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Tigers - Year 6

We had a lovely morning at St. Matthew's Church for our Leavers' Service. More photos and the video to follow!

Wow! We had SO much fun at the Year 6 sleepover, but not quite as much sleep! The children were very well-behaved and absolutely soaked in the rain! An experience they will certainly never forget :)

Check out our virtual tour of the Circulatory system in Science below. 

Summer term in year 6 is an exciting place to be learning!


In English, we are delving into the mysterious depths of ‘The Nowhere Emporium’, exploring fantasy and writing our own biographies after digging deeper into the characterisation.  We will then move onto some scientific explanatory writing on the heart, incorporating our learning in science (Animals, including humans).


In mathematics, we are exploring ratio and proportion, statistics and even…algebra!  Following this, we will then be taking part in the £5 money challenge to unleash our inner entrepreneur!


What is the story of medicine through history?  Why was there so little change in medicine during the medieval era?  So many questions, so many exciting new things to learn in this topic which takes us back through our chronological learning over our time at Eye.  From trepanning to vaccination, let’s investigate when it happened first and why it matters.


In RE, we are exploring Buddhism and comparing the religions that we have studied to help us explain how faith can help us through challenging times in our lives, as well as our best times.


As well as all of this, we are looking at Pulleys and Gears in DT by making our own mechanical systems; photography in our art sessions; a 3-way comparison in Geography; and exploring changes as we grow in our PSHE learning.

Oh yes— AND we are beginning our end of term play… Darwin Rocks!


Let’s rock the final term of year 6 together!

Miss Wilson and Miss Stafford

What are we learning this year?

29.4.21- Today we have been exploring different sectors in pie charts by using geoboards to identify fractions of a circle.

Tigers are celebrating getting their first swimming badges of the year! Well done to our super swimmers!

We took full advantage of the weather to inspire our Frozen Kingdom descriptive writing this week! #onlocationwriting

We are coders! Exploring loops and repetitions.

Research: The history of electricity ( optional weekly task) 

How have the great pioneers of electricity helped society?


In class, we briefly discussed the history of electricity through the timeline shown below. If you would like too learn more, then perhaps you could research further into how electricity has developed over the years. Present it in any way you like, but try to use images and evidence of key scientists to help convey your understanding. 

Optional maths task. Retrieval practice for improper fractions.

French conversation

Still image for this video

French conversation

Still image for this video

Adding factions (optional HW)

Dividing fractions by whole numbers

Optional home-learning activity based on addition of fractions.

The history of soup - 6th Nov

Still image for this video
Today in DT, the children explored the history of soup by making a collaborative toilet roll timeline. They each took a fragment of the timeline and drew pictures to jog their memory when presenting to the class.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video


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Light quiz

5th November - Today the children have been practising peer assessment techniques when revisiting vocabulary.

Exploring mood - 4th November

17th October - Long division challenge

16th October - Today we kicked off our new writing unit on instructions by exploring algorithms and following a recipe for Pumpkin soup.

8th October 2020 - This week the children have been learning how to divide 3 and 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. They all worked really hard, and I look forward to seeing how much they remember during retrieval practice over the next few months.

5.10.20 Class Netball

2nd October - Light investigation - Today we learnt about reflection and refraction. We investigated the laws of reflection and measured how the angle of reflection and the angle of incidence are related.

2nd October 2020 - This week, we have been learning how to solve longer multiplication problems. In order to achieve mastery, we must be able to spot mistakes in other people's calculations, and determine the misconception that they may have. Miss Stafford likes to show us examples of this in class to make sure we do not encounter the same errors. Here is an optional task where you can check calculations and determine the errors made.

National Poetry day - today we have been exploring Miss Wilson's vast collection of poetry books. The children have also created their own poems which I am sure they will enjoy sharing with you at home.

30th September 2020 - Mixed operations challenge. Last week, we learnt about mixed operations in maths. Can you add the brackets in the equations below?

Friday 25th September - Today, we discussed how shadows were formed. Using their newly acquired knowledge, the children were able to explain at what points of the day their shadow would be shortest and when it would be longest. They also found that the closer a light source is to an opaque object, the larger the shadow is cast from that object.

Quiz relating to this week's learning:


1)What is a life cycle?

2) What is the life cycle of most mammals such as dogs?

3)What is the life cycle of an amphibian?

4)What is the life cycle of many insects such as a butterfly?

5) Describe the human life cycle


1) Why has Peterborough seen a large increase in its population since 1950?

2) Name the 4 strands of physical geography.

3) Name the 4 strands of human geography. 


Convert the following:


2) 559



The Tigers class is taught by Miss Wilson (Monday and Tuesday) and Miss Stafford (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). 


Remember: The Year 6 school day will now be from 9:10am - 3:30pm.


PE will be on a Monday.



Please ensure that you wear your PE kit to school every Monday. We will not be getting changed prior to the lesson. This is an important part of our school curriculum and we encourage all children to take part. Appropriate PE kit consists of a white t-shirt, black or blue shorts or jogging bottoms and suitable footwear such as trainers or plimsolls.


Home Learning this year is going to be slightly different. It will consist of weekly tasks set on both TTRockstars and Spelling Shed. Your log in information will be sent out to you by the end of the first week back. Some additional home learning tasks or projects may be set at additional times throughout the year.


As was the case last year, individual reading records will not be given to children in Year 5 and 6. Instead there will be a class reading diary with individual pages for each child to track the books that they have read when they have finished them. Raffle tickets and prizes will still be in place for UKS2 and Miss Reed will be in charge of this.


Overview of Autumn 1


We are looking forward to an action-packed first half term with you all. We have some fantastic learning opportunities lined up, kick-started by our first History topic - The Titanic. This was a HUGE hit with the children last year and we are thoroughly excited to enjoy exploring the events that occurred on 14th April 1912 with you, too. 


In English, we will be immersing ourselves in the classic novel 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. To introduce this text, we will be starting off with our own version of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, before spending the rest of Autumn 1 following the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and into the bonkers world that is Wonderland!


In Maths, we will be studying number and place value, ensuring that we are secure with numbers to ten million. This will then be followed by revision of the four operations. Please come and speak to us if you have any questions about concepts or methods taught in class if you wish to support your child at home.


A gentle reminder: if you wish to provide your child with extra revision materials, please do not use previous SATs papers as these will be used for assessment throughout the school year. 


Please keep an eye on our class page for updates and snapshots of our learning!  laugh

Psssssssssst! Here's a sneak peek at our wonderful new reading tree. We have some new, beautiful books just waiting to be read by you!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party 4/9/20

How has Peterborough and Eye changed through history? 10.9.20