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Jaguars - Year 6

While the other year 6 children are away, we have been learning some practical skills. We learned how to change a car tyre and how to check the oil level.

Peterborough Safety Challenge...Today (16.6.16) we have been busy visiting Dogsthorpe Fire Station and learning about the importance of staying safe in all sorts of different circumstances.

My Money Week 2016

Eye Entrepeneur £5 Challenge/ 'My Money Week' Class Enterprises... Thank you to everyone who attended (and bought lots!)...

As part of 'My Money Week' we have been really busy using our budgeting skills!

Chick visit! Today we have been very lucky to have a chick invasion where we are learning about life-cycles and how little chicks are nurtured.

Our wonderful sketches inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven'. Here we edited and redrafted our sketches, responding to feedback from our peers...just as we do for writing!

Welcome back after the half term break!  We have a very busy final term ahead of us!


In the following weeks, we will be looking at superheroes and producing some super writing; auditioning and rehearsing for our school play 'The Amazing Adventures of SuperStan'; learning about the European Union and participating in the EU debate; completing our fiver challenge as part of 'My Money Week'; transition events and 'Healthy Me Week'.


...And if that wasn't enough, we have PGL! smiley


What a lot to look forward to!

The Kingdom of Benin

Now that our SAT's are over, we are moving our learning towards 'The Kingdom of Benin'. Today we cooked an authentic West African dish called 'Jaloff Rice' which is a flavoursome spiced rice dish. Our taste buds were well and truly tantalised!...

We are learning to work algebraically participating in some fun, concrete learning to help us grasp some tricky concepts...

Where have you read a good book lately?

Our fantastic trip to The National Holocaust Centre in Laxton, Nottingham. We couldn't take pictures inside the centre, but we can share our memories of the memorial garden.

Can prejudice ever be justified?


Over the next term, we will investigate what the term 'prejudice' means.  


During Spring 1, we will step back into the 1940's and be asking 'what was it like to be a child during WWII?'  Our learning will begin with looking at Anne Frank and the Holocaust.  We will then contrast this by exploring what it was like to be a British Evacuee during WWII.  Alongside this, we will be busy exploring: Morse code; Gas Masks; Anderson Shelters; Blitz art; discovering the countries of allies and the axis; listening to wartime music; making a ration recipe and much more!


During Spring 2 we will move away from the context of World War II and look to significant figures in World history who fought for equality.

KS2 tests 2016

A short video to give outline information about the new National Curriculum tests. A downloadable version is available from

We have been enjoying using our 'group learning roles' across all curriculum subjects this half term!

We have been dissecting as part of our Science learning on the body.

Snuggle up with a book and tell me about your reading treasures...

Georgia, Aston and Thaiyane solved this problem on the megaboard. Can you?

Children solved problems on the MEGA BOARD.

Caitlin preparing interview questions in her role as reporter for the school newspaper.

We wanted to learn how and why heart-rate is affected by exercise. Only one thing for it... Start running!

Let's hope we can find a pulse!