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Miss Reed leads English at our school.  If you have any questions about the subject, ask your child's class teacher or contact Miss Reed directly and they will endeavour to answer any queries.


What is our Vision?


To inspire children to develop a love for reading, writing and speaking and listening in a way that provides them with lifelong skills to be successful in whatever choices they make. 


 Here at Eye C of E Primary School, we are dedicated to providing exciting experiences to allow children to develop and achieve in English. We use Pie Corbett's approach of 'Talk for Writing' to drive our teaching of writing and also Pie Corbett’s approach of ‘Talk for Reading’ to allow children to progress in their reading skills. 


Below is an outline of the skills that are taught in each year group. You will see that these skills are progressive and we ensure that our English curriculum constantly allows children to be building on their prior learning.