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Music and Drama

Mrs Shields is the lead for Music and Drama. If you have any questions or need any advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch with her!

At Eye CE Primary School, we believe that children should be encouraged to explore music freely; become immersed in the wonder of its form; and appreciate the beauty and technicality of composition. We aim to provide our children with inspirational, enjoyable and exciting musical experiences that leave an impact and spark their enthusiasm for the subject.


It is also important to give children the confidence to be themselves. Within our English curriculum, we explore drama techniques to help children speak in front of each other through discussions, presentations, performances, role play/improvisations and debates. We also explore deeper drama techniques in our after school drama club and through our participation in the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

We are exceptionally lucky to have access to an incredible musical platform to assist with our music learning. Charanga is a scheme of work that exposes the children to a wide variety of musical genres assisting with their understanding of the history of music, while encouraging evaluation and appreciation of great composers and musicians. It also gives opportunity for improvisation and composition within its units.


Charanga splits each of its units up to allow the children to access each element of required learning as directed by the National Curriculum.

1. The first step in the unit is listening and appraising a given piece of music.

2. This is then always followed by our musical activities – including warm up games, singing, playing instruments, improvisation and composition

3. Finally, there is a performing element, which can be done in front of the rest of the class or a wider audience.


This progression allows the children time and a safe space to practice and develop their skills.


The diagram below shows the skills taught and practiced in each year group. As the children move up through the school, they develop each skill and add new ones through the interrelated dimensions of music.

Year 4 singing Mamma Mia

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Each unit begins with the children becoming familiar with a song. They then introduce instruments to accompany their vocals, and have the opportunity to improvise and perform composed sections throughout the piece.

In addition to this, we work closely with the Peterborough Music Hub to ensure the children, of all age groups, access and learn how to play musical instruments. Professional music teachers come to us and teach us accuracy, fluency, control and expression of instruments including the recorder, j-sax, guitar and more.

Year 4 - j-sax

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Drama at Eye takes place mainly in our English lessons. As part of our Talk for Writing approach to teaching English, we often ask the children to role play, hot seat, re-enact moments from text etc. This helps them truly get into the texts and investigate characters thoroughly and in as much detail as they can

Drama in English, C4L and RE

Shakespeare Week

This year every year group took part in Shakespeare week. Each year chose a play to look at and read as part of our daily reading sessions. Some then chose to act it out, including Year 1 who had great fun pretending to be Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream! They cast lots of mischievous spells on each other!

Next year will be our premier year taking part in the Shakespeare’s School Festival too. This will involve the rehearsal and performance of a Shakespeare play at the Key Theatre in Peterborough for some of our students! More details of this to follow!