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Hedgehogs and Squirrels - Foundation

Pirate Day

We had a great time at our Foundation Stage graduation.

In our maths lessons this week we have been learning to count in 2s. We learnt a catchy song. Here is the link so you can listen and practice at home too.  

As part of our topic on transport Miss Robinson's friend James brought his Harley Davidson motorbike in. We asked lots of questions and enjoyed listening to how loud it was. Have a look at the display of some of our observational drawings in our classroom. They are fantastic.

Hedgehogs trip to Moor Farm. Here are some of the pictures from our brilliant day of being real farmers! Look out for more photos on tapestry over the weekend.

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a fabulous Easter break. Look at all of our clever writers. They have been so keen to write about what they did over the holidays. Fantastic writing!

Look at the lovely display we have made in our Art area. We used everyone's observational drawings to make this crowd of faces. Can you see who is who.

"Pants" by Nick Sharratt

Still image for this video
We have been learning about rhymes and poetry and this was one of our favourite rhyming stories. See if you can join in.

We have been learning about how to stay safe in lots of different ways this week. We shared the story of "Chicken Clicking". The story tells of a chick who learns to use the internet and decides to find a friend. At the end she finds out that the little chick she thought she was meeting was really a fox. This led to lots of discussion about online safety. Ask your child all about it.

This is how we learn

PE in Foundation

Half Term ESA Disco

Dog safety visit

This morning Hedgehogs and Squirrels had a visit from Nat from Wood Green Animal shelter. She taught us all about how to be safe around dogs and when and how to stroke them. 


Nat taught us three safety steps for how to behave around strange dogs. 


Step one - Always ask the owner if you can stroke their dog. 

Step two - Hold out you hand so the dog can sniff you first. 

Step three - Stroke the dog in the shoulder. 


More information can be found on the Wood Green website. 






Watch out for the anaconda! This afternoon Hedgehogs had the story Class Two at the Zoo. It was about an anaconda who ate some of the children. We found out the longest anaconda was 11 metres long. We measured it and worked out how many of our children would be as long as that. Some children made an anaconda out of blocks. Sssssssssssssssssuper slithery learning

We have been learning 4 new digraph this week. Practise them at home. What can you find around the house featuring these sounds?

This morning Mrs Friel kindly brought in her pets. They were spectacular! The children were able to touch and handle the different snakes and lizards and find out all about them. The staff enjoyed it too.

6/1/17 We spent a wonderful morning exploring the frozen field and wooded area. We made trails in the grass, crunched frosty leaves in our hands and collected ice on our shoes and gloves. We talked about freezing and melting and how this happens. Back in the classroom, we warmed ourselves up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Spring Term 2017


Our topic focus next term will be looking at different types of animals, from our pets to animals around the world.


We will also be visiting a farm and looking at how animals and humans grow.



After such a fun and successful term in Autumn. We can't wait to start our new learning in the Spring!!!



From all the Staff in Foundation we just wanted to say a huge...




Thank you for all your support and help this term, we have loved the Tapestry updates and hope you have too!

We are so proud of the children this term. We think they have done so well in their first term in full time school. We have really enjoyed watching the children progress and seeing how much they have learnt! 


Thank you so much for your kind cards, gifts and Christmas wishes.


We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year!!

See you in 2017!! 



Today the kindness elves asked us to look after the birds while it is cold. We made little bird feeders and decorated a tree with them. It was exciting to see the birds waiting to come over and tuck in!

The kindness elves are visiting Foundation Stage in the build up to Christmas and encouraging the children to think of others and carry out kind acts. We have already been extra kind to our friends especially when someone is feeling lonely. Watch our class page for more kind acts in the next few days.

Our children are enjoying the travelling Nativity boxes at home. Thank you so much to the ladies who made them and brought them into school.

Please check book bags to find out your child's Nativity role 

Your child will be bringing home this letter today. It will give you information about the Nativity, the role your child will be playing and what is needed for a costume. Please have a good search in your child's book bag :) If you can not find this letter please speak to a member of Foundation Stage Team. Thanks. 

Today we had visitors in from St Matthew's church to talk about the Nativity story. The children are able to take the Nativity sets home for a night and the ladies have kindly knitted extra sheep so all the children can keep one.

Gruffalo dancing

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The children enjoyed their PE session today, where we were moving around the hall like the characters from The Gruffalo story. Look at our scary gruffalo faces!

As part of our work on fireworks we looked at the artwork of Jackson Pollock. He worked on a large scale dripping and pouring paint onto a canvas on the ground. We had great fun having a go ourselves in the outside area and produced some fantastic art work.

New resources delivered!!

It has been a very exciting day in Foundation today. We have had lots of new resources delivered. Here are just some of the exciting things we have opened up!


We have had lots of fun learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali this week. We have been learning about light and reflection and making our own diwa lamps. See if you can tell the story of Rama and Sita to your family using our story map.

We gave the Foundation Stage children a maths challenge for the half term holiday. Everyone was given 10 conkers and asked to practice their maths skills with them. Lots of children shared what they had done on Tapestry. Our online learning journal. We were so pleased with how hard they worked.

We had a great day at Nene Park. A big thank you to all our helpers who gave up their time to make this visit possible.

It's been brilliant to see so many parents signing up to Tapestry. Anyone who has sent return slips back should now have received their log in details or an email inviting them to Tapestry. (Please talk to member of staff if this hasn't happened yet)

Don't forget once you have logged in to Tapestry you can see the different activities your child has been doing at school and you have the option to like it no or leave a comment.

Tapestry also allows you to add your own pictures from home. A BIG thank you to those parents who have already started to do this. It's lovely to see what the children enjoy doing when they are at home smiley


Tapestry is really easy to use, particularly if you use the app that can be downloaded from the following links:


Apple App for IPads and IPhones


Google play for Android Tablets/ Phones 


If you haven't returned your letter or need a new letter so you can sign up please talk to a member of staff.


Thank you for your continued support smiley


Goldilocks Bear Song

Our core story this week is "Goldilocks and the three bears." We have enjoyed singing this song. Here Is the link so you can share it at home.

The Three Little Pigs

Still image for this video
We have based our learning this week on the traditional tale of "TheThree Little Pigs." Listen to this fantastic retelling and watch out for the alternative ending!

We enjoy learning the phonemes in fun ways. We have been singing songs to help us to remember the sounds and the actions. You can find the songs on YouTube if you would like to sing along at home.

We are learning our phonemes and will soon use them to make simple words in our reading and writing. Our teachers like to make our learning fun so here we are writing the letter s in sauce with sausages.

Ready to start our new learning journey!!


We can't wait to start our learning journey with our new children on Wednesday smiley

We hope you have all had a great Summer and the children are looking forward to staring school.


This half term we will be focusing on the stories about Percy the Park Keeper for the first couple of weeks, learning about friendship and working together. 



Later on in the half term we will be learning a variety of traditional tales and will be having a traditional tale trip to Nene Park (date to follow in a letter soon)




To see the main learning objectives we will be covering this term please follow the link below to see the EYFS objective overview for each term.