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Mr Dickinson

Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do at our school?

Hello! I am Mr Dickinson, and this is my first full year at Eye primary.  I teach Lemurs in Y5 alongside Miss Reed and Miss Acris, and this year I am leading Design Technology.  My classroom is opposite Mr Webster's Office - so we have to make sure we don't make too much noise!


What did you study at University?

I studied English and Primary Education at Bishop Grosseteste Teacher Training College in Lincoln, and at Hull University.  I loved living away from home for the first time - and I had a great time and made lots of friends whilst studying for my degree!



What were your favourite subjects at school?

​My favourite subjects at school were PE, History and English. I also played football and rugby for my school - but I was never very good!


What did you do before you were a teacher?

I used to work in a record shop on Saturdays, and when I went away to College I worked part-time in Boots in Lincoln!


What do you like to do out of school?

I like reading, listening to music and watching films, and I also enjoy walking and cycling - and going to football matches.  I support Manchester United, but I usually go to see Peterborough United or Lincoln City! I love food, and like to cook for my family - but unfortunately, my experiments often turn out to be inedible!


What's your favourite meal?

I love Indian food - especially curries (And especially if I haven’t cooked them myself!)



Is there anything you really don't like?




Can you describe yourself in one word?