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Our CPD portfolio

Our dedicated team of staff are always busy out and about promoting a love of learning and sharing fantastic (effective and proven) practice!

Below is a sample of our track record!  

25.9.21- Miss Wilson and Miss Stafford attend ResearchEd21 in Nottingham, hearing from the likes of Oliver Caviglioli and Nimish Lad!

'Making Every Word Count'- INSET training 2.9.20

Over 2020-2021, we are focusing on one of our core curriculum domains of 'vocabulary'.  In this training, we explored early language acquisition, research on closing the word gap and key strategies to support our teaching and learning in this crucial area. 

Official picture from #EducatingNorthants

23.4.19 - INSET - 'Irresistible Learning: building a culture of curriculum excellence'.  This action-packed day took us on a journey through current curriculum thinking, design and Rosenshine!


30.3.19- Miss Wilson, Miss Stafford and Miss Lemin attend #Educating Northants conference (yes, on a Saturday!) to meet some of their educational heroes! 


13.3.19 - 'Catching up with Creativity' - A practical TWILIGHT session which allowed for teachers to explore a text through the mediums of dance, drama and music. 


13.2.19 - Optimising learning using Retrieval Practice- 'Making it Stick'.


6.2.19- Cognitive Load: Strategies and theory to support excellence in teaching and learning. 




ART ATTACK! Twilight training 17/10/18... We have been busy 'brushing up' on our art skills!

25/4/18 Phonics training led by our very own Mrs Gregg!

The team are busy getting to grips with split digraphs!

8.3.18 An Introduction to the Singapore Approach to Maths @ Diocese HQ in Northampton

7.3.18 EYFS-Y6 Writing Moderation @ Eye with local schools

 31.1.18 Reading Training @ Orton Wistow 


23.1.18 Twilight Writing training @ St. Michael's, Peterborough


8.1.18 Putting the Glamour into Grammar @ All Saints Primary 


3.1.18 Writing INSET @ St. Pauls Primary in Spalding


6.12.17  Year 6 Writing Moderation @ Eye with local schools


30.11.17 Hosting table top discussion @ Peterborough Primary Heads & Year 6 Leaders working together to raise combined KS2 scores Autumn Conference (and what a lot of visitors we've had to Eye since smiley)


28.11.17 Presentation to the Diocese Head Teacher's Briefing regarding Eye's Journey


1.11.17 Cooperative Learning @ Peakirk Primary 


17.10.17 Investigating Alternative Reading Approaches @ All Saints Primary 


Singapore approach to maths 28.9.17

Mrs Duffy lead another team in exploring the approach and developing their problem solving skills.  A lovely afternoon!  Thank you to everyone who attended. smiley

Spelling training 13.9.17 - Raising attainment and engagement via spelling investigations and fun strategies

INSET- Developing Thinking Skills 4.9.17

The staff at Eye and All Saints have been busy exploring 5 dimensions of thinking skills: creativity, learning modalities, cognitive processes, dispositions and enquiry methods.

The wonder of Science!

Science Training 

Teachers are busy exploring the small questions, investigations and BIG ideas of Science.

June 28th 2017 Reading Training @ Peakirk 

Exploring alternative approaches to traditional guided reading.

Introduction to Singapore Maths Course 1/3/17 @ Eye. The team get stuck into Tangram teasers and investigate the CPA approach.

25th January 2017 - Team Builders and Class Builders in full swing! Engaging in Cooperative Learning @ All Saints Primary

25/1/17 and 1/2/17

We went to All Saints Primary to share our experiences with implementing Cooperative Learning via active workshops looking at key afl strategies and structures for raising engagement and participation.

A busy team exploring how to bring tricky grammar to life through active, transferable and engaging strategies and structures.

Thursday 19th January 2017

We have worked with the Peterborough LA to run an active and practical session on delivering the Greater Depth Writing Interim Framework.

Wednesday 7th December 2016

We have worked in partnership with the LA and local Peterborough schools to host and lead an exciting full day Year 6 Reading Course for Year 6 Staff and English Leaders.