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Kangaroos - Year 5

During our 'Bible Explorers' lesson we enjoyed acting out some of the stories

Look at the decorative jars we made and sold for 'My Money Week' - Year 5 raised £63.50!

Wow Day - Year 5 Going for Gold Olympics!

Kangaroos celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday

A mile with a smile... :)

03.03.16 - World Book Day

Viking Wow Day


On Wednesday 2nd March, Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic learning experience with a Viking visitor. They had a great time learning about the Viking way of life. Our Viking visitor said, "Last year I visited over 120 schools, out of all of them, you have been the best behaved and most enthused group I've come across with some budding actors. This all made my day enjoyable too!" The teachers would like to say a huge thank you to both the children and their parents/carers, for the outstanding effort made with costumes, shields and weapons. Year 5 are now fully immersed in their new topic.  

25.02.16 - end of topic 'Where in the World' Quiz - Winners were: Keen Kangaroos!

23.02.16 Searching for clues as to what our English text was - children discovered it was Traditional Tales

Meerkats and Kangaroos have had a fantastic end to the week with a lovely pyjama party! Have an enjoyable and safe half term year 5! 

Pyjama Party

Today we worked in our co-operative groups and chose names for our groups (3.02.16 )

Mind Blowing AELSS.5
Super Brainstormers
Perfect Group
Keen Kangaroos
Wrecking Balls
The Umbreons

Paper Mâché Globes

In Art this week we have been making a paper mâché globe of planet Earth!

Learning the water cycle through actions

Still image for this video

Wow Day! 5th January 2016 - Topic Launch with parents 😀

Where in the World?

During the start of the spring term, Year 5 will be exploring the topic of ‘Our World’. We will be focusing on geographical aspects of this topic such as continents, oceans, countries and the physical features. Through exploration of our local area we will make comparisons between Eye and a contrasting locality. In RE we will be learning ‘What can the stories and deities tell us about Hindus beliefs about God?’ and in PSHE we will focus on ‘Good to be me.’


We look forward to discovering what the children already know about the world we live in and what they are keen to learn more about.


Year 5 Team

Year 5 ready for Space Launch!

DT/English - Biscuit Making!

Parent Cafe - 2nd December

Say no to bullying!

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Science - Testing Gravity

Design and Technology - Space Biscuits


As part of our D.T. work connected to our topic of space this term we are embarking on a project which involves designing and making our own space biscuits. In preparation for this we looked at the characteristics that make a 'good' biscuit. We considered appearance, smell texture and of course - taste!

Biscuit Tasting!

Busy! Busy! Busy!


Kangaroos have been busy again! During 'No Pen Day' we had a pen amnesty in the classroom (see photo) - even Mrs White was banned! We managed a whole day of learning without writing anything down - It was hard! You don't realise how much you need to write as part of your day. Even poor Cameron had to take his dinner menu to the office and ask them to write his name on it because he'd forgotten the day before and that day he couldn't! Luckily the office were still allowed to use pens! Even without pens/pencils we still learned lots! In the afternoon we had a Learning Forum and we talked lots about our learning and discussed what had gone well this week and what we would like to improve as a class.


We have also been working hard this week writing our information text about our chosen planet and a few can be seen below. In maths we've been using protractors to measure angles and found this a little tricky! 



No Pen Day!

Information Texts on Planets

What have we been up to?


In Kangaroos this week we have been very busy. In Maths we have been looking at area and perimeter and have been measuring various areas around school. We discovered we definitely have the smallest classroom! During English we have been learning about using parenthesis (commas, brackets and dashes) and researching our chosen planet in preparation for our information text which we will write about next week. As part of Science we looked at the different phases of the moon and over the coming lunar month will be keeping a moon diary! Lastly in Eco we had great fun around school finding natural items to produce pieces of art Andy Goldsworthy style. 

What lies between the stars?

Throughout the autumn term, Year 5 will be launching themselves into outer space. During this exciting term in our science lessons we will be finding out all about the effects of gravity, movement in space and the solar system. Already the children have enjoyed astronaut training, space food tasting and rocket investigations. In RE we will be learning “Why is Jesus an inspirational leader?” and in PSHE we will focus on New beginnings.”

This will be an exciting start to the year that we are sure the children will love.

Miss Sund and Mrs White

Year 5 'Wow Day' - Astronaut Training!