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Yeast Experiment 16/3/18

Interviews in Tiger Class. 23/2/18

Tigers had some visitors! 19/1/18

Trench Sounds Expressed

'Why did the world go to war... Twice?'



Our topic this term is ‘Why Did the World Go to War Twice?’ where we will be learning about the First and Second World Wars. After introducing the children to World War One, we move onto focusing on The Holocaust and how events that occurred from 1939-1945 changed the world we live in.


Our main texts in English will be The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne which discusses very sensitive issues related to The Holocaust in a child-friendly manner and The Diary of Anne Frank where we will use a BBC documentary series to write a biography about her life.


In Maths, we will spend the first few weeks learning about the units not covered in the Autumn term and then we will move on to SATs revision where we will revise all aspects of the Mathematics curriculum in smaller revision groups.


The trip this term will be to The Holocaust Centre where the children will experience The Journey exhibition which is targeted towards children. The exhibition tells the stories of Jewish children who lived during the 1930s and Second World War and who survived. The children follow the story of a young boy and have the unique opportunity to the listen to a survivor’s story and to ask them questions.


Homework will include 10 minute activities for both grammar and mathematics each week. It is imperative that the children complete their homework as they will be used as a teaching tool during lessons. Homework is due in on Mondays and distributed on a Wednesday.


I look forward to another great term with Tigers, 

Mrs Duffy

Northern Lights pictures inspired by The Snow Queen. 8/11/17

Dramatic Freeze Framing 6/11/17

Fire Circle 3/11/17

English Soundscapes 3/11/17

Science: How do we see? 3/11/17

Great Cressingham 16/10/17


We had a fantastic time at Great Cressingham Victorian School this week where we learnt about school life in the Victorian times by taking on the role of a poor Victorian child.


When we arrived at the school, the Ma'am (Mrs North) greeted us by ringing the school bell and ordered us to line up (in two lines for boys and girls) in height order. Before entering the school, the boys dothed their caps and the girls curtsied. The Ma'am showed us what school was like in 1897 by teaching us the three R's (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic), singing and outdoor games including Whip and Top (which was similar to a spinning top) and Hoop and Stick (which involved keeping a hoop rolling for as long as possible).


By lunchtime, we had worked up an appetite and feasted on a true Victorian lunch of bread, cheese, cake, fruit and water. 


In the afternoon, we were split into boys and girls (just like in the Victorian times) and the girls learnt needlework and the boys did observational drawings of real-life objects. At the end of the day, we had the chance to use dip pens and ink to practise our best handwriting. It was more difficult than we first thought and there were a few ink disasters!


Overall, it was a fantastic day and we learnt that school life was very different in 1897 to what it is today. 

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Useful Information

PE is on a Thursday, so please ensure kit is in school.


Homework is distributed on a Wednesday and should be handed in the following Monday.



'How Vile were the Victorians?'


This term we are learning about the Victorians who lived during the reign of Queen Victoria. Our focus includes: the chronology of Victorian Britain; life as a child during this time; how schooling differed to today; the British Empire and Victorian London. Our artwork will be inspired by William Morris and his work in the textiles industry and in Design and Technology we will be creating bridges influenced by Brunel. 


In English, we are using several texts/visual stimuli to inspire the children's writing and will initially be starting with Street Child by Berlie Doherty where the children will write a diary entry, a book review and an alternative chapter to the story. In Maths, we are continuing our learning by using Maths No Problem. We will start with number and place value in the first half of the term.


I look forward to a fantastic term with the new Tigers class,


Mrs Duffy

Circuit Making 3.10.17

Church Harvest Festival 2/10/17

Golden Winner! 29.09.17

Mixed Operations Actions 22/9/17

English Freeze Frames 13/9/17

Design Technology: Bridges based on Isambard Kingdom Brunel's design. 8/9/17

The new Tigers are already hard at work! 6/9/17

Shoe Scramble! 6/9/17