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As you  know, our new topic is Ancient Egypt. Having worked incredibly hard in school for the past few weeks,  Mrs Selves and I decided we wanted to see your creative sides. This week's homework asked you to either bake a traditional Egyptian recipe (similar to those that we have discussed from the wedding of Rhodopis and Amasis) or make a sarcophagus. 


The results were incredible and we can't thank you enough for the efforts you have all made. We would like to give extra thanks to all of the support the children have received at home to make these things. Especially, on a weekend as beautiful as it was.


We hope you had a lot of fun making them! Here are some photos of your creations.

Homework 9.5.16 Baking and DT

Woburn Safari Park


On Wednesday 9th March, Year 3  braved the bad weather and went to Woburn Safari Park. Despite the rain, we had a wonderful, exciting and educational day!


First, we went on a guided safari tour where we saw many of the carnivores and some herbivores too, who were living on the African plains. Driving through the monkey enclosure, we were worried we might be bringing a new pupil back to school with a monkey who tried to stow away on top of the coach. Luckily for us, he jumped off. (We don't think a monkey would be very helpful in Zebra Class, or ready to learn).


Miss Donkin was very excited to see the North American Black Bears and the Timber Wolves. We all practised our best wolf howl and we even got to see the bears playing. Our coach had to stop because one bear was walking very slowly across the road.


After lunch, we walked around the safari park and got to see the penguins, squirrel monkeys and sea lions. When we put our hand in front of the glass, the penguins would follow our fingers thinking they were fish. (Don't worry we didn't tap or disturb them!)


To end the day, we had a rainforest talk from a park expert. In this talk, she taught us about animal habitats and adaptation. We even got to stroke a snake.


We had an incredible time and hope you enjoy a selection of our favourite photos from the day.

Welcome back, Zebras!


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. This term we will be starting our new topic, 'Saving the World', where we will be thinking about the key question: What would happen if the rainforest vanished?


All of us in Zebras can't wait to get started with our first text, Awongalema, where we will be transforming a traditional African tale and rewriting it in a new, rainforest setting. 


This term, there are many new things to look forward to. On Wednesday afternoons we will be focusing on cookery and creating a menu of predominately savoury dishes. 


Miss Donkin, Mrs Cluer, Miss Maybin and Miss Addy :)


Welcome, Zebra Class!


Almost Christmas. Well done for working so hard and making this a wonderful, enjoyable term.


Everyone in Year 3 Zebras would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Make sure to fill your 'tums' with lots of delicious food and enjoy every minute of it. 


May peace be with you and all of your family and friends, 


Miss Donkin, Mrs Cluer, Miss Maybin, Miss Addy

Christmas Parent cafe

Thank you to everybody who attended our parent cafe. The children really enjoyed it and it was lovely to have so many of you able to participate. Hopefully, those of you that were unable to come will be able to join us in the new year in our next parent drop in for our WOW day. Above are some photos of the afternoon. We hope you enjoy looking at them. 

Zebras Become Eco Artists

During Eco, Zebras have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy and tried to create their own Art using natural resources in the KS1 area. Their creations were fantastic and they worked cooperatively to become brilliant Eco Artists! Well done, Zebras!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Year 3 have had a fantastic week learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We designed our own chocolate bars and we created a drama about  what would happen when a character ate the chocolate bar. We imagined characters shrinking, blasting off into space and turning blue. 


Later on in the week, we wrote poems called 'Down the Chocolate River' and we used our imagination to describe the experience our senses would have if we were in a chocolate factory. Willy Wonka would have been proud.


On Friday, in Maths, we used our knowledge of measure to follow a recipe and bake a delicious batch of cupcakes. They were scrumptious. (Miss Donkin was mean and made us wait until home time to eat them. )


Our work and photographs will be displayed outside of Zebra Classroom. Please do come and have a look.



Art for scavengers and settlers

Scavengers and Settlers


Burwell update: Thursday morning - a few tears at bed time last night but, judging by the noise from the bedrooms, they're all feeling better!


Thursday evening - we've been outside almost all day, so we're looking forward to dinner and a relaxing evening.


Zebra parents - apologies, but I'm having trouble updating photos to the Zebra page. I can get them to load on the Penguin page, so please check there! Thank you.

Burwell Photos