings the right kit to school for their group.


Have a lovely break and see you after half term. 


Miss Sargeant

Making Clay House Tiles

Clay Tiles - The Finished Product

Spring 1 


This term we will be doing some exciting and creative things within our curriculum. We have lots of thrilling lessons planned for spring and I am looking forward to the children returning after our break.


In English, we will be looking at the book 'Mog the forgetful cat'. We will be writing a narrative by using some of our writing techniques such as using similes and commas in a list of adjectives.


In Maths, we will be moving on to multiplication and division. We will be looking at topics such as making equal groups, dividing by 2, doubling and halving etc.


In science, we will be moving on to biology. We are looking at the topic living things and life cycles. We will be looking areas such as the 5 different animal groups, deciduous and ever green trees, types of different scientists.


In Art, we will using clay to make pinch pots and clay tiles. We will be learning different techniques and using  different tools to design and make our clay tile. 


In History, we will be looking at the the great fire of London, why it started and how it impacted peoples lives.


In PE, the children will be carrying on building their confidence in PE and their physical strength.


The children will be changing their Friday afternoon activity. The children that have been swimming on a Friday afternoon will now do Forest School and those that did Forest School will now swim after the holidays.


Have a lovely Christmas break and see you in the new year.

Autumn 2

The children have been really busy over the past few weeks in all areas of the curriculum. Have a look at what we have been up to.

The children practised chopping, peeling and grating vegetables.

Science - Investigating Materials

The children have been busy with their learning the first two weeks of term.

Maths - Partititioning 2 digits

English - Making and describing monsters

Science - Finding and testing materials

Welcome to Chimps!


What an exciting year we are going to have! We are starting off at looking at 'Not Now, Bernard' in English which is a funny story that I'm sure that the children will love! In science, we are going to look at different materials and their properties. We are also finding out about the history of transport in our history lessons.  Please do see our learning overview to find out more about our learning over the year.


Important messages:

Please encourage your child to play on Numbots. Also, please can you make sure that you are reading 5 times a week. Reading Records will be checked every Monday.


I will be outside to greet the children each morning from 8.30am and our first lesson will start at 8.45am.


PE will take place on a Thursday. For PE, children will need to bring an outdoor PE kit which consists of a plain white t-shirt and black or navy bottoms with trainers. I will send out further information about swimming/Forest School  in due course. 


Please check back to see what we have been getting up to in Chimps!


Miss Sargeant