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Badgers - Year 1

WC 24/06/19 


English - This week we will introduce our new unit. We will be looking at an explanation text on the life cycle of a broad bean. We will become familiar with our WAGOLL and think about its key features and importance of structure.


Maths - we will begin to look at volume and capacity. We will be learning what these terms means and look at finding and comparing volume and capacity. 


Science - we will be updating our bean diary and see how much they have grown! We will also be going on a tree hunt to find and name the different trees on our school ground. 



20/06/19 DT - we created our designs on how to get water out of the well and tested them out! Will they or won't they work?

19/06/19 Geography - Making maps!

18/06/19 Science - We have been busy gardening this week. We have planted flowers and broad beans!

WC 17/06/19 

REMINDER: Sports Day is Thursday 20th June 

Children will need to come to school in their uniform and bring their PE kit with them.

English - We are innovating the Snail and the Whale by adapting the main character, changing the destination, problem and solution. We will be doing this using a story mountain, creating our own text map and working on our sentence writing in preparation for writing our adventure stories next week. The children are really enthused by this unit so please ask them at home about it, I'm sure they will be keen to tell you! 


Maths - money, money, money! This week we are learning to recognise and name different coins and notes. We are focusing on recognising them by size/colour/shape and ensuring we are using pence and pound correctly. Try to question your children about this at home and see if they can name some coins to you!  


Science - this week we will be planting a broad bean and setting up a diary to track its progress and growth. 

A well deserved treat celebrating after working really hard with their phonics!

The Months of the Year Song!

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This week we have been learning the days of the week and the months of the year. We love singing songs in Badgers and they really help us to learn and remember. Take a look and give it a try at home with your children.

12/06/19 - Geography

In geography we are learning all about the UK. We have been learning to name the 4 countries and their capital cities. We have also been exploring and looking at their flags. Today we were identifying where these countries and cities are as well as looking at the surrounding seas. 

WC 10/06/19 


This week the children will be taking part in the Phonics Screening Check. 


English - We will continue to familiarise ourselves with the  WAGOLL of The Snail and the Whale. We will be using the illustrations to retell the story as well as learning about speech and using the appropriate punctuation. We will then begin to change the story starting with the characters. 


Maths - we are continuing to work on telling the time to the o'clock and half past to ensure this is embedded.


Science - we will be going on a plant hunt to find and name different plants in our outside areas. 



5/6/19 Science - Labeling and investigating plants

4/6/19 English - Today we went on an adventure around school to get ready to write an adventure story!

WC 3/6/19


English - we are introducing our new key text 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson. We will become extremely familiar with this text and have a created actions to help us remember a reduced version of the story. Take a look and see if your child can retell it to you using the pictures and actions for support.


Maths - we are learning to tell the time to o'clock and half past. We are trying our best to tell the time as much as we can throughout the day outside of lesson time. Challenge your children to tell the time as much as they can at home. 


Science - we are learning about the parts of the plant and their function. 


Welcome Back Badgers! 


We have an exciting term ahead full of lots of exciting learning opportunities although it is bitter sweet as it is the last half-term of year 1 - how the year has flown by! 


This half-term we will be looking at our environment focusing on plants and living things. We will be investigating different plants and trees, learning about lots of mini-beasts and drawing maps of our classrooms and school grounds. 


In English we will be writing an adventure story based on the book 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson and then will be writing an explanation about life-cycles. In Maths we will learning to tell the time to o'clock and half past. Try to extend this learning at home by challenging the children to tell you the time throughout the day. 


This term all children will be taking part of the Phonics Screening so we will be doing lots of work to prepare the children for this and any extra work at home will benefit the children. 


Reminder - from 10/06/19 we will be doing PE every Monday. Please ensure your children come in with the appropriate kit. 


Here's to a fun-filled last half-term together! 


Miss Cockle 





Art - Creating Self-Portraits

Science - Five Senses Hunt

WC 13/05/19 


English - We will begin to plan our own poem by sharing our own personal experiences about what we were doing at milestones in our lives using the photos you have brought in. 


Maths - We will be finishing our work on fractions finding halves and quarters of amounts and shapes. Keep an eye out for opportunities of this at home. We will then move on to look at numbers to 100 and coming back to our learning on tens and ones. 


Science - We are continuing to look at humans by looking at the five senses and will even be going on a sense scavenger hunt! 


Phonics - the phonics screening is quickly approaching so please make sure you are practising as much as you can at home using the packs that were sent out last week. If you would like anything extra please done hesitate to contact me. 

Science - Labeling the body parts


Just a reminder that we are swimming this half term. The children will swim every MONDAY. Please ensure they bring in the appropriate swimwear. 

WC - 29/04/19 


English - we are looking at instruction writing. We will be making a jam sandwich and then writing instructions on how to do this. We will be looking to include time words, numbered steps and adverbs. 


Maths - we are looking at multiplication and division. We will need to ensure all groups are equal and knowing what this term means. For multiplication we will be thinking about how many groups there are and how many are in each group and also looking at doubling numbers. For division we will be looking at grouping numbers e.g. I have 10 sweets and I put them in groups of 2 how many groups will there be? and sharing numbers e.g. share 12 flowers into 3 vases. How many flowers will be in each vase?


Science - we are labelling our body parts and think about their uses. 


Word of the week = suspicious 

Summer Term


This half term our topic is 'Can you make me better?' which has a dual science/history focus.  We will be learning about the life of famous nurses such as Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell and we will visit Peterborough Museum on Thursday 9th May to experience life as a nurse in the past. We will find out about our bodies, focusing on the senses, naming body parts and finding out how parts of our body work and how to keep them healthy.   In English we will be writing instructions and poems.  We will now be paying special attention to our handwriting and spelling in our writing.  In maths we will be looking at multiplication and division as well as fractions.  In the first week of term we will have a 'Healthy Me' focus week when we will think about keeping mentally and physically well. 


This term all children in Year 1 will take part on the national phonics screening check - please keep working with your child on their phonics skills by reading, playing phonics pack games and allowing them to play on Teach Your Monster to Read.


It is going to be a busy but fun few weeks!

WC 25/03/19


English - we are exploring the writing style of a recount. We will be consdiering its keys features including time connectives e.g. first, next finally, writing in first person and past tense. We will then learn our WAGOLL on an alien sighting in preparation to work towards writing a recount of a dragon sighting! 


Maths - we are looking at addition and subtraction word problems. We will be learning to pick out the key vocabulary, to understand the chosen operation and form number sentences from these. 


Science - we are looking at weather forecasts. Try to watch the daily/weekly weather forecast and challenge your children to explain what the weather will be like based on the weather symbols shown. 


A letter will be coming out this week about bringing in cardboard boxes, tubes etc. in preparation for our D.T lesson next week where we will be making a castle! 

WC - 18/03/19 

English - this week we are designing our dragon to describe in out final piece. We will be learning about similes and using this to describe our dragon by comparing it to other things e.g. the dragons eyes are blue like the sky. 

Maths - we are learning about how many tens and ones make up a number. For example  23 = 2 tens and 3 ones. We will be using Base 10 to show this and using them to compare numbers. 


Science - we are specifically looking at weather and how this varies and changes throughout the year. 

Church Afternoon - Planting

WC - 11/3/19 


English - we will be doing our Hot Write where we will be writing an information text of castles. Then we will begin to look at our new text which is the The Egg by M.P.Robertson. We will be working towards writing a description therefore we will be doing lots of work on adjectives. 



Maths - we will be looking at counting and writing numbers to 40 and counting by making groups of 10. 5 and 2. 


Science - it is SCIENCE WEEK!!! We will be having a special visit from a range of animal and then will be writing a fact file on one of these animals looking at their habitat and their adaptations. 


Word of the week = positive



What a fantastic day we have had! We all looked brilliant, dressed up as our favourite characters. During the day, we look at The Rainbow Fish story and discussed what a moral is and the moral of this story. Then, in co-op groups we acted this out and we worked brilliantly as a team! In the afternoon we made our own rainbow fish book marks linking in our maths work of using repeated patterns with some special sparkly scales. Finally, to end the day we relaxed with a hot chocolate, biscuit and started reading our new chapter book. 

WC 4/03/19 


English - this week we will be looking at using question marks. We will also be planning what we are going to writing about castles in out information leaflet. 


Maths - we will be finishing our work on shape and by looking at repeated patterns using 2-D shapes and will then be exploring height and length through comparison and thinking about all the language associated with it. 


Science - we will be writing up what we found from our investigation into what season we are in from last week. 


Just a reminder that this week the Book Bus is in for year 1 on Wednesday where the children will need their library cards if they have one. Also, Thursday is World Book Day where we are dressing up as our favourite book character. 

27/2 Science - we went on a season hunt today to investigate what season we are in based on signs in our environment.

Phase 4 initial blends word writing

Welcome back Badgers! 

I hope you have had a lovely half term holiday and are well rested for an exciting and learning filled half term.

Just a reminder that this half term we are no longer swimming but instead will be doing PE EVERY TUESDAY.


Take a look below to see what we will be starting with. 


WC: 26/2/19


English - we will be starting our unit on information texts. This week we will be looking at the key features of information texts, spotting these key features and becoming familiar with out WAGOLL which is an information text about Eye Primary School. We will also look at changing verbs into the past tense by adding -ed.


Maths - we will be looking at 3D shapes. The children will be exploring their new Mathletics log ins which we are very excited to start using! 


Science - we will be going on a seasons hunt, we will be looking for signs in the environment around us that tell us what season we are in. 

WC 4/02/19


English - we will be starting work on poetry this week and exploring our WAGOLL 'There Was An Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight'. We will be focusing specifically on rhyming words this week.

Challenge - Can you think of any rhyming words at home?


Maths - we will be looking at subtraction within 20. We will be learning how to subtract by counting back, by subtracting ones and subtracting from 10. 


Science - we will be comparing the weather in winter and spring and considering what Paddington bear should pack for to accommodate these seasons.




01/02/19 - Storytelling Afternoon

Badgers were very lucky to have year 5 visit them this afternoon. They came and shared their wonderful setting descriptions of the circus and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing our Jack and the Beanstalk stories. Very proud of all the children and their super writing! 

1/02 Phonics fun finding, sorting and writing tricky words

30/01 - An arty afternoon creating castle silhouettes to go on our sunset wash


Storytelling Week - A visit from Koalas! 


Badgers were very lucky this afternoon to have a visit from the year 2 class Koalas! They came to share their wonderful writing with us which we all enjoyed very much. Well done Koalas! 

Storytelling Week - Look out author about!

28/01/19 Science - What does spring look like?

28/01/19 - Telling our stories of Jack and the Beanstalk

WC - 28/01/19 


English - it is story telling week this week so we will be making the most of this! We will be writing our own fairytales that we have been working on and will be sharing these with another class when they are written and made into our own books, complete with front covers and illustrations. 


Maths - we will be looking at addition within 20. We will be adding by counting on from the biggest number and  adding by making a group of 10. 


Science - we are exploring all thing spring, considering the signs we see in the environment, the weather and how the day length varies. 



24/1/19 Geography - Comparing the features of castles from around the world

23/1/19 Maths - Comparing Numbers

21/1/19 Science - Winter Walk

WC 21/01/19 


English - We are continuing to adapt Jack and the Beanstalk to create our own fairytale. We have changed the setting and character and will be creating a new story map to go with this to support us in writing our tale next week. 


Maths - This week we will be comparing, ordering and looking for patterns within numbers to 20. Our focus will be on using a range of comparative vocabulary e.g. greater/fewer, more/less, bigger/smaller.

Challenge - can you compare quantities of items at home using this language? 


Science - we are looking at the season winter. We will be going for a winter walk to explore what we can see in the environment as clues, talking about the weather and day length. You could go on your own winter walk and see what you discover. 

What traditional tales do we know?

Jack and the Beanstalk

WC 14/1/19


English - we are looking at the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be doing lots of work on becoming familiar with the tale and beginning to adapt it to write our own. Have a look at out story map and ask your child to try and act it out and retell it to you! We will also be working on our sentence formation and learning what a noun and verb is. 


Maths - we are looking at numbers within 20, representing them with objects, numerals and in words and counting to 20 by making groups of 10. 


Science - we will be investigating the season autumn, thinking about what the weather is like and what we might see. 


Word of the week: fond 

WOW DAY - Princes and Princesses 


On Thursday 10th January we had our wow day where we dressed up as Princes, Princesses and knight and took part in lots of activities! We made shields, learned a royal dance and even cooked some vegetable soup and soda bread. In the afternoon we had a royal banquet where we danced and enjoyed the food that we had made in the morning. We had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed being royalty for the day. Take a look at our pictures below. 


ALL children in Badgers will be swimming every TUESDAY this half term. Please ensure your child has their swimming kit (swimming costume/shorts and a towel) with them in preparation for this or they won't be able to swim. 

Spring Curriculum


During the spring term in Year 1 the learning will focus around the topic ‘Can you train a dragon?’ This will be launched with our Wow Day on Thursday 10th January when we will be holding our own medieval banquet!


In English we will start by looking at the traditional fairytales of Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Beanstalk. We will continue to develop our sentence writing in order to produce our own fairytale. Next we will move on to non-fiction reading and writing about castles. Our daily phonics lessons will continue with lots of Phase 5 phonemes being introduced.


In Maths we will be starting with positional language and move on to adding and subtracting numbers to 20. After half term we will have a special themed 100 day where we will be looking at much bigger numbers!


For Design Technology this term, we will make junk modelling castles and investigate shapes and textures in castle art. We will look at castle location in Geography, thinking about why they were built where they were.

RE during our first half term will be an overview of Sikhism with Easter after half term. Our Curriculum 4 Life lessons will focus on keeping safe, including looking at internet safety, linking with our learning in computing.


In PE your child will be participating in team games. Our PE day is on a TUESDAY. Please ensure your child brings in the correct kit for this.


TLCs will be taking place on Thursday 17th January 2018 – if there is a problem with your appointment please make sure that you come and speak to us so that we can rearrange this for you.


As always, if you have any questions about the curriculum or your child's learning please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continuing support of your child's learning. It makes such a difference!


Miss Cockle

Exciting Writing - acting out The Grinch

WC 10/12/18 


English - It is exciting writing week and our focus is The Grinch where we we will be writing a character description. This week we will therefore be focusing on how to best describe the personality and appearance and how to extend and structure our sentences.


Maths - We will be revising everything we have covered this term, reviewing our learning of place value to 10 and addition and subtraction methods.


Topic - We will be look at where Paddington has visited next on his world travels and looking at the Christmas story in RE. 



Nativity Performance - very proud!!

WC - 3/12/18 


English - We are looking at letter writing this week.  Last week in science we received a letter from Santa asking for our help fixing his sleigh, therefore, we will be learning the key features of a letter and forming a response to Santa. 


Maths - This week we will  be consoildating our knowledge of addition and subtraction from this half term. We will be doing Winter Wonderland Maths on Thursday as part of our Maths curriculum day. 


Topic - we will continue to look at toys from around the world as we follow Paddington's adventure. 


This week we will be performing our nativity to the school and parents - very exciting! We hope you all enjoy the performance. 

Badgers Update - WC 26/11/18 


English - This week we will be practising out sentence writing in preparation for our Hot Write where we will be writing our own story based on our WAGOLL. 


Maths - We are continuing our work on subtraction. This week we will be looking at subtraction by counting back on a number line, making stories and using pictures. 


Topic - We will be exploring toys from around the world in Geography. We will also be doing lots of nativity practise in preparation for our performances next week - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 


A reminder that the children's Innkeeper costumes for the performance are due in this week ready for the dress rehearsal on 3/12/18. 

23/11/18 - Science Investigation - What material will be the strongest for Santa's sleigh?

This week we have started to learn about subtraction in Mathematics. A great way to practise is through games and the children really enjoys this one to support there learning. Give it a go at home with the link below: 

14/11/18 - Acting out Woody's emotions!

Phonics Tricky Words

Still image for this video
In Badgers class we love a sing song and they really help us remember new things. We had a go at singing our phase 2 and 3 tricky words to help us remember their spelling as we can't sound them out. Have a look at them at home and let the practise begin!

Phase 2 and some of Phase 3:

Phase 3:

WC 12/11/18 Update: 

English - We are using adjectives to describe Woody's personality and appearance. We will also be analysing how Woody feels at 5 key points in Toy Story. 


Maths - We are finishing our unit on addition within 10 with adding using pictures and then a recap session on all the methods we have used (number bonds, counting on, number stories, using pictures and writing number sentences). 


Topic - This week is anti-bullying week so this will be out focus. We will be think about how our behaviour can effect others, what bulling is and what it means to show respect to one another. 


We will also continue to practise our Christmas songs in preparation for the nativity. Ask your child if they can remember any and sing them to you. 


Keep up with the reading for our Christmas reading competition. It was great to see lots of children reaching their 5 reads this week. 

WAGOLL - Woody Goes to the Moon

English - We have just started studying the film 'Toy Story'. We are studying the story and the characters so that we can create and write our own 5 part narrative. We have also looked at our WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) 'Woody Goes to the Moon'. From this story, we created a story map and even thought of actions to help us remember the story. Ask your child to see if they can use the story map and actions to tell you the story. 

8/11/18 Swimming Update

Just a reminder that if your child is in group B for swimming they will be swimming every Wednesday this half term. 

8/11/18 This week we have started our Phase 4 phonics and have started to look at at the initial consonant blends 'scr, str, spr, thr and shr'. See if you can spot these in any of your reading.

8/10/18 Geography - Continent Fun

Still image for this video
We received a very special letter today... we received a letter from Paddington Bear asking for our help on his world adventure. We set to work straight away learning the worlds 7 continents. To help us, we sang this very catchy song. We had a blast singing it and loved it so much we sang it again and again... and AGAIN! Ask your child about it at home and see if they can remember all 7 by singing the song.

2/10/18 - Poetry

Still image for this video
Today, we had an assembly in our classroom. All of year 1 learned a new poem, take a look at us in action! We were very proud of how well and quickly we learned it. Well done Badgers and Giraffes.


Just a reminder that swimming is EVERY TUESDAY.  Your child will either be in group A or B. Group A are swimming this half term and group B will be swimming after half term. You will have received a letter if your child is swimming this half term. This is just a reminder to make sure that your child has their swimming kit in school ready for Tuesday as if they do not have a kit they are unable to swim. 


If you are unsure if your child is swimming this half term please do not hesitate to ask me and I can tell you. 



24/09/18 History off the Page - Toy Museum 


Year 1 have been very lucky today and had a very special visitor! Today History off the Page came to visit us and brought their you museum. We have had a fantastic day exploring and investigating different toys from the past and through time. In the afternoon we swapped roles and became toy makers ourselves. We made a range of toys and have taken these home to play with some more and show everyone our creations. Please ask your children about what we have been up to and discovered today as we have lots to tell you! Take a look at us exploring below. 


21/09/18 Creating Sock Thing

Home Learning and Reading

Today we have given all the children their home learning booklets to continue the fantastic learning they have been doing at school. All homework is based around learning we have been doing in class that week or will be doing the following week. The home learning booklet will be due back in every Tuesday and will be returned again on Wednesday after being marked. 


In addition, it is essential that your children are reading as regularly as possible. We would like all children to read 5 time a week and have this recorded in their reading records. If they do read 5 times a week they will also receive a reading raffle ticket which will be entered into a prize draw! We also each have our own racing car which will zoom along our key stage 1 reading race track. The more you read the further you will go and the children will receive a certificate when they reach 20,50,100,150,200,250 and 300 reads.  

Talk for Writing - Kippers Toy Box

Still image for this video
This week we have been looking at the story Kippers Toy Box. We have been using Talk for Writing where we use actions and short phrases to help us remember the story. We have become pretty good at remembering, take a look at us in action!

Welcome to Badgers!

It is hard to believe that the Summer is nearly over and it is time for Squirrels to become Badgers. I am really excited to welcome your children into Year 1 and I hope that your children are looking forward to coming back to school, catching up with their friends and learning new things.


Our topic for this term is Toys, a theme I'm sure your children already know lots about! We will be learning about the history of toys, what they are made of and we will be undertaking art and design tasks linking to toys. We have booked a special Toys Day on Monday 24th September, for which we are requesting a parental contribution, to engage your children with a hands on, practical learning experience. Please look out for a letter in your child's book bag during the first week of term.


In English we will use toy texts such as Kipper's Toy Box and the film Toy Story to stimulate our writing. We will be consolidating our ability to read, write and understand numbers to 20 in maths, using practical resources and applying our understanding to real life situations. In RE we will be finding out more about the Christian church and we will visit our local church as part of this topic.


Your child will read weekly with an adult at school, sometimes individually, especially during the first couple of weeks when we will be checking your child's book level, and at other times in a group. We will write in the reading log when we have read with your child. We will check your comments in the diaries and count your child's reads weekly, usually on a Monday. We look forward to seeing how much you have enjoyed reading with your child and to seeing their cars zoom along our reading road! They will work towards certificates for 20, 50 and 100 reads! Your child will also have daily phonics lessons and we will closely monitor your child's progress through our phonics scheme.


PE will be on Wednesday afternoon but please ensure that your child has indoor and outdoor PE kit in school at all times as sometimes we may need PE shoes or kit for other activities.


Homework will be handed out on Wednesdays and should be handed in on Mondays (not the first week of term). Work handed in after Monday may not be marked until the following week.Homework will be handed out on Wednesdays and should be handed in on Mondays (not the first week of term). Work handed in after Monday may not be marked until the following week.


We will ask you to supply the following items for your child this term: an old sock to make into a ‘Sock Thing’ and an old toy (theirs or yours) to help us with our non-fiction writing and to go in our class museum before half term. Watch out for notes in book bags explaining when we need these items.


I really look forward to getting to know you and your children better as the term progresses. If you have any comments, questions or concerns I am always available in the Badgers' outdoor area from 8.45 in the morning and I can chat after school when we have said good bye to the children. Please bear with us at home time as we get to know your faces and those of friends and family who pick up your child. It might take a little while for us to check that each child is going home safely with the correct person at the start of term.


Here's hoping for a sunny September and lots of fabulous learning experiences!


Miss Cockle