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'I came to give life, life in all its fullness' (John 10:10)

A curriculum for excellence and irresistible learning that sticks.

Curriculum Statement

At Eye we are passionate about preparing our children by equipping them with life-long, transferable skills and knowledge for an undetermined future.  We aim to take our children beyond expectation, offering an inclusive curriculum, which provides a range of opportunities to participate and excel within and beyond the school day, and live life in all its fullness; in the fullness of God. 

Through expert direction and teaching, we endeavor to enable them to experience inspirational learning opportunities, which allow them to be challenged and stimulated at all levels and build skills and knowledge for life.

The progress of every child is carefully and regularly monitored to ensure that teachers are aware of, and plan for, the needs of each individual child.

Our definition of The Curriculum is all the activities that we plan, organise and deliver in order to facilitate the development of our pupils, their learning, their personal growth and an understanding of British values. Whilst our curriculum includes the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, it also aims to provide a range of experiences to enhance and enrich learning and development of all.

We want our children to embrace our vision and values in order to create responsible and respectful citizens of the future.

All children have a right to a broad, balanced and relevant education, which provides excitement, challenge, continuity and progression and considers individual differences.  In Eye School, we aim to provide a curriculum that is appropriate to the needs and abilities of all our children.  We plan our teaching and learning and organise our curriculum in such a way that we motivate every child to reach for the highest level of personal achievement.

Our aim is to do this through a curriculum which:

  • Establishes a mutually supportive partnership in which parents, carers, governors and staff share responsibility for the education of our children;
  • Puts reading and vocabulary at the heart;
  • Ensures that knowledge is cumulative year on year;
  • Promotes tolerance, honesty and respect for a diversity of cultures, values, beliefs and abilities through our strong Christian values;
  • Creates a caring community of learners where every child feels safe and valued;
  • Ensures that all children have appropriate and equal access to the curriculum;
  • Instils a love of learning through rich and varied experiences which will continue throughout life;
  • Develops enquiring minds;
  • Builds skill progression across all subject areas and children respect each subject in its own right;
  • Encourages the confidence and desire to assess and take appropriate risks.

Curriculum Excellence and Irresistible Learning

Eye Primary School strives to be a centre for excellence in all areas of the curriculum with the school at the heart of the local community.

This is a community contract; these circles of support, trust and mutual accountability are underpinned by the core Christian values upheld by pupil, teacher (school), parent and church.

Our curriculum is connected between the teaching, learning and opportunity for transferable knowledge, skills, experience and vocabulary that enable each of our pupils to flourish.  We are, as a collective, responsible for ensuring that we uphold these values and teach them through the four domains of our curriculum for excellence. The British Values are also integrated within the teaching of our Christian Values.

At each stage of the learning, we use talk led, active, metacognitive and collaborative approaches to support the learning journey and approaches underpinned by cognitive science and Rosenshine’s Principles of effective instruction.

We believe in a methodology that will move our learners from shallow learning to deep learning and then profound learning.  The approach requires that our children need to have real and purposeful experiences (or ‘hook’) of a key construct/concept in order to become enthused and engage with it.  From this, the children then need to have the opportunity to play within the construct/concept at all ages.  This includes daily retrieval practice and short burst games and activities to support fluency and confidence.   The learning then will progress to using the learning and practising it in context via practical application, before developing the learning using so that our children can explain and ‘teach’ their learning to another as evidence of internalising and embedding the learning. We then endeavour to connect the learning across the curriculum and provide opportunities for children to apply their learning to other contexts.  This, in our view, is the true evidence of profound learning for all our pupils with the shared ambition that the learning is irresistible and  ‘sticks’ and stays with them forever.

Our Teaching and Learning Model

Teaching and Learning at Eye

What is the research grounding to our initial curriculum design and pedagogy?

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