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Pandas - Year 4

Distance Learning for Pandas (Y4)


Please scroll below to access our distance learning resources to complete in your 'Distance Learning Journals'. 


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Please find your summer term distance learning below:

Week 8 of Summer 2

Wow!  What a year we have had Pandas.  It was so lovely to see so many of you in our transition meetings last week. blush

There are two days left until the end of term. Below are your final tasks to complete.  There are also some resources for over the summer holidays, too.

Do not forget to take part in Bookman's reading challenge!  There is also a painted pebble activity for our special memory path.


I have also loaded a very special Collective Worship service for you all from St. Matthew's Church.  Take a look below!


Although our time has been cut short, I am so lucky that I will get to see you all next year.  My favourite things have been teaching you swimming and writing.  You have been such a fun class, and you have certainly kept me on my toes!


Thank you for the memory.

Have a lovely summer, and stay safe. xx 

Eye Primary School End of Year Church Service July 2020

A special end of year Church Service for Eye Primary School children, staff and parents at St. Matthew's Church. God bless you all and have a lovely summer!

Summer Holiday Pebble Challenge

National Trust 50 things to do! How many can you complete over the summer?

Wellbeing activity book of ideas

Week 7 of summer 2


I am pleased to announce the safe arrival of Mrs Stewart's baby boy! :-)


This week we will be revising and practising different areas of our maths learning over the year.  There are also some activities for you to prepare for moving into year 5. 


You will also notice that we have our own virtual Mini-Olympics competition, so please send in your scores.  There are certificates for Bronze, Silver and Gold winners from Mr Webster!


I have also uploaded your summer reading challenge from Bookman.  Your new teachers will mention this in your Zoom meetings this week.  Check your email carefully detailing your time and date. 


I look forward to seeing you all virtually!  Have a lovely week Pandas! laugh


Miss Wilson 

Declan has worked super hard on his 'Introducing Me' work. Take a look at his work below:

**WOW** Daisie has written a fantastic poem! 16.7.20

Self Portraits by Alfie and Ava B 13.7.20

Phoebe the Olympian is already practising!

Week 6 of summer 2

This week we are going to step back in time and revisit the history that we have explored over the year. In maths, we will explore mass, volume and length. 

Have a wonderful week Pandas and please do send us through your updates! smiley

Week 5 of summer 2

This week we will be recapping our geography learning over the year and investigating symmetry in our mathematics, before moving onto mass at the end of the week. 

Remember to check out Bookman's new message to you (link is above).

Daniel has been busy enjoying his Geography :-)

26.6.20- Alfie has really enjoyed writing his spy story! Have a read below!

22.6.20- Declan has also been completing some writing using the Oak Academy Lessons (above!). Super Writing Declan!

Week 4 of summer 2

**Daily Dose of French**

Week 3 of summer 2

This week we are looking at area and perimeter in maths, starting a new English writing unit and be sure to scroll down for a French refresher!  

Mrs Shields is also very keen to get us battling in TTRS, so let's make sure that we we win Pandas!

Please send us in your pictures and give us your updates; we are missing you all SO MUCH!

Miss Wilson and Mrs Stewart smiley



TT Rockstars Challenge

On Monday, at 8.10 am, a challenge will begin!

Dolphins vs Pandas

The class with the most points at the end of the challenge will be the winning class!

Challenge ends at 8.10pm on Sunday 21st June!

Come on Pandas! Get rocking!

17.6.20 - Henry and Ava are working hard and missing you all! We do too!

Ava practising some French greetings with her mummy.

Still image for this video
Bonjour Pandas!

Week 2 of summer 2

This week, we are going to be continuing our money topic in maths and revise our science learning over the year. 

Week 1 of summer 2 

This week in our RE learning, we will be exploring how faith, or a person's spiritual ideas, are expressed through The Arts. We will also be beginning our new maths unit on money.  

Week 5 of summer 1

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Thursday 21st May 2020

Friday 22nd May 2020

The Water Cycle Song

22/05/2020 Henry has enjoyed learning about 'The Water Cycle' this week and conducting his experiments!

19/05/20-20/05/20 Phoebe's experiments based on 'The Water Cycle'. Here, she is observing the changing states of matter and making her own model water cycle!

Week 4 of summer 1


12.5.20- Sarra has been meeting a horse on her daily walks, so it has inspired her to write about him!

Week 3 of summer 1

Don't miss out on Bookman's *NEW* reading challenge!

Jacob's big VE day bake! (He also kindly shared it with the local residents!)

Ava-Mae's VE Day baking

Henry's Wartime Treats

7.5.20 Alfie has made his authentic Bread and Butter VE Day Pud! Yum!

7.5.20- Phoebe is ready to get baking! #VEday2020

6.5.20 Adam is showing our value of 'compassion' by showing kindness towards his brother and helping him out with his school work, too!

6.5.20- Alfie reflects on the song 'The White Cliffs of Dover' and draws it as he imagines it.

4.5.20- Phoebe is busy designing her VE Day party invitation!

Week 2 of summer 1

1.5.20- Henry has been busy with his Science learning this week!

1.5.20 Tayla has been busy looking after these lockdown pups!

30/04/20 Ava and Declan have been finding out lots of facts about different animals! Well done!

28.04.20 Megan practising playing her keyboard!

Still image for this video
Week 1 of summer 1

Monday 20th April 2020

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Friday 24th April 2020

Friday's music challenge! Experimenting with 'Lean on Me' and composing lyrics!

Still image for this video
I've had a go at the chorus, can you help me out with the rest of the lyrics please Pandas?

Phoebe really misses going shopping!

Still image for this video

24.4.20 Henry gets creative with his lyric composition!

24.4.20 Daisie sings about her 9am workouts with Joe Wicks!

Still image for this video
I'm sure that this will make you all smile!

23.4.20- St George's Day Dragon by Oscar

22.4.20- Megan explores patterns in today's maths. Did you all get 21?

21.4.20 Ava-Mae writes her informal letter.

20.4.20 **Wow!** Beautiful singing from the birthday girl!

Still image for this video

Our spring term distance learning and class learning can be found below:


Henry has been busy this Easter!

Phoebe reads the Prime Minister's letter to her family

1.4.20 Jacob has been busy baking some delicious cakes today! He measured everything himself and followed a recipe. Yum!

It is SO wonderful to see the Pandas working hard. Many thanks for the updates I have really enjoyed receiving these! :-)

Well done Alfie! Great to see you working hard :-)

Distance learning booklet issued 19.3.20 by your class teacher.

Monday 23rd March 2020

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Thursday 26th March 2020

Monday 30th March 2020

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Spring 2020 Y4 Curriculum Newsletter

A few from our Spring Learning

We had great fun investigating the app Chatterpix and bringing the crayons to life! #NationalStorytellingWeek #Crayonshavequit

4.2.20 *Wow!* It's National Storytelling Week and we were thrilled to read our recent stories to Chimps Class (Y2).

We are learning to play the JSAX!

Geography 26.11.19- We have been busy exploring climate and extreme temperatures on Earth. We discussed why the North and South poles are the coldest, and why places near the equator are the hottest.

A few from our Autumn Learning

We had an AMAZING time at Cadbury World, bringing 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' to life!

We tempered chocolate, had a go at writing using chocolate and of course (most importantly)... TASTED chocolate! YUM!

CADBURY WORLD TRIP 6th November 2019

Neal Zetter Poetry Visit Workshop

Soundscape from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' - '...freezing cold drafts blew across the floor all night long...'

Still image for this video

Yummy chocolate to hook us this morning!

Still images based on the opening chapter of our core text.